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Croatia Day Trips, Get More Out Of Your Vacation!

Croatia Day Trips, places to consider whilst vacationing in Croatia
12 Sep

Croatia Day Trips, Get More Out Of Your Vacation!

Croatia has plenty to offer from its incredible beaches and picturesque coastal towns to its bounty of world-class wines and food that are bound to take your breath away! With so much to do in Croatia that will quickly fill up your holiday, taking a day trip out of the country may have never crossed your mind. But we’re here to give you an insight into the best Croatia day trips to add to your holiday itinerary whilst vacationing in Croatia!

Croatia day trips, placing to visit whilst vacationing in Croatia

Croatia day trips, what to consider? 

The first thing to consider when thinking of possible Croatia day trips is where your starting location will be. Croatia is quite a long country, with 5 countries bordering it from all angles. Where you choose as your base location will have a huge factor into what Croatia day trips you can take. For instance, if you were to stay in the northern part of Croatia, visiting countries located to the south of Croatia such as Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina would be nearly impossible to do in a day trip. 

It is possible to book tours that take travelers across the coastline of Croatia, stopping at the best places in the northern and southern areas, with the potential for some day trips along the way. But having an idea of what day trips you like to take before you book your vacation to Croatia can make things a little bit easier. 

That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Croatia day trips. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the best day trips to take from the north of Croatia. If you want to see what day trips are possible to take whilst staying in the south of Croatia, see our previous blog that details all the best places you must visit. 

Day Trips From Northern Croatia

The north of Croatia is bordered by Hungary to the east, Slovenia to the north and Italy to the west. It is possible to take a day trip to most places in these countries, whilst some cities further inland may require an overnight stay. Here is our guide to Croatia day trips if you are staying in or around the North of Croatia:


Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia and holds much of its history and unique charms. It’s only a short trip away from the border of Slovenia making it a great starting location for day trips. Just a 2-hour drive across the Croatian border lies the capital and largest city in Slovenia, Ljubljana. 

This charming city has a small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere while providing all the facilities of a modern capital. It is a very unique city dotted with pleasantly picturesque locations such as Ljubljana castle, the National Museum of Slovenia, Prešeren Square, the Triple Bridge and much more!

Croatia day trips to consider - Slovenia

Wanting to see more of Slovenia? Why not add some of its most impressive lakes to your trip? In particular, Lake Bled situated in the foothills of Julian Alps is worth visiting and is only a short drive away from the capital. If this is not enough, why not consider booking a place on our best of Slovenia tour to see all the must-see sights! 

If you’re staying closer to the northwest side of Croatia, Piran in Slovenia is a great place to go for a day trip. Only 80km from Rovinj, Piran stretches out on a cape that overlooks the beautiful Adriatic. Located in the center of the town is Tartini Square, the town’s main hub and focal point. This bustling area is full of colorful buildings, charming cafes and restaurants, and opens up on to the harbor to give spectacular views of the crystal clear ocean. On a clear day, you might spot Venice from the other side of the gulf.

Croatia day trips to consider - Slovenia

If you’re wanting to see part of Italy whilst vacating in Croatia, Venice might just be the place for you! Venice is a timeless romantic city of endless intrigue. You’ll love wandering over the little bridges and narrow canals, past marble palaces, seeing the Bridge of Sighs, in Casanova’s city. 

As Italy is not directly connected to Croatia via land, the best way to travel there is by a ferry or private charters. To travel to Venice from Croatia, it’s best to stay near a Croatian port such as Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Umag or Piran where you can take a boat trip across. 

Our friendly team can help you add Venice to your travel itinerary. Join one of our custom tours that travels from Venice to Croatia, or if you would like to end your travels in Italy we have a tour that transports you to Venice for your final tour location.

Venice can be a little far for some travelers to complete in one day. We’d personally recommend taking two days out of your holiday plans to travel to Venice from Croatia, staying overnight to fully soak up the city’s romantic beauty. 

Croatia day trips to consider - Italy

Just a stone’s throw over the Croatian border is Pécs, one of the most gorgeous cities in Hungary. This charming town is second only to Budapest on most travelers’ lists of places to visit in Hungary. Full of history, it was founded by the Romans and a lot of their influence still remains in the architecture. Some highlights you must visit include: the Early Christian Mausoleum, which features frescoed tombs, Vast Pécs Cathedral and the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim. 

When most people think of Hungary, their minds typically think of its capital city, Budapest. Popular for its healing thermal baths and beautiful architecture of baroque, neoclassical, eclectic and art nouveau (Secessionist) buildings it is a city that is bound to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Whilst it is certainly possible to travel to Budapest from Croatia on a day trip, the journey may be just a little bit too far for some travelers averaging out at around 3 hours 40 by car. 

If Budapest or Pécs is on your list of must-see cities, our travel experts can help you organize a personalized trip that includes these cities on your Croatia holiday itinerary. 

Croatia day trips to consider - Hungary

Getting there

When you book with us, our knowledgeable and friendly team will direct you to one of our tours that suits everyone’s preferences. With years of experience organizing and customizing bespoke tours for clients, we can take the stress off creating a holiday itinerary. So if you want to add something a little special to your vacation and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you work out the details so you can have an unforgettable trip without the stress of organizing dragging you down. 

All our tours are led by local guides. They can help you navigate your way around the country by explaining the local transport, but in some cases they personally guide you on your trips via private yachts and unique excursions.

However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to explore on your own – hiring a car or catching a bus / train over the border may be the way to go. If you speak to one of our travel experts, they can help you organize a Croatia day trip of your choosing to let you take the jump on your own! 

If there is a place you want to travel to not mentioned on this list, or if you would like to add multiple locations to your Croatia itinerary – we can help you create your own bespoke tour that includes the must-see locations on your list. Contact us today to start planning your journey! 

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