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Tailor-made Travel: Customize Excursions in Croatia For a Bespoke Adventure

excursions in Croatia - tour of the Old Town Walls in Dubrovnik
22 Dec

Tailor-made Travel: Customize Excursions in Croatia For a Bespoke Adventure

So you’re planning a vacation to Croatia? With so many things to consider, such as your flights, accommodation and transportation around the country, booking excursions can often be the last thing on your mind. While you can have an amazing holiday in Croatia just by taking in the sights and enjoying its pristine beaches, excursions can add an extra special element to your trip.

From boating expeditions to interesting walking tours, exhilarating water sports and much more! There are plenty of options you can include on your tours of Croatia. Whether you’re more of an adventurous traveler or enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, we offer a variety of excursions in Croatia that will pique your interest.

excursions in Croatia - hiking in Croatia's national parks

The best excursions in Croatia

Croatia is a country so diverse that it appeals to almost every single type of traveler. With a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and a range of activities from high-energy hiking tours to more relaxed boat excursions around the islands – there is something for everyone to do here.

When it comes to excursions in Croatia, there are numerous options to explore. Here are some of the best excursions to include in your vacation:

Hiking, Cycling and More

For the travelers among you who enjoy a little adventure that works up a sweat as you explore brand new locations and find gaze open-mouthed over mesmerizing sights, then these are the best excursions in Croatia for you.

You can experience the most magnificent parts of Croatia’s nature by joining our exclusive cycling tours around the country’s scenic bike routes or our fun hiking trips to Croatia’s beautiful national parks. There is also the option to add exciting excursions like ziplining, rock climbing and abseiling to your itinerary, just get in touch with our travel experts to learn more about our adrenaline-fueled adventures.

excursions in Croatia - a man cycling and staring out at a lake

Water Sports

If you’re looking to try something new, why not take to the seas on our water-based activities? The Adriatic Sea is known for its crystal-clear waters that make it the perfect place to swim and partake in some fun watersports. Across Croatia’s coastline and picturesque islands, there are plenty of water-themed excursions in Croatia for you to add to your tour itinerary, including snorkeling, kayaking, canyoning, wind sailing and much more. 

Speak to our travel experts to learn more about how you can include a custom-made excursion in Croatia when making your travel plans.

excursions in Croatia - water sports in front of Dubrovnik Old Town

Cultural Highlights and Food Tours

Experience Croatia as if you were a local! At Adventures Croatia, we have a wide range of contacts on the ground who work closely with us, as well as host excursions that truly reflect the culture and daily life of the region.

Try making homemade peka with local chefs that have mastered their craft with generational techniques and recipes passed down from their ancestors. Join our luxurious wine tours, sampling a range of local wines and learning about how they are produced. Or book a delicious cheese-tasting tour where you can try a selection of the best cheeses served with locally-made bread, olives and olive oil.

If these sound like the perfect excursions in Croatia for you, why not book a place on our Wine and Culinary Delights Tour that offers all of this and more?

excursions in Croatia - cooking clases

Croatia Boat Excursions

Croatia boasts a stunning coastline and numerous islands home to a plethora of historic sights, beautiful beaches and lush forests. One of the best ways to see these spectacular sights is on our exclusive Croatia boat excursions. Not only can you experience incredible views of the Adriatic Sea from your very own private charter, but with a private skipper onboard, you choose your destinations as and when you like.

With Croatia boat excursions you can explore islands like Brač, Vis, and Korčula, as well as hidden coves, secluded beaches only accessible by boat and magnificent sea caves such as the marvelous natural phenomenon that is The Blue Cave.

excursions in Croatia - boat trips around Croatia's islands

Truffle Hunting

The Croatian province of Istria is incredibly famous for its truffle production, even going as far as hosting an annual festival called Truffle Days dedicated to the tasty delicacy. A fun excursion to do in Croatia is a truffle hunting experience, where you can learn about truffle hunting with dogs from local guides as well as indulge in some truffle-themed food whilst exploring the local area.

Walking Tours

Possibly one of the best excursions in Croatia (if not the most requested) is a walking tour excursion. Explore the historic cities of Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split with a local guide by your side. Learn about the history of the area, architecture and culture from your private tour guide. We also offer walking tours to Croatia’s natural sites such as Plitvice National Park and Krka National Park with transportation all included.

By joining our walking tour excursions you can guarantee you will see all the highlights of Croatia’s top destinations and a few hidden gems that our local guides have uncovered. This takes the stress away from navigating your routes, planning your transportation and worrying about booking a space at Croatia’s top tourist attractions. All of this will be done in advance, allowing you time to truly enjoy the experience and lap up the views as you follow the lead of our expert guides.

excursions in Croatia - walking tours with a guide tour guide

Adding a custom-made excursion in Croatia to your vacation

Including excursions on your tours to Croatia couldn’t be easier with our team of travel experts. We offer tailor-made journeys to our travelers, so you can create bespoke itineraries that include your favorite custom-made excursions in Croatia as part of your travel plans.

So if you want to sprinkle a few of the excursions mentioned above, or simply cherry-pick your favorites, then this is all possible with our travel planners. With years of experience creating custom-made vacation itineraries to Croatia, they can plan the perfect vacation with all of the excursions you desire. Sorting everything from transportation, entry tickets, local guides and more. 

excursions in Croatia - kayaking around Croatia's sea caves

Booking excursions in Croatia with Adventure Croatia

These are just some of the best excursions in Croatia, from natural wonders to historical sites, including excursions on your vacation can ensure it is both enriching and memorable. To start planning your custom tour, speak to our travel specialists today. They can help you book the ultimate vacation that includes your favorite activities. 

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