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What to Expect in Croatia January – June: Climate, Crowds and More…

what is the best month to go to Croatia: sunset over a beach bar in Croatia in June
19 Jan

What to Expect in Croatia January – June: Climate, Crowds and More…

Croatia radiates beauty no matter the season. From snow-covered landscapes during winter to sizzling summer sunshine, it’s a country that perfectly showcases the four seasons in all of their spectacular glory. While many travelers seek out the hotter months to enjoy Croatia’s picturesque beaches and magnificent islands, there is something about the quieter months that possesses a certain sort of magic.

In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the first six months in Croatia, detailing what to expect from the weather, average sea temperatures, crowds, cost and much more… This will cover everything you need to know to help you decide what is the best month to go to Croatia. 

Please note: this is an average depiction of the country and things can change depending on the area you choose to visit. For example, there will be a variation between the southern and northern parts of Croatia at certain points during the year.

what is the best month to go to Croatia - January in Croatia clouds over a histroic fort on the coast of Croatia

What is the best month to go to Croatia? 

There is simply no bad time to travel to Croatia, as each month offers something different that travelers may not have considered before. With four distinct seasons, a busy off-peak period, and a large number of activities to do throughout the year, deciding what the best month to go to Croatia is can ultimately come down to what you’re looking to get from your vacation. 

So, let’s get into what to expect from the first half of the year in Croatia:

Croatia in January

Temperature: 41°F to 50°F

Best month for: Seeing snow-topped scenery

Croatia in January is often quite cold on record with very cold sea temperatures of 54 – 57°F. It is considered the peak of winter, experiencing moderate levels of rain and possible snowfall further inland. It’s a great time to visit for those who enjoy colder vacations and winter activities.

Croatia has several snowboarding and skiing facilities that travelers can visit. In January, Croatia is also a convenient location to explore some of the more popular European winter destinations, such as Italy and Austria, and will cost a fraction of the price to stay at due to this being the off-peak season here. These countries are easily accessible via day trips from Croatia and can be included on a custom tour designed by our team of travel specialists.

what is the best month to go to Croatia: January in Croatia snowy mountains with snow dusted trees

Croatia in February 

Temperature: 41°F to 54°F

Best month for: Carnival and romantic vibes

Croatia in February is one of the coldest months, with sea temperatures between 52 – 55°F. While this might be a chillier period, it’s quite a lively month, as Carnival gets into full swing and Valentine’s Day sees love fill the air. It’s a great time to visit if you are looking for smaller crowds at Croatia’s most famous attractions. 

If you’re looking for a romantic adventure to take with your loved one, Croatia in February could be the perfect answer. With snow dusting the national parks and historic sites, it becomes the perfect backdrop for a couple’s trip away. 

what is the best month to go to Croatia: February in Croatia frozen waterfalls in the national parks

Croatia in March

Temperature: 46°F to 57°F

Best month for: Cycling and hiking

In March, things begin to heat up in Croatia and the first signs of spring appear. Temperatures are a little higher in March when compared to the previous months however, the sea temperatures remain quite cold, reaching 57°F at a maximum. Daytime can be quite pleasant, while nights tend to be a little bit colder, so we recommend taking some layers if you plan to travel during this time.

This is the perfect month to go to Croatia for cycling and hiking, as the humidity levels are lower, the chance of rainfall decreases, and days become a little bit longer following the winter season. The national parks and historic cities look particularly beautiful during this period, with cherry blossoms beginning to form on the leafless trees. To book an exciting cycling or hiking tour around Croatia, speak to our travel experts today.

what is the best month to go to Croatia: March in Croatia sees hiking over the cliffs and sunshine above

Croatia in April 

Temperature: 50°F to 64°F

Best month for: Spring flowers

Expect milder, but fairly consistent weather in April, with temperatures reaching as high as 64°F. This is the best time to visit Croatia if you’re looking to escape the crowds but still enjoy the local facilities. As the peak season begins in May, many businesses begin to open again, ready to welcome the influx of tourists showing up in the upcoming months.

Spring will be in full swing as flowers blossom around the local cities and national parks, adding a bright burst of color to the now sun-blessed locations. The sea temperatures for Croatia in March are still on the lower side, ranging between 55 – 59°F, so swimming is possible, but this month is more suitable for adventurous and sightseeing tourists.

what is the best month to go to Croatia: April in Croatia brings cherry blossoms in the trees all around a historic statue in Zagreb

Croatia in May

Temperature: 63°F – 75°F

Best month for: Beach holidays without the crowds

Croatia in May depicts the start of the peak season. Travelers can expect more crowds in touristy areas such as Split and Dubrovnik and an increase in the number of hotels and flights available as well. Restaurants and bars throughout the coastal and island areas will be fully open for business and ready to welcome guests with open arms!

This is great news for travelers looking to soak up the sun along the picturesque beaches. Days become a bit longer seeing an average of 15 hours of daylight a day. Croatia in May also offers lovely weather, with little rain, low humidity levels and warm temperatures. The sea also warms up during this time reaching highs of 64°F – perfect for swimming in the sea and open-water swimming.

what is the best month to go to Croatia: May brings hot weather and sees travelers venture to the beach to swim, sunbath and go on boating trips

Croatia in June

Temperature: 73°F to 82°F

Best month for: Island hopping

Seeking warm weather, small crowds and good availability at your favorite hotels? Look no further than Croatia in June. Daily temperatures are very warm and sea temperatures become pleasant and a lovely escape from the heat of the Mediterranean sunshine, reaching heights of 73°F. This is the best month to travel to Croatia if you’re a beach seeker and history fanatic, as outdoor activities are great to do during this season. 

Think sunbathing, swimming, water sports, sightseeing and more. If you’re looking to include an island-hopping adventure on your travel itinerary, we highly recommend doing this in June. The Adriatic Sea is particularly spectacular during the summer months, but Croatia in June has the added advantage of fewer crowds, allowing you easy access to some of the most popular spots without the need to pre-book!

what is the best month to go to Croatia: June in Croatia is great for boating trips around the islands

Deciding what is the best month to go to Croatia is for you…

That sums up what you can expect from the first half of the year in Croatia, from cold, wintery days to scorching summer heat. While each month has its pros and cons, when deciding what is the best month to go to Croatia will ultimately depend on what you’re looking to get out of your vacation.

To help you plan your vacation to Croatia and decide the best month to travel, get in touch with our Croatia travel experts today. With a wealth of information about Croatia and experience creating bespoke itineraries for a wide range of travelers, we can help you plan the perfect holiday for you and your travel party.

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