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Off-Season Travel Croatia: What To Do Outside Of High Season?

off-season travel Croatia
13 Mar

Off-Season Travel Croatia: What To Do Outside Of High Season?

Whilst most people think of traveling to Croatia during the peak season, little do they know that Croatia has a lot to offer tourists all year round. Off season travel in Croatia offers hidden gems and a variety of activities that some travelers could be missing out on when deciding to travel in the busier months. 

We would argue that there is no bad time to travel to Croatia. And the peak season is busy for a reason, as it offers the warmest weather that is perfect for travelers seeking a beach vacation. But the months falling outside of the Croatia peak season have plenty of alternative appeals to offer travelers, including great weather and exciting seasonal activities.

So if you’ve been thinking about when to travel to Croatia but are not sure whether the off-peak season is right for you, then we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to find out more the activities to do in Croatia and what to expect on your vacation whilst traveling off-season. 

Croatia’s peak season

When considering booking a vacation to Croatia, you may be asking ‘when is peak season to travel to Croatia?’ Simply put, Croatia becomes very busy during the summer months – July and August. Travelers can expect temperatures between 77F – 82F and tourism is in full swing. 

Many coastal towns see an influx during the warmer months, whilst the inland towns and cities tend to become a little bit quieter. Thanks to this it is possible to find good deals on inland vacations in Croatia during the summer.

off-season travel Croatia
The Croatia shoulder season

A shoulder season is the period of time between a country’s peak season and its off-season. It’s typically when business (particularly in the hospitality and tourism industry) tends to start up or slow down.

For Croatia, the shoulder season starts in May and June as this is the period of time when businesses begin to open, ready for the influx of tourists which travel for the warm summer months. 

In September and October, the shoulder season comes to an end as the country begins to wind down, ready for the off-season period. The Croatian shoulder season is a great time for travelers seeking a quieter Croatia vacation. During this period, the weather still tends to be on the warmer side and the sea is a great temperature for those looking to experience swimming in the Adriatic. 

Prices for accommodation and travel are lower in May, June, September, and October, but it is best to do your research beforehand as some establishments may be closed (especially those on the islands). It is important to note that some ferry routes might be canceled or on reduced schedules during the shoulder season.

For help on planning a vacation outside of the peak-season, speak to our Croatia travel specialists today.

Activities to do during the off-season in Croatia

Every season in Croatia has something to offer everyone. Whilst most may travel for what the summer season has to offer, there is still a lot of variety within the quieter months that may spark your interest. 

Here are the best activities to do in Croatia when considering off-season travel to Croatia:

Watersports and swimming 

If you’re looking for a vacation centered around water-based activities, then the months of June and September are the best time to visit to avoid the crowds. During these off-season months, the weather is still warm ranging between 64F – 72F and the sea becomes a nice escape from the sun’s rays.

Croatia has a lot to offer travelers in terms of water activities including swimming, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and so much more. Learn more about the best places to swim in Croatia. For more information on the type of water sports Croatia has to offer and how to book excursions, contact our travel experts today. 

off-season travel Croatia activities - watersports

For some travelers who enjoy adventure seeking, spring (May to June) and fall (September to November) is the best time to travel. The weather is warm, but not too hot which makes it ideal for more active pursuits both on the coast and inland. 

Croatia has some of the best cycle routes in the world and offers cyclists everything from vast mountainous terrains to scenic coastal views which make touring around the country by bike that much more exciting. Learn more about the best cycle routes around Croatia

off-season travel Croatia activities - cycling

For heart-pumping activities in Croatia such as hiking, the shoulder season / off-season months are when you want to travel. Weather is great for camping, but not too warm that you will overheat in the high temperature. 

Another benefit to traveling during this period is that you will encounter fewer crowds, especially in Croatia’s national parks. This will give you a better chance to take in some uninterrupted breathtaking views of Croatia’s best nature spots. 

Learn more about the best times to travel to Croatia

off-season travel Croatia activities - hiking
Christmas markets 

During the colder month of December, Croatia comes alive with Christmas spirit as Christmas markets pop up all across the country. From its coastal cities to its more secluded islands, you will find Christmas fever throughout, but the most famous Christmas market amongst tourists can be found in Zagreb.

Every year Croatia’s capital city hosts Advent in Zagreb – a Christmas market that is sure to grab your attention and delight your taste buds. We recommend trying all the festive local delicacies from spicy sausages and sarma stuffed cabbage rolls as well as some sweet treats such as the fritule, a chocolate-covered fritter. 

There are many Christmas markets across Europe which are worth visiting your winter stay. Make a trip of it and create a custom tour with our team today to visit the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Booking off-season travel Croatia

That concludes our list of the best activities to do in Croatia when traveling off-season. If you would like to book a tour to Croatia, our travel experts are able to help curate the perfect trip. Whether it be during the Croatia shoulder season, peak season or off-season travel to Croatia, our specialists are on-hand to help. 
Have a look at our pre-planned tours with dates included, or create your own custom tour to Croatia to create the perfect vacation completely tailored to your preferences.

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