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Spending Time in Montenegro

Spending Time in Montenegro
10 May

Spending Time in Montenegro

Croatia shares a border with five countries and the Adriatic Sea. Many of the neighboring countries were formerly part of Yugoslavia and have since separated to form their own independent territories. One of Croatia’s neighbors that shares part of its history is the small but delightful country of Montenegro. Below is a list of some of the top sights to visit while spending time in Montenegro.


Cetinje is a beautiful small town that makes for the perfect day trip. This town used to serve as Montenegro’s royal capital during the 19th and 20th centuries. While Podgorica is now the capital city of Montenegro, Cetinje still has a lot of history that should not be missed. Visitors can spend the afternoon sightseeing and learning about the country at the various museums. There are also beautifully constructed government buildings, educational academies, and a monastery. If that isn’t convincing enough to visit the town, the president of Montenegro resides here in Montenegro’s equivalent of the White House, known as the Blue Palace.


After visiting the country’s former capital, visitors can rent a car and drive around Lovcen National Park for a unique car journey. Not only does the drive provide scenic views of the gorgeous national park, but it also takes drivers through the Kotor Serpentine. The road zig zags along the mountains separating the national park and the town of Kotor, providing a panoramic view of the Kotor bay below.

Once in Kotor, there is a lot to see. The old town boasts an array of stunning Venetian architecture, bordered by the steep mountains and shimmering waters of the bay. The streets in the old town form a scenic labyrinth, leading visitors past museums, restaurants, and churches. For anybody feeling extra adventurous, there is the option to trek up 1,355 steps to the top of the 9th century San Giovanni Fortress. Though the number of steps may seem daunting, the fortress provides the most breathtaking scenery.

Durmitor National Park

Located in the Dinaric Alps sits the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durmitor National Park. The national park contains over 50 peaks, alpine forests, and 39,000 acres for hiking. This is also where some of the most diverse wildlife in Montenegro resides. Also located in this national park is the Tara Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world, following the famous Grand Canyon. The spectacular bridge passing over the canyon may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights, but the views above the canyon are something that can’t fully be captured in a photo.

In addition to hiking through the national park, the river which runs through the canyon allows for perfect kayaking or rafting opportunities. When visiting the canyon in the winter time, visitors can find even more action in the nearby town of Zabljak, which is home to the most famous ski resort in Montenegro.

Budva Riviera

The Budva Riviera perfectly frames the seaside town of Budva. The riviera is an idyllic walkway along the Adriatic’s famously clear blue water. While strolling along the coast, visitors will encounter lively beaches and seaside restaurants and cafes. The riviera is a popular spot for those who seek out an energetic nightlife, and it also boasts an array of super yachts. After a day of visiting the beach or museums, the walkway provides seating at a large selection of restaurants and bars for a glorious sunset view.

Blue Grotto

The number of wonderful places to visit in Montenegro could fill an entire novel, but one of our last recommendations of places to visit while spending time in Montenegro is the Blue Grotto. This cave is located in a paradise that is only accessible by boat. Luckily, there is a boat that leaves from the nearby coastal town of Herceg Novi every ten minutes. The water in the cave is not too deep, therefore making it safe for snorkeling and exploring. There is even the option to kayak around the cave. Visiting during the off-season months may make it easier to secure a kayak rental.

Here at Adventures Croatia, we create tours to thoroughly explore Croatia, but many of our trips also include time in other countries as well. Whether you prefer to explore Montenegro through one of our pe-made itineraries or create your own, we are here to help you achieve your dream vacation.

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