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The Ultimate Travelers’ Guide To The Northern Islands Of Croatia

The northern islands of Croatia
2 May

The Ultimate Travelers’ Guide To The Northern Islands Of Croatia

Croatia is a country renowned for its array of beautiful islands. With so many scattered across the coastline, travelers are truly spoiled for choice when looking for an island escape in Europe. In fact, the country currently ranks number 22 in the world for the countries with the most islands. With a number totalling 1,244, it can be near impossible to explore all of Croatia’s islands in your lifetime, let alone on a tour around the Mediterranean.

Some are big land masses spanning many square miles, while some are much smaller, resembling no more than a dot on the map. However, regardless of their size, each of Croatia’s islands has something special it can offer. Some are famous for the legends connected to their lands like the island of Korčula, which is thought to be the location of Marco Polo’s birthplace, while others are known for their incredible landscapes filled with rich greenery as far as the eye can see.

With so many to visit, you may need some help narrowing down your options to fit as many of these incredible islands into your holiday itinerary. While some of the southern islands, like Hvar and Korčula, are on most people’s bucket lists, the northern islands of Croatia are still relatively undiscovered.

Thankfully, we have put together a handy guide for any travelers who find themselves staying in the northern part of Croatia. So if you’re looking for some of the best islands to visit in northern Croatia, look no further.

Here is our top list of the most charming northern islands of Croatia you should add to your trip:

Krk Island

Krk is one of the largest northern Croatian islands, located in the Kvarner Bay. It is a popular tourist destination, dubbed ‘The Golden Island’, as many locals and tourists flock to its picturesque towns and pebbled beaches every year.

Despite being the largest island, you can expect a unique small-town atmosphere throughout, with friendly locals, quaint streets and colorful buildings which are best enjoyed under the clear blue of a Croatian summer sky. The island has great transport links and is easily accessible for travelers to get to by car as it is connected to the mainland by a toll bridge.

Highlights of Krk island include: Frankopan Castle in Krk town, Oprna Bay and Vrbnik

The northern islands of Croatia - Krk island
Cres Island

Cres is the second-largest northern island in Croatia, located just south of Krk. The island is known for its abundant greenery and is hugely popular with active tourists who enjoy connecting with nature through hiking, cycling and water sports. With countless rugged mountainous landscapes, hidden coves and secluded bays to explore, it’s truly a hidden gem. 

Cres is also unique for its history of ever-changing empires and the deep connection it shared with the Romans, much of whose influence can be seen in the architecture found in the towns across the island. If you do end up traveling here, you can’t miss a trip to the griffon vultures, which can be easily observed at the Beli Vulture Center. 

We consider this to be one of the best islands in northern Croatia, especially if you want to escape the crowds of Krk and immerse yourself in nature. Cres is a must-add destination for your future travel plans. Contact our travel specialists today to add Cres to your Croatia itinerary. 

Highlights of Cres include: Cres Tower, Lubenice Beach and Osor Town Walls

The northern islands of Croatia - Cres Island
Rab Island

If you love the idea of relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sound of the ocean and the feeling of the Mediterranean sun on your face as you sunbathe – then Rab island is a must-visit destination for your Croatia travels. Located north of Pag, this island is filled with beautiful sandy beaches, so it is no wonder that it is popular with tourists looking to unwind by the sea. 

Tourists can also enjoy a trip to the old town of Rab during their travels which offers scenic views of the island, full of narrow streets, stone houses, and four bell towers. We would also recommend taking a visit to Komrčar Park – a lush oasis with exotic plants and various hiking trails that will take you across a variety of different landscapes. 

If you would like to include Rab on your list of northern Croatian islands to visit, speak to one of our travel experts today. Our team is well-versed in creating completely personalized tours for travelers. Get in touch today to start planning your Croatia tour with us.

Highlights of Rab include: Sahara Beach, Park-šuma Komrčar and Suha Punta Beach

The northern islands of Croatia - Rab island
Lošinj Island

If you’re looking for exceptionally picturesque islands to visit in the northern parts of Croatia, then look no further than Lošinj. This island is incredibly popular with tourists thanks to its clear waters, lush vegetation, and healing sea air. 

With beautiful harbor towns and seaside resorts, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this island. The most popular destination amongst travelers is Mali Lošinj, the largest town on the island, which has colorful houses, narrow streets, and a picturesque seafront view centered around its stunning harbor. 

At certain times of the year, you can also enjoy dolphin-watching on the island or via boat tours. The water around Lošinj is famous for its resident population of bottlenose dolphins. Add this special experience to a tour of Croatia by creating a custom tour with our travel specialists today.

Highlights of Lošinj include: The Apoxyomenos Museum, Veli Zal Beach and Čikat Forest Park

The northern islands of Croatia - Lošinj Island

And that wraps up our list of the best islands to visit in northern Croatia. If some of these northern Croatian islands made your list, why not get in touch with our travel specialists today? It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an active holiday, these islands are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Speak to one of our travel experts today to create a custom trip to Croatia where you can discover the charms of the northern islands of Croatia in person!

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