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Croatia Between July and December: The Best Months to Visit Croatia…

best months to visit Croatia - Hvar
2 Feb

Croatia Between July and December: The Best Months to Visit Croatia…

What are the best months to visit Croatia? As travel agents specializing in tours to Croatia from the US, this is something we often get asked by our clients. While there is no bad time to visit Croatia, there are certain months in the year which are better suited to certain types of tourists. 

Whether you enjoy a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous tour hiking through Croatia’s beautiful national parks, there are times throughout the year when Croatia’s weather, climate and seasonal availability may be more suitable for your travels. With four incredible seasons, a distinct peak tourism period and tons of fun activities to do – choosing the best months to visit Croatia can be a tricky task. 

That’s why we have created this helpful guide to analyze the different months in Croatia, giving you a deeper insight into what to expect, from the weather by month in Croatia to sea temperatures to crowds to cost and much more…

For this blog in particular, we will be focusing on the latter part of the year, taking you on a tour of the summer months in Croatia, leading up to the festive Christmas period. Be sure to check out our previous blog detailing what to expect from January – June in Croatia to learn more about Croatia in the earlier portion of the year. 

Please note: we are using average statistics for the country in this guide and things can alter month to month based on the location you choose to visit. For instance, you may experience a difference in the northern and southern weather by month in Croatia.

best months to visit Croatia - Croatia national park

The best months to visit Croatia 

Much like parts of the US, Croatia is blessed with four distinct seasons, each bringing something new and exciting to the table. While many tourists flock to the beaches during the summer months in Croatia, there are plenty of things to do outside of the peak tourist season which can entice all kinds of travelers.

From festive Christmas markets to exciting Croatian festivals dedicated to fall-time treats, you will find a variety of interesting and engaging things to do in Croatia outside of its normal tourist attractions. Ultimately choosing the best months to visit Croatia will come down to what you’re looking to experience during your travels, and thankfully we have broken this down for you. 

Let’s get into what you can expect from the sea temperatures, crowds, seasonal availability and weather by month in Croatia during the second half of the year, from July – December: 

Croatia in July

Temperature: 73°F to 87°F

Best month for: Warm weather and longer days

Croatia in July is when the weather starts to hit its sweet spot. It falls in the middle of the summer months in Croatia, so travelers can expect high temperatures, very little rainfall and long summer days which lead to warm evenings. Due to the longer days, it’s one of the best months in Croatia to visit if you’re looking to fit a lot of activities into your itinerary. 

Travelers looking to discover Croatia’s historic sights, relax on its beaches and explore its national parks will likely enjoy a trip to Croatia in July. You should also factor in that this is the peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds, longer lines at popular tourist attractions and increased prices for hotels and flights.

best months to visit Croatia - beaches in the summer months

Croatia in August 

Temperature: 73°F to 86°F

Best month for: Summer festivals

Croatia in August is truly a highlight of the summer months in Croatia and one of the liveliest months you will find. Many travelers flock to Croatia’s coastal cities during this time of the year to lap up the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic and enjoy freshly caught seafood in the local restaurants along the coast. 

It is also the peak time for festivities, as many cities host their summer festivals. August in Croatia boosts a lot of opportunities for travelers to have an authentic local experience with the added benefit of warm weather, little rainfall and high sea temperatures of 78°F. You will also find the lakes and rivers further inland will warm up during this month, making it the perfect time for open-water swimming in Croatia. However, much like July, this month is extremely busy and can see high prices across the travel sector. 

best months to visit Croatia - fireworks over Dubrovnik Old Town for summer festivals

Croatia in September

Temperature: 66°F to 78°F

Best month for: Escaping the summer crowds

September in Croatia is an interesting time as it boasts fabulous weather, but without the adjoining tourist crowds that come with it. It marks the end of the summer months in Croatia, as temperatures begin to cool down a bit and days become a little bit shorter. 

Overall, September is one of the best months to visit Croatia if you’re looking to explore its coastal sights and incredible islands. With sea temperatures averaging out at 77°F it’s the perfect opportunity to swim, sail and snorkel without fretting about crowds or huge lines at beach amenities.

best months to visit Croatia - sunset over a beach in Croatia

Croatia in October 

Temperature: 57°F to 69°F

Best month for: Fall scenery

Traveling to Croatia in October is a unique experience offering spectacular scenery, mild temperatures and smaller crowds. Tourists tend to visit Croatia during this month for its low humidity and colorful fall foliage.

Expect the leaves to turn a beautiful mix of golden brown, orange, red and yellow throughout the cities of Croatia and national parks, making this a beautiful backdrop for a romantic getaway. Croatia in the fall is a great time to take hiking trips, cycling tours and more adventurous excursions in Croatia during this season as the weather becomes a perfect blend of not too warm and not cold.  

We highly recommend traveling to Croatia in October to see Plitvice National Park, Krka National Park and Mljet National Park for a truly breathtaking adventure.

best months to visit Croatia - autumn leaves in the national parks

Croatia in November

Temperature: 50°F – 62°F

Best month for: Gastronomic experiences

November in Croatia is ideal for those looking for a peaceful break away from the bustling city life. Crowds are at their lowest during this month as the off-peak season officially begins. Croatia’s fall foliage is still in season, but during the latter part of the month you can witness this change as the winter period begins to swoop in.

Many enjoy traveling to Croatia in November for the truffle season. Croatia is famous for its truffle production and every year it hosts a festival dedicated to this local delicacy. Travelers can enjoy browsing the local produce featuring this delightful treat, or even have a go at truffle hunting with the help of a local guide. To include this exciting activity on your next trip to Croatia, why not create a custom tour with our travel specialists today? 

best months to visit Croatia - truffles on a plate with a glass of white wine

Croatia in December

Temperature: 57°F to 42°F

Best month for: Christmas markets

Winter is coming! At least it is when December hits in Croatia. Expect temperatures to plummet as the nights become longer and daylight starts to diminish. But out from the darkness shines a ray of festivities. That’s right – December in Croatia brings a truly unforgettable experience as its Christmas markets open for business!

Croatia is home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe and has been renowned for its top-voted market, Advent Zagreb for years now. Expect ice skating, cozy wooden stalls, traditional winter treats, including hot chocolate, mulled wine and much more. What better place to spend the festive periods than in breathtaking Croatia?

best months to visit Croatia - Christmas markets, Advent Zagreb

Deciding upon the best months to visit Croatia for you…

And that concludes our guide to the months in Croatia. We hope this has given you a better insight into what to expect from the crowds, temperatures, costs and weather by month in Croatia. 

Be sure to check out part one of this blog to learn more about January – June in Croatia

If you have decided what the best months to visit Croatia are for your trip and are ready to start planning your vacation, get in touch with our travel experts today. From creating bespoke Croatian itineraries to producing high-enjoyable pre-planned tours, there are plenty of ways to explore Croatia in a way which suits you.

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