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The Best Honeymoon Spots in Croatia

27 Oct

The Best Honeymoon Spots in Croatia

Going on your honeymoon is an experience that every newlywed couple should savor, as they create memories together that will last a lifetime. Therefore, there can be some serious deliberation over where you should go and what you should do. Are you seeking relaxation or adventure? Do you want to stick to a particular area or traverse an entire nation? What is the most important factor of your honeymoon? Beautiful scenery? Delicious food? Romantic settings? Well, a Croatian honeymoon can provide all of this in abundance.

There are countless locations around the charming European nation that would suit every kind of newlywed couple. However, we have handpicked a select few spots that are sure to provide the perfectly balanced intimate setting for you and your other half to begin your new life together.

Idyllic Beach Getaway – Vis

In terms of coastal gems, Croatia will leave you spoiled for choice. The entire country is covered in golden-sanded, turquoise-watered coastline from top to bottom. However, when it comes to island getaways, there are few in the Mediterranean Sea that match the clear waters and hidden private coves of Vis. Measuring less than 90 km2 in total, the picturesque little island is rife with beaches, bars and hotels that exude the island paradise impression that so many honeymooners seek.

One of the greatest features of Vis is the fact that there is an assorted array of sublime beaches to choose from. You could opt for the justifiably popular enclosed cove at Stiniva or perhaps seek out a private cove of your very own. On top of this, Vis is home to a number of different vineyards that you and your partner can explore before attending a tasting of the finished product over a privately prepared meal for two. With such an array of options at your disposal, the island is sure to provide that spark of magic to help create the perfect Croatian honeymoon experience.

If you are thinking of organizing a honeymoon on the likes of the idyllic island of Vis and need some inspiration, discover our romance-inspired itineraries here.

Luxurious City Escape – Dubrovnik

When it comes to romantic city escapes, Dubrovnik ranks among the very best in Europe. It manages to combine the charming winding streets of Venice with the alluring lamplit evening atmosphere of Paris. Not only is the city’s wondrous, culturally-rich history evident in every nook and cranny that you explore but it is also home to some fantastic restaurants serving up the most groundbreaking gourmet dishes in the country.

Home to a number of truly luxurious accommodation options – including private villas and premium boutique hotels – the city caters to everything that a newlywed couple could ask for. Perhaps the most endearing feature of the ancient port city is the manner in which it comes to life after the sun sets. Wandering the charmingly antiquated alleyways by lamplight in search of a secluded spot to enjoy a glass of local wine together is a moment that will live long in the memory.

If a city break in Dubrovnik sounds like your perfect honeymoon, get in touch with our travel experts and begin planning.

Ultimate Relaxation – Lošinj

If, like many, you want to use your honeymoon as a chance to escape from your usual routine and truly unwind, then Lošinj could be your ideal destination. The island is home to a number of Croatia’s finest spa retreats, complete with every treatment and activity that you could wish for in your pursuit of ultimate relaxation. You will also be spoiled for choice in terms of the available classes, for those that enjoy beginning or ending their day by unwinding with a private yoga session hosted by some of Europe’s elite yoga teachers.

Life moves at an easy pace on this quintessentially Croatian island. There are a number of delightful small towns and villages waiting to be explored, each with its own characterful local restaurants, bars and cafes. Plus, what better way is there to end a romantic day than taking a stroll along Dolphin Walk in the hope of spotting the Adriatic Sea’s most graceful occupants leaping from the waves as the sun sets on the horizon.

If you want nothing more than an opportunity to lay back and recharge together, perhaps Lošinj would be your ultimate honeymoon destination. Contact our team here to learn more about the often unexplored Croatian island.

Private Yacht Cruise – The Dalmatian Coast

The beauty of having a Croatian honeymoon is that you can choose your own balance of how you want to spend your time away together. Whether that be in the locations mentioned above or anywhere else in the country. But why choose one location to explore as newlyweds when you could venture across the entire Adriatic?

The ultimate combination of luxury and tranquility, a private yacht gives newly married couples the opportunity to detach from the world in their own personal getaway. You choose where you go, what you eat and how you travel. With a captain, private chef and friendly crew members aboard, you can explore the sapphire seas without a single thing on your mind besides your significant other.

We have a range of yachts available, so whether you want to travel in a traditional monohull vessel or make a statement in a glamorous superyacht, we can cater to your needs. Contact our friendly team of travel experts and begin planning your private yacht honeymoon today.

For further honeymoon inspiration, have a browse through our Romance Packages.

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