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How To Charter A Luxury Yacht In Croatia

Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia
8 Sep

How To Charter A Luxury Yacht In Croatia

When it comes to organizing a luxury yacht charter in Croatia, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. When should you book? What style of yacht would you like? Who are you traveling with? Where exactly do you want to sail? It takes a considerable amount of time, thought and planning to get the combinations just right for your bespoke vacation. But if you do get it just right, it can be the making of the greatest vacation of your life.

Roaming the Adriatic Sea in your own unique way provides an exclusive vacation experience that is unmatched by anything else. You can go where you want to go. See whatever takes your interest. Eat only what your taste buds truly desire.

Imagine you and your friends and family gathered in a high end vessel surrounded by aqua-marine waters. Picture visiting Croatia’s most secluded islands and having entire enchanting coves to yourselves. Visualize eating fresh meals prepared by your private chef as the sun sets beyond the gentle ripple of the horizon. This may give you an idea of what luxuries lie in store. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right yacht experience for you, it may not be as simple as it seems. Here are some things to consider when chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia.

When to Book Your Charter

Firstly, it is important to consider when the best time to go is. Yacht charter season in Croatia lasts from May until October. This gives you a large window of opportunity in terms of dates in which to set sail.

In May and June the weather is typically spectacular, with balmy weather from dawn until dusk when delightfully warm evenings take over. However, the Adriatic Sea can be quite cool during this time. Perfect if you are a fan of taking a refreshing dip off the side of your yacht. From July onwards, the waters are warmer and air temperatures remain high. These are the perfect months to go scuba diving or snorkeling off the Dalmatian Coast.

The other factor that is essential to take into consideration is how quickly yachts become booked up. Chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia is a popular activity. Whether it be for partying with friends or some much needed family relaxation time, it is important that you book as far in advance as possible as availability is limited. If you are looking to charter a yacht for Summer 2022, how is the time to start looking. Remember that a mandatory Tourist Boat Tax is required to sail in Croatia.

What Style of Yacht Should You Choose

Yachting in Croatia comes in various different formats. You should pick a style of yacht that best suits your desired vacation. This includes the number of people that you are traveling with, the style of travel that you are after and the extras included on your vessel.

The most common yachts come in the form of: a sailboat, a catamaran, or a motor yacht but we also have stunning and impressive Small Ship Cruisers, Luxury Motor Yachts, and Ultra Luxury Motor Yachts.

Sail boat

With just one hull centered around a heavy keel, this is probably what most people picture when imagining a traditional yacht. Perfect for those that enjoy the feeling of gliding across the water and undulating in unison with the wind and waves.

Generally speaking, monohull sail boats are an excellent choice for romantic getaways or small group holidays. They offer a more intimate yacht setting which you may not wish to share with particular groups of people. One for the purists, a sail boat will offer you a typically charming Croatian sailing experience.


While a typical sailboat has just one hull, a catamaran has two. With this comes two things – extra size and improved stability. On a larger catamaran, the fact that there are two separated hulls allows for space between the two to be utilized. This makes it a good choice for vacations with families, as it gives everyone extra space if required. Because of this, catamarans tend to be more expensive than typical sail boats.

The twin hulls help to prevent swaying in the water, which is a good feature for those less acquainted with sailing holidays. They also often offer netting between the two, which is an ideal place for reclining in the summer sun as the waves pass by beneath you.

Motor yacht

As the name suggests, a motor yacht travels using a motor rather than harnessing the wind. Due to their larger size and typically more modern designs, they tend to offer more deck space. Thanks to this they are an excellent option for large group excursions. It also means more on board facilities, including equipment for watersports and diving or snorkeling.

Another benefit of chartering a motor yacht in Croatia is the fact that it is less technical to operate and therefore less staff are required, meaning lower crew fees.

For those that are looking for something a little different during their Croatian holiday, why not try chartering a gulet? Based on a traditional two-masted or three-masted design, this yacht will give you not only a vacation of high end luxury but also an insight into the history of how the region’s seas were once traveled.

How to Choose Your Itinerary

With a coastline spanning over 3,600 miles and more than 1,200 islands to choose from, yacht vacations in Croatia will leave you feeling spoiled for choice. There are a huge number of significant port towns to choose from as your start and finish point for your Croatian vacation. Plus, each docking destination doubles as a spectacular place to visit. The most popular port destinations are Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik.

Where you choose to travel on your journey depends on the manner of trip that you wish to experience. Thanks to Croatia’s unending variety of experiences, every kind of yacht vacation can be catered for.

When you travel with Adventures Croatia, you will have the opportunity to plan your route alongside an expert skipper who will guide you in an incredible tour of the most beautiful ports and marinas. Your skipper will be on hand to navigate your itinerary and cater to your group’s needs, ensuring a smooth and effortless journey. 


If it is pure relaxation that you are seeking from your yacht vacation, Croatia will provide it in abundance. Some of the more popular places to drop anchor and lay back with a cold beverage in hand include Braç, Hvar and Korçula.

Braç is home to Croatia’s most famous beach in the form of Bol’s spearhead-shaped bay, which attracts water sports enthusiasts just as much as sun worshippers. If you choose to travel here during the high season expect larger crowds. 

Hvar is as popular for its picturesque towns as it is for its stunning beaches. If you are looking to lay on a beach all day and treat yourself to a delicious local meal in the evening, then perhaps Hvar is best suited to you. Along its long southern and northern coastlines are countless coves just waiting for you to drop anchor and dive in.

If you are looking to steer your yacht towards your own secluded segment of paradise, Vis is the place. Due west of Hvar, this small island has a coastline dotted with covered beaches and hidden lagoons, many of which are accessible by boat alone. Whether relaxing on deck or diving into the inviting turquoise seawater, Vis will have you believe that you have the island to yourself.

One of the greatest advantages of a luxury yacht charter in Croatia is the fact that you can sail wherever you please. If you are planning on chartering a luxury yacht with your significant other, have a look at our Romantic Honeymoon Island Hopping page for inspiration.


Croatia is a European country bursting with culture and much of it lies directly on its coastline. From historic cities that have been standing for centuries to fishing towns that offer a window into traditional customs, traveling by yacht opens your trip up to a wide spectrum of Croatian culture.

When it comes to a cultural yacht journey in Croatia, Dubrovnik is the obvious place to begin. Ancient streets paved with honey-colored stone meander between structures that ooze with historic significance. Wander the old fortifications as the sun sets over the sea before making your way back to your yacht for a privately prepared dinner. Alternatively, Dubrovnik is home to some of the finest restaurants in Croatia, giving you the opportunity to try some of the unforgettable local food.

Split is a delightful port city lying on the natural curve of a cove on its eponymous island. The Riva – or waterside promenade – provides the architectural face of Split that greets you as you sail into port. Beyond the initial curve of stunning facades lies the well preserved ruins of a magnificent Roman palace that offer a vivid impression of the city’s long illustrious past. You could also sail a short way due west of Split to visit a local vineyard and perhaps bring some local produce back to your yacht for the evening.

For those that seek a more humble, personal experience of Croatian culture, the northern islands of Krk and Cres are renowned for their quaint fishing settlements, which you are free to roam at your will. Step off your vessel to discover the local ways of life and sample local seafood dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. 


If it is a livelier vacation that you are seeking, Croatia can also cater to all of your partying needs. The best place to start would be Hvar. Renowned for its incredible bar scene, the town comes alive at night with a nightlife scene that caters to every taste you could imagine. Whether it is a casual drink before retiring to your cabin or a vibrant all-nighter, Hvar will have what you seek.

Heading north up the Dalmatian coast, you will reach the town of Tisno. This relatively unassuming coastal town may not seem like the most raucous of places. However, once festival season hits, Tisno is the place to be.

To discover more about how to charter a luxury yacht in Croatia, when you should travel or where you should set sail for, please contact our friendly team. With expert local knowledge and countless weeks of Croatian travel under their belt, they are here to help prepare your perfect bespoke Croatia yacht vacation.

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