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Luxury Dining Experiences: The Best Restaurants In Croatia

The best restaurants in Croatia
6 Mar

Luxury Dining Experiences: The Best Restaurants In Croatia

When traveling, one of the most exciting things to do is sample new cuisines. You can indulge in a range of delicious foods from savory delicacies to sweet treats that will have you coming back for more. There are plenty of restaurants that offer a truly authentic Croatian experience, from luxurious Michelin-star restaurants in Croatia to family-run cafes where you are bound to find something to tantalize your taste buds. 

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Croatia to enjoy on your travels, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top ten restaurant recommendations you have to try in Croatia: 

Pizzeria Burra, Plomin

With five different countries on its doorstep, over time Croatia’s cuisine has seen a lot of influence from its neighboring countries, and in particular Italian-style pizzas are hugely popular. Pizzeria Burra is an incredible pizza spot for tourists traveling in and out of Istria. All of their pizzas are made from fresh and high-end ingredients that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Whilst the food here is truly a highlight, so is the special ambience of this small pizza shop. Expect incredible views from the terrace outside of the old town and if you’re lucky, there may be one of their many live music events during your visit. 

UJE Oil Bar, Split

Nestled away in the cobbled streets of Old Town Split, UJE Oil Bar personifies a ‘hidden gem’. Known for its aromatic olive oils from across the Dalmatian region, you are greeted with the fresh aromas of local cuisine stretching from rich local produce to a wonderful selection of Croatian wine. 

Uje describes its cuisine as ‘traditional Dalmatian cuisine prepared in an incredibly creative way’ and the seasonal menu featuring fresh local catches from the ocean, richly prepared meat dishes and delicate pasta will leave you spoilt for choice.

Peppino, Dubrovnik

Described as artisanal gelato, this ice cream parlor is a sweet tooth’s paradise. Peppino is incredibly popular (not just with tourists, but with the locals as well) and is the perfect way to combat the summer heat. Located in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik, you will not find better or more authentic gelato anywhere else. 

All of their extra creamy gelatos are made in the store and full of rich, natural ingredients. There are tons of flavors to choose from classic chocolate and vanilla gelatos to more unique flavors like Carob & Fig, Strudel and Yogurt Pomegranate. 

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House, close to Hvar  

If you’re staying in the Hvar area, you cannot leave without visiting Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House. This exclusive restaurant overlooks the glorious coast of St.Clement Island and is easily accessible by boat from Hvar. It is one of the best restaurants in Croatia to enjoy an authentic Dalmatian and luxurious dining experience. 

With fresh, exotic seafood dishes like the mouth-watering Adriatic tuna found on the menu every day, plus a full range of heavenly cocktails for you to sip whilst you listen to the calming Mediterranean waves – life cannot get any better! Add this luxurious holiday destination to a custom tour of Croatia today.

Pizzeria Bokamorra, Split

Pizzeria Bokamorra welcomes you with a stylish and vibrant interior before hooking you with its wonderfully crafted pizzas and extraordinary cocktail menu. The pizzas are known for their take on the Neapolitan-style fluffy base, with dough aged for 48 hours before being topped with the highest quality local ingredients. 

Their pizzas tantalize the taste buds with ingredients ranging from truffles and honey to even ‘sweet’ pizzas that you can sample after your meal. Staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will do their best to pair your pizza with one of their many hand-crafted cocktails.

Proto, Dubrovnik

This long-established family-owned restaurant in Croatia serves some of the best and most traditional Mediterranean cuisines. Proto can be found right in the core of the historic city of Dubrovnik and has been true to its historic roots since it was established back in 1886. 

Proto has been part of the Michelin Guide from 2017-2022, and it’s no wonder when it serves authentic local seafood and meat dishes passed down through generations. For a refined, gourmet restaurant in Croatia, you won’t want to miss this off of your list. The menu is subject to seasonal changes and can be impacted by the weather and the catch of the day.

Bokeria, Split 

For a grand dining experience in Old Town Split, Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar is top of the list. The high-end menu is inspired by traditional Croatian recipes. Once you arrive, you will be surrounded by elegant decor inside and out. It is the perfect place to feel luxurious whilst trying authentic local dishes. 

You can also enjoy a range of sweet, traditional treats here as well as local tea, coffee and delicious Croatia wine. Make sure to add Bokeria to your tour around Croatia, as it is one of the best restaurants in Croatia for premium-style dining with a traditional twist. 

Adio Mare, Korcula

For a unique gastronomy experience in Korcula, Adio Mare is a family-owned Croatian restaurant full of local dishes passed down throughout the generations. All of their food is made with fresh Korčula ingredients and is cooked on the barbecue which leaves a delightful scent in the air that is sure to have your bellies rumbling. 

Guests may have a hard time deciding where to sit in this rustic tavern as both the inside and outside seating offer incredible dining experiences. In the heart of the restaurant, guests can witness their meals being cooked on the BBQ before their eyes. Whilst outside on the terrace, guests are exposed to incredible views of the old town surrounded by lemon and orange trees.

Pizzeria Rumore, Labin

Thought to be one of the best pizzerias in Croatia, this exclusive restaurant specializes in authentic Neapolitan pizza that will have you going back for seconds. Pizzeria Rumore is the first one in Croatia which has won AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Neapolitan), which is like a Michelin star for pizza. Only pizzerias which prepare authentic Neapolitan pizzas can receive the award. Chefs must have finished a course in Naples and the ovens need to be imported from Naples.

Also on the menu is a range of authentic desserts for guests to enjoy as they take in the amazing view of the old town of Labin. The perfect stop when you’re traveling in and out of Istria!

Konoba Didov San, Zagreb

Located in the old town of Zagreb is an old-style, rustic tavern which is full of character. Although it can be found in the northern part of Croatia, the Konoba Didov San tavern serves authentic Dalmatian Hinterland food full of flavor. Expect traditional, hearty meals served here – the perfect comfort food after a full day exploring Croatia’s fascinating capital city. 

We would especially recommend getting the Peka, a classic Croatian dish which cooks vegetables and meat together (drizzled with olive oil and herbs) under a bell-like dome. You can’t miss a trip to Croatia without trying this popular dish at least once. Make sure to add a Peka tasting experience when you book a custom tour of Croatia

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For more insight into traditional Croatian cuisine and what to eat and drink whilst traveling to Croatia, get in touch with travel specialists today. Our travel experts are incredibly knowledgeable about Croatia and its local cuisines and are here to answer any questions you may have and offer recommendations for places to eat on your tours.

For pre-planned food-based tours, why not check out our wine and culinary delights tour which takes guests on a perfectly crafted tour to try all the local and popular dishes of Croatia – ideal for foodies! We also offer customisable tours to Croatia which allows travelers to shape the perfect itinerary with help from our travel specialists. If you liked one of the recommendations from our list of the best restaurants in Croatia, then speak to our agents to add it to a custom tour today. 

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