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Finding The Best Museum In Croatia For Your Travels

The Best Museum in Croatia - Adventures Croatia blog
30 Jan

Finding The Best Museum In Croatia For Your Travels

Croatia has an array of museums spread across the country, some with historical and cultural insights about Croatia, and others a little bit wackier. With so many options to choose from, you’ll need a little help to narrow down your choices when deciding which ones to visit. Through this guide, we’ll be exploring some of these Croatian museums to ultimately decide what the best museum in Croatia is based on your interests. 

So whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of Croatia, enjoy some unique art pieces or explore something a little bit different – we’ve got you covered! Without further ado, let’s discover the best museum in Croatia for you:

The best museum in Croatia for art lovers…

Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

Located in Zagreb is an art museum unlike any other. The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art displays around 80 pieces every year all from 20th century Naïve artists, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. 

So what is Naïve art? It’s a visual art form created by an untrained artist – someone who has not undergone the formal training or education that professional artists usually have to do. The works displayed are mainly from Croatian artists, but there are a few well-known international artists in the mix as well. Add this unique museum to a custom tour of Croatia today. 

The Best Museum In Croatia - Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

For the weird and wonderful…


This museum may not be for everyone, but it is certainly an experience that cannot be missed. Froggyland, found in Split, is a museum full of taxidermied frogs that have been displayed in a variety of different poses and settings. These include a tailor shop, school, the circus and many other different life situations.

The collection consists of 507 stuffed frogs of a common European frog species and perfectly balances the technical knowledge of taxidermy with artistic value. Speak to our travel experts today to learn more about this fascinating museum and how to add it to your Croatian vacation itinerary.

The Best Museum In Croatia - Froggyland

For anyone who’s experienced heartbreak…

The Museum of Broken Hearts

This breakup museum in Croatia is all about stories of failed love. It displays the nature of human relationships and what remains after one is lost. Throughout the museum, you’ll find real personal objects from past relationships, donated by people across the globe who have shared their stories. 

Although this museum might seem like it has a sad overarching theme, it dives deeper into the human mindset exploring the political, social, and cultural circumstances surrounding heartbreak. If you’re interested in discovering more about human psychology and find yourself in or around Zagreb, then this is definitely a Croatian museum you won’t want to leave off of your list.

The Best Museum In Croatia - The Museum of Broken Hearts

For getting the ultimate profile pic…

Museum of Illusions

Enter the world of illusions where nothing is as it seems. It is very rare in museums that you’re allowed to interact with the art pieces, but at the Museum of Illusions in Croatia it is actually encouraged.

With around 70 ‘displays’ for guests to enjoy, you and your companions will have hours of fun capturing photos of yourself defying gravity, growing, shrinking and transforming in front of your very eyes. With four locations across Croatia for travelers to choose from, you can’t miss out on this fun-filled experience whilst touring around Croatia.

The Best Museum In Croatia - Museum of Illusions

For anyone looking for a good laugh…

Museum of Hangovers

The Museum of Hangovers in Croatia is the only museum of its kind in the entire world. Visitors will experience some of the funniest hangovers and drunken stories, including a display of strange objects people have collected during their intoxicated adventures. The museum itself is laid out to take guests through a drunken voyage, mirroring the journey of returning home drunk from a night out. 

This quirky museum is incredibly interactive with some entertaining activities for guests to play throughout their visit, from drunk darts to a simulator of drunk walking, and much more. 

The best museum in Croatia for TV fanatics…

Game of Thrones Museum Split

This is truly the best museum in Croatia for fans of the critically-acclaimed TV show, Game of Thrones. Allow yourself to step inside Meeren and the world of Game of Thrones through this special Croatian museum dedicated to the hit HBO series. 

Croatia holds a close relationship with Game of Thrones, having been the setting for many of the different GOT filming locations throughout the entire TV show. In this museum, guests can enjoy a display of authentic props, costumes, lifelike wax figures, weapons, city dioramas, set pieces and much more from the series. 

If you’re looking to expand your tour of Game of Thrones experiences while visiting Croatia, speak to one of our knowledgeable travel guides today. Here at Adventures Croatia, we offer custom tours around Croatia that are tailored to your preferences, allowing you to create the ultimate GOT tour experience. 

The Best Museum In Croatia - Game of Thrones Museum Split

Create the ultimate itinerary

Do any of the unique museums spark your interest? If you’re looking to book a vacation to Croatia, view our list of private tours around Croatia. Our tours are meticulously created with our travelers’ best interests at heart. Our tours include everything from these interesting museums to popular tourist hotspots and a few hidden gems that even the locals don’t know about!

If there is a museum on this list or another attraction in Croatia (or its neighboring countries) that is not included in our current tours, don’t fret. We offer custom tours that allow travelers to create their own personalized itineraries with the help of our friendly team. 

Get in touch to book a trip to Croatia with us today. 

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