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Everything You Need To Know About A Croatia Summer Holiday

Croatia summer holidays
10 May

Everything You Need To Know About A Croatia Summer Holiday

Summer is on the horizon in Croatia. And as the end of May arrives, it signifies the very beginning of the summer season across the Balkans. With the summer season comes beautiful warm weather and an array of tourists from across the globe, seeking adventure, relaxation and most of all to indulge in the wondrous natural beauty that Croatia has to offer.

Travel is officially back in swing and tourists from all over the world are taking full advantage of the opportunities to explore an exciting new location this summer. With the global pandemic behind us and travel restrictions strictly a thing of the past, the summer season of 2023 in Croatia promises to be a vibrant one. 

Croatia offers tourists everything from luxurious resorts to incredible dining experiences that are sure to have you venturing back for more. This destination is in the ascendance with many US travelers, meaning you can avoid the crowds of Greece or Italy, but still enjoy all the marvelous aspects that these places have to offer. Expect warm weather, pristine beaches and ancient buildings full of historic significance, including some locations you may recognize from popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and Somebody Feed Phil. 

To kick off the start of the summer season in Croatia we’ve asked our Founder, Pamela Robinson to give us her insight into what makes Croatia’s summers so special and what she expects for the 2023 season.

Firstly, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, I’m Pamela Robinson and I’m CEO and founder of Adventures Croatia. My love of travel and discovering new places, people, and experiences is what led me to create this company.

As a world explorer, I’ve visited well over sixty countries and I can safely say Croatia is my top travel destination. After my first trip to Croatia over 15 years ago, I fell in love with the country. The people, the food, the islands and most of all just how safe and welcomed I felt each time was what kept me coming back for more.

On my flight back from Croatia after my first visit, I recognized my relationship with Croatia was just beginning. The country was just starting to expand and develop its VIP, high-touch tourism services to pair with its world-class scenery, and I knew I could find what American travelers were accustomed to and be able to offer it to clients here in the US.

The amazing food, hotels, and high-end services were there…but spending time finding the best accommodations for our clients, as well as finding the best drivers and guides to live up to my standards and expectations was imperative but also the secret to our success. Using my experience from a traveler’s perspective, along with finding a top-notch ‘boots on the ground’ team, we’ve been able to create a great customer experience, which still drives all of my business decisions today.

When does summer begin in Croatia?

Summer in Croatia usually starts in early to mid June and runs until late September. Good weather is almost a certainty during these months. Throughout the summer you can expect gorgeous weather with temperatures ranging from 70F – 90F during the day. 

In the south of Croatia, summer can start a little earlier, so in places like Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik you can enjoy warm weather from as early as May. This area also tends to be the warmest and sunniest part of Croatia and makes it incredibly popular with tourists. Travelers can expect a much longer summer season, running all the way to early October if they decide to tour this part of the country.

Croatia summer holidays
What are your favorite months to travel to Croatia? 

July and August are incredibly popular months to travel for tourists and it’s no wonder when they offer summer festivals, warm weather and exclusive seasonal menus. This is when summer is in full swing, so do expect larger crowds.

However, there are some benefits to traveling during this period, such as access to seasonal attractions like island resorts, waterparks and coastal restaurants and bars. Most places, especially those found along the coast, can shut down during the off-season. If there is a specific event or attraction you particularly want to visit, we would always recommend checking its opening period to avoid disappointment. 

Our travel specialists are always up-to-date with the latest Croatia travel news, so if you need advice on when is the best time to travel based on your interests, speak to one of them beforehand and they will be able to help you out in no time. 

If you’re looking to escape the crowds but still enjoy the great weather, mid-September to early October is a great time to plan your Croatian vacation. Places tend to be less busy and seasonal attractions will mostly be open to accommodate the last of the summer tourists. Prices of hotels and flights will also be reduced during this period.

What would you recommend doing in Croatia during the summer?

The amazing thing about summer in Croatia is that there is so much to do. The difficulty is finding the time to fit everything into your schedule. I would always recommend a trip to the coast to explore some of the beautiful pebbled beaches Croatia has to offer. If you consider yourself to be an adventurous tourist, you can enjoy a variety of watersports, such as scuba diving, parasailing and jet skiing. 

Also, no trip to Croatia is complete without visiting one of its many national parks or the surrounding islands. Croatia is known for its picturesque landscapes and incredible green spaces, so plan some time to explore some of the most famous spots like the waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park or Krka National Park. 

Croatia summer holidays
What are the best cities to visit in Croatia in summer?

Croatia is a country shaped by its ancient history and this really shows through in its architecture. Firstly, I would highly recommend visiting the world-famous city of Dubrovnik to see some of this in person. It also happens to be the filming location of Game of Thrones so fans of the show can feel like they have been transported to the world of Westeros.

Another fantastic city that should be on every traveler’s list is Split. The city is located in the south of Croatia and offers a bustling atmosphere right on the coast. It is truly an amazing place to stay in the summer, as it hosts an annual summer festival that is a wonderful event for experiencing true Croatian culture. It’s a city that truly has it all, great seafood, brilliant beaches and an energetic nightlife – a place I find myself gravitating to time and time again. It’s also a great hub destination to explore the Croatian islands such as Hvar, Brac and Korcula that are close by. 

Pamela, your final thoughts on the summer season arriving in Croatia?

My main feeling is that of gratefulness. After such a challenging period for the travel sector over the past 3 years it’s wonderful to be looking forward to a summer that can be enjoyed, without uncertainty. Summer in Croatia is truly an unforgettable experience and one that changed my life. With summer approaching I can only encourage you to experience such an enchanting destination. Živjeli!

Croatia summer holidays

To book your Croatia summer vacation, speak to our travel experts today. Our specialists are knowledgeable on all things Croatia and can work with you to create the perfect vacation that is bespoke to your needs. View our pre-planned tours to Croatia or create your own custom tour to curate a trip that matches exactly what you want – the choice is yours. Get in touch to start planning your summer vacation. 

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