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The Biggest And Best Festivals In Croatia 2023

festivals in croatia 2023
6 Feb

The Biggest And Best Festivals In Croatia 2023

Croatia has plenty of activities for travelers to enjoy whilst vacationing here. From exhilarating watersports to relaxing boat tours around the array of stunning islands that surround the Croatian coastline. There’s more than enough to keep you entertained for weeks on end, including attending some of the biggest events and festivals in Croatia in 2023.

Throughout the year, Croatia hosts many festivals and summer events which draw thousands of tourists into the country. Some of the best Croatian festivals come around annually whilst others are a single-time occasion. So knowing what the big festivals in Croatia are for 2023 will help you plan your Croatian vacation and ensure that tour dates align with the must-attend events of the year! 

Don’t miss out on these incredible Croatian events and festivals in Croatia 2023: 

Festival of Lights, Zagreb

March 15–19, 2023

Like many major cities before it, Zagreb is joining the celebration of light. See the city brought to life through intricate light displays that combine audio features and utilize the city’s incredible architecture. Various artists have incorporated famous monuments around the city into their artwork, creating a spectacular Croatian festival for all to enjoy. 

The Festival of Lights in Zagreb will be in March this year. If you find yourself traveling to Croatia in the springtime, make sure to add this special Croatian festival to your calendar.

festivals in croatia 2023 - The festivals of lights Zagreb

The Festival of Oysters in Ston

March 21, 2023

Found on the Pelješac peninsula in southern Croatia is a place famous for its world-class oysters – Mali Ston. So much so, that a Croatian festival was created around the popular oysters. The Ston Oyster Festival is an ideal event for seafood enthusiasts and the perfect opportunity to try this local delicacy, supported by a wealth of local knowledge on the different types and how the oysters are farmed. 

Every year you can find some incredible attractions at this popular festival, including traditional folk dancing to Dalmatian music. Alongside the main event, the famous Ston oyster, you will also have the opportunity to sample a selection of mussels and clams, paired with local wines from the Peljesac vineyards. This is certainly one of the more popular tourist festivals in Croatia in 2023.

festivals in croatia 2023 - The Ston Oyster Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival 

July 10, 2023 – August 25, 2023

This is one of Croatia’s biggest summer events, set in the lively city of Dubrovnik. It is one of the oldest summer festivals in the country, having started over fifty years ago. During this cultural smorgasbord, travelers can enjoy classical Croatian music, dance and theater performances as well as a special folklore festival. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is one of the greatest cultural events in Croatia and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, thrilled to witness this spectacular creative tradition.

festivals in croatia 2023 - Dubrovnik's Summer Festival

Zagreb International Folklore Festival

July 19–23

Zagreb International Folklore Festival is an annual event dedicated to folklore expressions. It is an incredible event that aims to preserve and display the local heritage and traditional values of all nations and cultures, harmonizing all of this into a festival that celebrates the folklore groups. 

Travelers can expect to learn a lot about folklore and Croatian culture through a unique range of regional dances, music, languages, and customs that are displayed throughout the summertime festival. 

festivals in croatia 2023 - Zagreb International Folklore Festival

Motovun Film Festival

July 22–24

This famous film festival in Motovun brings movie lovers together to enjoy a selection of films created by small cinematographers and independent productions. The aim of the festival is to give a platform to productions which have struggled to reach larger theaters and wider audiences. 

Every year, a new film programme is created by the festival to reflect the diversity of the film industry. Many films from many countries across the world are included in the programme, and a selection of special guests are invited to talk through their creative process. If you enjoy the magic of cinema, then you have to add Motovun Film Festival to your Croatia vacation itinerary for 2023. 

Day of Truffles in Istria

Mid-September – November

Every fall, Zigante Truffle Days is held in Livade – a Croatian festival dedicated to the Istrian truffle. This uniquely localized festival attracts many international guests every year who travel specifically to the Istria area to try this gourmet delicacy. Travelers can enjoy the truffle fair which displays a range of regional treats including locally-made wines and Istrian-produced foods such as cheese, honey, olive oil, brandy and much more. 

There are also plenty of activities throughout the fall period for visitors to enjoy that incorporate this special truffle. From truffle-tasting events hosted by renowned chefs to culinary workshops that teach guests how to incorporate the Istrian truffle into everyday dishes. There is even the chance to personally hunt for truffles through demonstrations held by locals. Speak to one of our travel experts today to add this incredible experience to a custom tour

festivals in croatia 2023 - Truffle Days

Advent in Zagreb

November 25, 2023 – January 6th, 2024

Not many people think of Croatia as a wintertime vacation, but it has been slowly gaining recognition among tourists over the last few years for having one of the best European Christmas markets around. Croatia has hundreds of Christmas markets all across the country, from its coastal cities to its more secluded islands. The most famous of which is Advent in Zagreb – a Christmas market that is sure to delight all of your senses at once. 

The perfect place for foodies to try all the festive local delicacies from Croatia. From spicy sausages to tasty sarma stuffed cabbage rolls. There are also plenty of sweet treats in the traditional style wooden market stalls for travelers to enjoy, such as a fritule, a chocolate-covered fritter that pairs perfectly with plum brandy and local wines. Make sure to add this Christmas market to a personalized tour of Croatia.

festivals in croatia 2023 - Advent in Zagreb

That is a wrap on our recommendations for festivals in Croatia 2023. If you’re looking to include one of these amazing events within your travel plans, speak to our travel experts today. We can help you create custom tours around Croatia, from organizing travel dates to incorporating local festivals into your vacation plans. Book the ultimate vacation to Croatia for 2023. 

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