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Traveling Croatia By Bike – Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

Traveling Croatia By Bike - Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes
20 Sep

Traveling Croatia By Bike – Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

Believe it or not, Croatia is home to some of the best cycling routes around the world. And it’s no wonder when it has plenty to offer, from vast terrains to scenic coastal views and hassle-free transportation that makes traveling around with a heavy bike that much easier! There are plenty of things to see whilst touring around Croatia on a bike. But knowing where to start can be a bit tricky when there are so many amazing Croatia bike routes to choose from. 

That’s why we’ve put together our top Croatia bike routes that are perfect for introducing you to the joys of cycling through Croatia. Keep reading to discover why Croatia is one of the best places to tour around by bike.

Why is Croatia great for cycling?

There are plenty of reasons why Croatia is one of the best places to visit for cycling tours. Croatia has a multitude of different terrains to cycle around, mild climates during the off peak seasons and picturesque views that are undeniably breathtaking. It’s no wonder biking around Croatia is every avid cyclist’s dream; if it’s not yours, here’s why it should be! 

Varied terrains –

Croatia has a range of different terrains that makes cycling around the country very unique. From river valleys, vibrant forest routes, hills and mountainous areas and cooling coastal rides – there’s a little bit of everything to enjoy whilst venturing across Croatia by bike

Maybe you want to cycle through one of Croatia’s stunning national parks, discover historic cities or take a pleasant ride along the Dalmatia coast. The country’s diverse landscapes each offer cyclists something new to see and experience. Perfect for all types of cycling, from mountain biking to casual coastal rides – Croatia has it all! 

Traveling Croatia By Bike - Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

Not only is there plenty to do on the mainland, but there are also several islands to explore that will make your Croatia bike tour an unforgettable experience. Why not add an island hopping tour to your travel intiaries so you can see the best of Croatia’s islands by bike? 

Seasons and climate –

Each of the seasons has something different to offer in Croatia. Whilst the summer months offer warm temperatures and larger crowds, more active travelers looking for bike tours in Croatia may want to opt for the cooler months to avoid the heat of the summer sun.

Spring and fall are the recommended seasons to travel for cycling because the weather isn’t too hot, and the climate is mild and pleasant. These seasons host the perfect temperatures for active pursuits both on the coast and inland as it is neither too hot nor too cold. See more about the best times to travel in Croatia here

Getting around –

Riding around Croatia is fairly simple with plenty of roads and bridges connecting all parts of the country together. With the recent opening of Pelješac Bridge now connecting the north and south of Croatia together, traveling around the country has just become that much easier. You could even cycle from one end of the country to the other if you wanted to! With this interconnecting country, it is easy to visit all the areas you wish without having to jump off your bike.

Traveling Croatia By Bike - Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

However, using transport in Croatia can also be a great way for getting around. Ferries in particular are best for zipping around the different islands of Croatia, although some ships have strict rules around bikes onboard and spaces can get filled quite quickly during the busy summer months. We recommend doing your research before booking a place on public transport to ensure bikes are allowed onboard. Alternatively, we offer a variety of private charters and private bike tours that include transportation to and from the islands. This may be a better option to ensure you get where you want without the need to dismantle your trusty two-wheeler. 

Our top Croatia bike routes:

Croatia has a great mix of bike routes to choose from ranging from all kinds of difficulties. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual biker or a professional cyclist – there are plenty of bike routes in Croatia that will suit your tastes, match your ability and allow you to challenge yourself. 

Here are our top Croatia bike routes to consider for your holiday:

The Coastal Route

See the best of the Dalmatia Coast on a bike tour that spans the coast of Croatia. This Croatia bike route will see cyclists travel from Split to Dubrovnik, with stopping points in the islands of Brač, Hvar, Korčula, and the Pelješac peninsula. 

Traveling alongside some of the clearest waters in the whole of Europe, this trail is one of the most scenic bike routes in Croatia. This route will see you across a range of different sights from seaside villages, historical towns, and pretty pebble bays. The tour comes with selected resting points that gives travelers the opportunity to rest and explore to their heart’s desire. Try local food, swim in the sea and discover local sights along the way. 

Traveling Croatia By Bike - Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

If this sounds like the right Croatia bike tour for you, book a place on our private Dalmatia Coast bike tour today! Suggested biking distance: 17 km. If you would like to go for a more moderate 35km or longer option of 75km for this particular route, please speak to one of our guides who can customize your bike tour accordingly. 

Northern Croatia – Istria

This Croatia bike route offers a pleasant and enjoyable ride around the northern parts of the country. It will see travelers cycle from Poreč to Rovinj. Sticking to the north-western part of the country, travelers will be exposed to a peaceful scenic ride with various stops along the way to see quaint coastal towns. 

You will be riding along a coastline with beautiful bays where you can enjoy the breathtaking Mediterranean landscape with green vineyards and olive groves; tasting homemade food, wine, brandy and honey produced in this area. The ride consists of moderately hilly terrain and paved roads with average daily distances of up to 60km. Find out more about our Northern Istria bike tour.

Traveling Croatia By Bike - Finding The Best Croatia Bike Routes

To find more about our bespoke bike tours, speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our Croatia bike tours are ideal for those who want to cycle at their own pace, who want to travel at dates they prefer and who do not want to carry their own luggage while accommodation, daily logistics, ferries, and other transfers are taken care of. 

Our team aims to deliver itineraries tailored to you and your needs, helping create an unforgettable experience for you and your companions. If there is a location that you would particularly like to add to a tour, speak to our friendly team today and they can help you plan a customized tour specifically designed to your needs. 

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