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Searching For The Best Croatia Open Water Swimming Locations

Croatia Open Water Swimming locations
7 Aug

Searching For The Best Croatia Open Water Swimming Locations

There’s nothing better than a nice, cooling dip on a scorching summer day in Croatia when the Mediterranean sun hits its peak. If you particularly enjoy a quiet space far away from the typical hot spots, then open-water swimming in Croatia might be the option for you. For this guide, we’ve been searching high and low for the very best Croatia open water swimming spots. From hidden island coves to crystal clear lakes wrapped in a natural oasis, there are plenty of places to go for a relaxing swim in Croatia.

If a plunge outside the traditional swimming locations in Croatia sounds right for you, then join us as we take a quick adventure through the undiscovered depths of Croatia’s open water swimming spots!

Croatia Open Water Swimming 

Croatia is a country blessed with stunning coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and numerous islands, making it a fantastic destination for open-water swimming. With some of the cleanest waters in all of Europe, it’s no surprise that Croatia is an incredibly popular swimming destination – not only with the locals but with travelers too. 

While some swimming spots in Croatia may be a short walk away from your hotels, others can be a little harder to find and may require you to venture off the beaten track to find them. 

For a swimming holiday around Croatia that is one of a kind, add these Croatia open water swimming locations to your next vacation:

Mljet National Park

For a unique open-water swimming location that combines scenic surroundings with a relaxing swimming experience, look no further than the waters of Mljet National Park. Located on the majestic island of Mljet, the national park located here is like something out of a fantasy novel, full of luscious landscapes and distinct blue lakes. This island is often considered one of the best places to swim in Croatia, especially for those seeking open water.

Unlike many of Croatia’s more famous national parks where swimming is mostly prohibited, such as in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Mljet island is one of the few places in Croatia where travelers are allowed to swim in the lakes. 

To ensure you make the most of your trip here, make sure to visit one of the two saltwater lakes located on the northwestern side of the island. The temperatures of these lakes are often higher than that of the surrounding sea, making for a relaxing swimming experience, especially as the waters’ high salinity levels are found to have therapeutic properties that are good for your skin and bones.

To include Mljet Island on your next vacation to Croatia, speak to our travel experts today. With a vast knowledge of all things Croatia, we can help you plan the perfect trip completely bespoke to your holiday preferences.

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Mljet National Park

Pakleni Islands

Located just off the coast of Hvar Island are the Pakleni Islands which offer numerous beautiful spots for both swimming and relaxation. Think secluded coves and bays with crystal-clear waters ideal for open-water swimming. Take to the beaches of this popular island destination, or venture on your own path, discovering the various islets and private lakes and pools for a refreshing dip.

Some of the most popular Croatia open water swimming locations on the Pakleni Islands include Palmižana Bay, also known as Vinogradišće Bay, which is one of the area’s more famous swimming spots. You can also explore Vlaka Cove, Taršće Bay and Jerolim Island for a quieter, more peaceful swimming experience. With scenic bays and rocky surroundings, these areas can feel much more secluded far away from the tourist crowds.

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Pakleni Islands

Vis Island

Vis Island is a captivating island known for its untampered beauty. This location has something to offer for every type of swimmer and beach lover. With several hidden coves and secluded beaches scattered around the island, it is the perfect swimming destination to enjoy peaceful and pristine swimming experiences time and time again.

Some of the top open-water swimming spots for this island include Stiniva Beach located on the south side of Vis Island in Stiniva Cove with a white pebbled beach surrounded by large rock walls, giving this area a more private feel. For swimming spots outside of the typical tourist’s radar, check out Srebrena (Golden) Beach and Srebrna (Silver) Beach – both of which are famous for their distinctly colored pebbles. 

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Vis Island

The Green Cave 

Just a short distance away from Vis Island is a swimming experience unlike any other in Croatia. Head down to the island of Ravnik where you will find the magical Green Cave, famous for a natural phenomenon that sees the water glow a mystical emerald color as the sunlight touches the bottom of the cave floor. 

While many tourists choose to visit the Blue Cave over the Green Cave, swimming is not allowed at the former. Whereas The Green Cave offers a unique opportunity for guests to swim and snorkel inside. If you’re feeling brave, why not take a leap off the top of the cave? Some adventurous travelers like to climb to the very top for an exhilarating cliff-jumping experience. 

Imotski Blue Lake

Near the city of Imotski is a lake famous for its distinct blue color. It was formed many years ago when a large cave collapsed, leaving a skin hole in its place. Over time a karst lake began to form and a vibrant blue color began to appear from the deep depths of the water’s center. 

Just a stone’s throw away from the Imotski Blue Lake is the equally famous Red Lake (Crveno jezero). Both of these open-water swimming spots are popular swimming destinations for locals and tourists alike. 

To include these incredible landmarks on your next trip to Croatia, speak to our travel specialists today. We can help you craft the ultimate custom vacation experience in Croatia. 

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Imotski Blue Lake

Cetina River

Located in central Dalmatia, the Cetina River is a popular destination for open-water swimmers looking for a little more excitement. The area is renowned among adventure seekers and has plenty of water-related activities going on throughout the year from tubing to kayaking to river swimming and much more!

There are various spots along the river where you can take a dip in its clear waters and enjoy the scenic views surrounding this pleasant swimming spot. Make sure to include a visit to the quaint seaside town of Omiš on a visit to this spectacular destination.

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Centina River

Krka River

While the Krka River might be most known for its famous series of stunning waterfalls in Krka National Park, some travelers do also venture to this popular tourist destination for its swimming opportunities. Although swimming is prohibited in the pools surrounding the waterfalls, there are designated swimming areas further downstream where you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the river’s cool waters.

One particular great spot to swim in Krka National Park is Roški Slap. With emerald waters and fantastic views of the remarkable, natural beauty that surrounds the river, this is sure to be an unforgettable Croatia open water swimming adventure. 

Croatia Open Water Swimming location - Krka River

Croatia Open Water Swimming Holidays

Looking for a swimming holiday in Croatia? Why not plan a bespoke vacation to Croatia with our travel specialists? From custom-made trips to pre-planned private tours that showcase the best of Croatia – we have a wide range of holiday plans available to ensure you have the very best holiday in Croatia. 

For more information on the types of holiday packages we have available and how to create your very own bespoke swimming holidays in Croatia, contact our team today. 

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