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Best Island Hopping In Croatia

2 Nov

Best Island Hopping In Croatia

The great luxury of chartering your own private yacht in Croatia is the freedom that it grants you. Nothing but the soothing aqua-marine ripples of the Adriatic Sea stand between you and anywhere that you wish to travel along the nation’s stunning coastline. There are endless golden shores, fascinating ports and hidden, cliff-fringed coves waiting for you to drop anchor nearby and explore.

However, with such endless choice ahead of you it can be difficult to settle on a particular itinerary. So, what is the best way to sail Croatia? The short answer is that there is no perfect route. Different parts of the country offer a variety of different aspects of Croatian wonder, so it is essentially due to personal preference.

To help you make a decision on the itinerary that best suits you, here are some of the best sample sailing itineraries in Croatia.

South Dalmatia

Perhaps the most popular area to focus on during a sailing trip to Croatia, south Dalmatia harnesses some of the country’s most spectacular spots. When traveling along the southern end of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, it is likely that your journey will start in the country’s most famous city – Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a port city whose offerings range from scenic sea views and gourmet eateries to a fascinating history that can be felt in every alley that you walk through. Having explored the city’s endearing nooks and crannies, set sail for the stunning island of Korčula. A brilliant combination of glorious Mediterranean beaches and charming coastal towns, this island is sure to capture your imagination. Sail over to the eastern reaches to explore the picturesque fortifications of Korčula town or head off the western coast for some of Croatia’s greatest diving spots.

On your way to the final stop in Hvar, take a break in the quintessential Croatian fishing village of Trstenik. Experience a local way of life in this traditional Adriatic settlement, before sampling local products among your peaceful coastal surroundings. Next is Hvar, a city made famous by the manner in which its stunning architecture hugs the cove on which it is built. Drop anchor in the town’s port and get lost among its magical system of narrow streets before enjoying an evening meal on the deck of your boat as the sun sets behind the city.

Check out our Private Charter Catamaran Package for a tour that visits all of these spots.

North Dalmatia

Heading just up the coast, you will begin your journey in the yachting hub that is Split. The city’s promenade is legendary, but behind the impressive architectural facade lie treasures in the form of Croatia’s best preserved Roman buildings and some of the country’s finest eateries. It is the perfect place to gather your bearings, get a taste for the country and stock up for the luxurious journey ahead.

Set off for the first stop of nearby Omiš, a fantastic little town that is so often overlooked by travelers in this region. A hub of local activity, it is a diminutive town bursting with character and overlooked by the stark rock formations that loom overhead. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, Omiš offers opportunities to climb, abseil and raft your way around the rugged surrounding landscape.

After Omiš, you will set sail for the famous Croatian island of Brač, a location renowned for the white sand beaches that grace its shores. Some of the most spectacular beaches in Croatia can be found on Brač, including the world famous Zlatni Rat. Simply pick a spot, drop anchor and immerse yourself in paradise. Brač is also famous for its watersports, attracting windsurfing enthusiasts from across the planet to its shores year-round.

If you like the sound of both south and north Dalmatia, take a look at our suggested itinerary for the Ultimate Island Hopping Adventure, which covers both regions.

Istrian Peninsula

Perhaps you believe that the best way to sail Croatia is to head off the beaten track? For something slightly different, why not head to the lesser-explored Croatian coastline on the Istrian Peninsula. Begin your journey in the town of Poreč, a spot popular with local travelers on vacation thanks to its stunning beaches and historic old town. It is the ideal venue to immerse yourself in local Croatian culture and stock up everything you need for your private yacht.

Setting off from Poreč, stop off in your own private coves without a single other soul in sight as you gradually make your way south to the next stop – Rovinj. The fishing port is famous for its hilltop church emerging from the tangled streets below, which looks simply incredible from the water. Dock your vessel and delve into the intricate system of small alleys and undiscovered local eateries.

Head further south on the peninsula and visit the city of Pula, a place known for its stunning Roman amphitheatre – the best preserved example outside Italy. Afterwards head beyond and take your pick of the beaches on Cres Island. Perhaps the most stunning is the beach at St. Ivan, which not only offers pearl-white sands and sapphire sea, but also an element of privacy that other Croatian beaches cannot deliver. Enjoying the entire beach to yourself is the perfect way to finish your trip.

To learn more about the yacht trips and private charter options that we offer, contact our friendly team of travel specialists. And remember – yacht trips are fluid, allowing you to change course according to what your heart desires at the time. It is an experience created solely with your best interests and wildest dreams in mind.

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