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Truffle Season in Croatia

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13 Jun

Truffle Season in Croatia

The Diamond of the Kitchen
What is a truffle? Truffle refers to the fruiting body of Ascomycete, a subterranean fungus, that predominantly belongs to the species of the genus Tuber. Truffles are often called ‘the diamond of the kitchen’ because of their earthy aroma and heavenly taste. The most popular place to find prime quality truffles is Croatia. Generally, these malodorous, subterranean mushrooms are picked in dark woods. Devotees to truffles claim that once you taste this nut-shaped delicacy, all other flavors taste insipid in comparison.

Truffles are rare & expensive
Truffles are one of the most expensive food items in the world. The most prominent reason behind the sky-high price of the truffle lies in the fact that they are difficult to find. These pricey and rare fungal delicacies are found underground by specially trained mushroom-sniffing dogs.

Truffles Delicacies
When added in the right amount, truffles enhance the taste and flavor of any dish. From chicken to beef to mutton, truffles are used to jazz up any dish. Travellers indulge in typical Croatian truffle dishes such as fuzi, gnocchi, frittata, pljukanci and various meat combinations from Roasted Chicken with Truffle Sauce to Beef Wellington with Truffle Madeira Sauce to name a few. Truffles are also used to churn out desserts, cakes and even ice cream!

Truffle Events
The month of October is considered to be the ideal time to go truffle gathering. The season continues for approximately three months from September through November with the famous “Days of Truffles” festivities taking place every weekend. Thousands of culinary enthusiasts head for this festival to enjoy the festivities but also to observe the unparallel beauty of Croatia in fall. With cooler temperatures and lesser tourist traffic, October is considered as the ideal month for such festivities. Gourmands from all over the world gather here to indulge their palates.

During this Croatian festival, truffle exhibitions, cooking shows with renowned international chefs, wine and truffle tasting, truffle seeking demonstrations, and various workshops are held. These truffle activities take place from November 2nd till the 3rd in a place named Buzet. Another one – the famed Teran and Truffle festival is held in Motovun on November 9th.

If you are curious about the famed Truffle and Wine culture of the region, you may find our Wine & Culinary Delights Tour this fall a great fit to your interests. Adventures Croatia will take you on the ultimate culinary journey and truffle tasting this fall!

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