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Daily Life In Croatia, Advantages of Using A Local Guide

Using local guides to experience daily life in Croatia
5 Sep

Daily Life In Croatia, Advantages of Using A Local Guide

Traveling can mean so much more than sightseeing. It can be a way to meet people, understand different cultures, try unique dishes and expose yourself to an entirely new world outside of your comfort zone. That’s why here at Adventures Croatia, when we create tours we keep this in mind. On our tours, we want travelers to experience daily life in Croatia from the perspective of a local. All the charms, quirks and nuances that would normally be missed.

Why is it worth experiencing daily life in Croatia?

Being guided by a local expert is really the best way to break past the surface level of what Croatia has to offer. From local guides you can learn more about Croatia’s rich history, the local delicacies and explore hidden areas that are not popularized by tourist crowds. It’s about discovering the Croatian charms you wouldn’t have considered before. 

Our travel guides come packed with knowledge about Croatia that can help you create the best itineraries for traveling. Most of our team have personally lived in Croatia, so they understand first-hand what daily life in Croatia is like. 

Our team can find the best times to travel to suit your preferences, as well as plan a customized itinerary that ensures everyone in your travel party has something to look forward to. They will personalize your tours according to your preferences and interests. Whether you’re the more adventurous type that wants to get closer to nature or enjoy the bustling cities and learn about their riveting history, our local guides have got you covered. 

Using local tours to experience daily life in Croatia

Why should you use a local guide?

Traveling to Croatia from the US can seem like a daunting task. Firstly, there is the language barrier which can make conversing with locals difficult in certain regions. You’ll be introduced to an entirely new culture and adding a different language into the mix can ultimately make the whole experience a little scary. 

Another factor to consider is the different currency. Sure, when you’re on vacation you want to treat yourself, but having a good understanding of the currency can help with budgeting your spending accordingly. Croatia is in the process of changing to the Euro in 2023, which does have an easier exchange rate to comprehend than the dollar to kuna, but it will still require some calculations to budget properly.

Knowing where to go, what to see and how to get the most out of your trip is where a local guide can step in. Having someone around you who knows the area extensively can enhance your experience and take the pressure off of you so you can make the most of your trip. 

Using local tours to experience daily life in Croatia

Our local tour guides want you to experience daily life in Croatia without stressing about external factors. They will be your personal guide and a shoulder to lean on throughout the whole journey. Like your very own friend who just wants you to have the best time whilst traveling. Our guides are unimaginably passionate about Croatia and this will show through in their tours. 

Not only can they help you navigate your way around the country by explaining the local transport, but in some cases they can personally guide you on your trips via private yachts and unique excursions. Having a local guide with you can reduce your anxieties about being abroad, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your holiday. Local guides are there to act as a middleman for language barriers and ensure you get the best deals when bargaining in the local currency. They will even know a thing or two about the best foods to try and which ones you may want to avoid if it doesn’t suit your taste pallet. 

Having a local guide will make your trip completely hassle-free! They will have the best insight into tourist hotspots and the peak times to avoid, as well as hidden spots off the beaten path. They will offer personal suggestions on how to get the most out of your trip and help you arrive at points A to B without the fear of getting lost or missing out on the best activities. 

So, if you’re looking to experience the Croatian way of life and delve into the best-kept secrets behind the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters – we might just have the ideal tour for you! 

Croatian charms – small group tour

Explore Croatia this fall with our amazing small group tour that is ideal for food enthusiasts and history buffs. There’s something in the itinerary for the whole family to enjoy, and you get a week filled with fun and exceptional exploring opportunities. 

This tour will take travelers through a deep dive of the best cities and towns in Croatia from a local perspective aiming to make your experience all the more enjoyable. Learn more about what you can expect from this adventure. There is an exclusive guaranteed departure, subject to available slots.

Using local tours to experience daily life in Croatia

Where does the Croatian charms tour leave from?

This guided tour will see travelers starting in Zagreb, then moving on to Opatija, Pula, Rovinj, Motovun, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Trogir, Ston, and finishing in Dubrovnik. The itinerary is specifically designed to give you an insight into daily life in Croatia. 

Highlights of this tour include a Skradin Wine Experience, exploring the fascinating city of Dubrovnik, getting lost in the beauty that is Plitvice lakes, and trying local delicacies through a personal tasting experience. The trip spans over 9 days and sees travelers fully immerse themselves in the Croatian way of life. 

Whether you want to limit your trip to Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast or want to venture into nearby Mediterranean countries, we have something available for you. Some of our customers love visiting heritage sites and ancient monuments, while others are more into activities such as kayaking or experiencing the local nightlife. There’s something exciting available, no matter your preferences. The amazing thing about using local guides is that you can customize your trip to your preferences. 

We understand that everyone is unique and has different things they want to experience whilst traveling. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie, history buff or adventure enthusiast, our local guides are here to help you experience Croatia in a way that suits you.

Using local tours to experience daily life in Croatia

Book a local tour today!

Join us on our next opportunity to sail Croatia and discover its rich history and amazing islands. Why not book a place on our Croatian charms tour that offers sightseeing, activities, and several guided tours to give you a real experience of the area’s fascinating culture and rich heritage. 

We offer amazing local tours, great service and an experienced skipper and crew that are guaranteed to give you a taste of daily life in Croatia. Get in touch with us to sign up for one of our upcoming tours and learn more about what we have available.

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