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Embrace Your Festive Feelings At The Best Croatian Christmas Markets

overlooking one of the many Croatian Christmas markets - Advent Zagreb located in the city's captial
10 Nov

Embrace Your Festive Feelings At The Best Croatian Christmas Markets

All I want for Christmas is to be in a traditional, festive market. Picture it now – you’re surrounded by stalls of festive gifts, the smell of Christmas treats and hot chocolate fills the air as the twinkling of Christmas lights above creates a warm, glowing atmosphere along the snow-coated streets. All of this is quite possible with a trip to Croatia this winter.

Maybe that’s not where you initially pictured yourself when thinking about Christmas markets, but we’re here to surprise you with a shocking fact – Croatia is home to one of the best Christmas markets in Europe if not the whole world. 

Every year Croatia transforms into a festive hub, as Croatian Christmas markets become the focal point for all its major cities. Rows of wooden stalls fill the cobbled streets, lights hang gracefully from the railings across the harbors, and local winter treats become the highlight of everyone’s day! There is something quite special about a Mediterranean Christmas destination – something that you won’t find anywhere else throughout Europe.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the best Croatian Christmas markets to explore on your next vacation. So if you’re looking for some festive fun to satisfy your Christmas cravings and have you singing ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ from the top of your lungs, then look no further!

Advent Zagreb – Zagreb Christmas Market

December 2, 2023, to January 7, 2024

Advent Zagreb is an award-winning Croatian Christmas market scattered across Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb – a place where modern facilities integrate perfectly with historic architecture. It’s a city-wide event that sees more than 25 individual Christmas markets, each with its own unique selling point, harmoniously blending with the rest of the stalls to create an unmatched festive atmosphere.

Every time you turn down one of the city’s beautiful squares and promenades you will find charming stalls selling a range of artisan products and handicrafts including wooden toys, ceramics, candles, freshly baked cookies, richly colored embroidery, glass paintings and so much more. This is the perfect place to pick up some gifts for your loved ones back home, as well as treat yourself to some fantastic new crafts!

Croatian Christmas markets with stalls lined up selling festive winter treats

There are also plenty of activities scheduled throughout the day to keep you entertained. There is something for everyone here, including thrill-seeking ride enthusiasts to foodies looking to indulge themselves in some of the best local treats.

Thankfully, like most of the Croatian Christmas markets on this list, Advent Zagreb is free to enter so you won’t have to fight to pre-book a ticket or worry about rocking up early to secure a spot. However, it is worth bringing some change with you if you’re looking to try out the rides, ice-skating in King Tomislav Square or purchase some festive gifts at one of the many market stalls.

Croatian Christmas markets - Advent Zagreb with ice skating in King Tomislav Square outside the national theatre at night

To include this incredible Croatian Christmas market on your wintertime vacation to Croatia, get in touch with our travel specialists today. They can support you throughout your holiday planning, from crafting tailor-made itineraries which are perfectly bespoke to your travel needs to organizing your transportation, accommodation and all the admin which comes with booking a trip away.

Don’t add any extra stress to your Christmas this year by leaving the planning to the professionals.

Dubrovnik Christmas Market

November 26, 2023 to January 6, 2024

While Advent Zagreb might be the most famous out of all of the Croatian Christmas markets, there are plenty of other markets which pop up across the country every year, including the fantastic Dubrovnik Christmas market.

Dubrovnik Christmas Market with a snow cover tree and decorations lining the steet

There are two parts to this Christmas market which travelers can explore. Outside of the Old Town gate (also known as Pile Gate), you will find an array of traditional market stalls set up waiting for you to peruse. Inside the Old Town, on the main street (Stradun) you will find the second part of this Croatian Christmas market – although the scent of cooking food filling the streets might tell you this before your eyes do!

Most of the stalls sell food, including the likes of churros, mulled wine and sausages and only take cash, so be prepared to take a few extra coins along with you to ensure you make the most out of your tasting experience.

Dubrovnik Christmas Market with decorations overhead as people sit, talk, eat and drink from the Christmas market stalls lining the streets

Split Christmas Market

December 2, 2023 to January 6, 2024

Split is truly a unique experience when it comes to Croatian Christmas markets as it encompasses Christmas by the sea, something which is often not synonymous with Christmas markets. You will find this very special Christmas market hidden in the squares around Diocletian’s Palace as well as a portion of it scattered across the Riva promenade looking out on the Adriatic Sea.

Walking along the palm tree-lined harbor, lit up with bright Christmas lights, with snow-capped mountains seen in the distance is a magical experience, one you would only find in a Mediterranean Christmas destination.

Split Christmas Market with lit up decorations overhead and people walk the old town streets at night

As this Croatian Christmas market is still flying fairly under the raider for most tourists, you will find much smaller crowds here compared to Advent Zagreb, making it a more suitable destination for guests seeking a more laid-back winter experience. 

Explore all of the Croatian Christmas markets

Seeking the ultimate festive getaway to Croatia? Then look no further! Our team of Croatian travel experts are here to help you craft the perfect vacation abroad, offering tailor-made holiday experiences that are bespoke to your travel needs. Whether you are looking to explore Advent Zagreb this year or take a round tour of all of Croatia’s top Christmas markets, this is all possible and more!

We even offer exclusive pre-planned itineraries that include exciting trips to Croatia’s surrounding countries to visit their Christmas markets. See our Christmas in Croatia, Austria, and Hungary Tour.

What are you waiting for? To ensure you visit the best Croatian Christmas markets on your next holiday, get in touch with our team of travel specialists. For more information on the best Christmas markets to explore in and around Croatia, consult our team today.

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