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Snorkeling and Diving In Croatia

Diving in Croatia
31 Aug

Snorkeling and Diving In Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is one of the main draws for travelers who visit Croatia. It is home to the country’s multitude of islands, is overlooked by its most iconic towns and the way that its waves gently lap at the pearl-white shores of Dalmatia’s beaches are a true symbol of paradise. While many enjoy swimming in the sea’s warm waters, the beauty that lies beneath the surface often goes overlooked. Snorkeling and diving in Croatia reveals an underwater world that rivals the alluring characteristics associated with the treasures that lie on land.

Thanks to its crystal clear waters, warm temperatures and abundant sea life, Croatia is deemed one of the best spots to dive in Europe. There are over 7,000 species of flora and fauna in the region’s waters and visibility can stretch as far as 60 meters, allowing for spectacular views of the bustling marine world below. On top of that, the sea bed is dotted with secret caves, vibrant coral reefs and ghostly shipwrecks from every era of Croatia’s history.

Diving in Croatia

Due to the variety on offer, Croatia is equipped to suit divers of every standard, from beginner to expert. Plus, with over 1,200 islands and hundreds of miles of mainland coast to choose from as your stepping off point, there is enough diving to keep you entertained for a lifetime.

Croatia’s Snorkeling and Diving Hot Spots

There is no one single place from which to get diving right in Croatia, but the islands are a good place to start. The likes of Brač and Sušac provide incredible opportunities to jump into the glistening waters of the Adriatic and explore what lies beneath the waves. The former is renowned for being one of the best water sports locations in the country, as well as being frequented by local dolphins. Sušac is home to some of Croatia’s most dramatic coastline, with cliffs reaching up to 100m in height, is home to fascinating underwater terrain and is an excellent location for beginners. To truly taste the variety that Croatia’s island diving experiences have to offer, try an Exclusive Island Hopping vacation, which is perfect for the whole family.

Korčula is a popular place to go snorkeling and diving in Croatia, with a wealth of setting off points from nearly every coastal point on the island but off the western shore in particular. Everything from vibrant corals to sunken artefacts can be seen lining the ocean floor just off Korčula’s coast. The island is equipped to cater to the needs of every type of diver, from first timers to those who spend more time in the water than out of it.

Croatia View

Heading toward the mainland for diving inspiration, there are still opportunities abound. Dubrovnik, for example, is close to a number of dive sites that bring even the most experienced divers back time and again. The Taranto shipwreck is a particular favorite, allowing divers to get close and personal with a real piece of WWII history, having strolled the city streets just hours before. Plus, Dubrovnik provides some of Croatia’s greatest restaurant options when it comes to the post-dive meal.

Alternatively, there are a wealth of diving sites near the Istrian towns of Pula and Rovinj, including historic shipwrecks and the famous Fraskeric tunnels, which offer surreal, deep-water conditions for more adventurous divers. Exploring these otherwise unseen seascapes with a mask on your face and a tank on your back is a true highlight when it comes to diving in Croatia.

Marine Life

In terms of the company that you will keep when under the surface, the sea life is as varied as it is exotic. Experiences can vary from witnessing 1,000lb tuna feeding off the coast to following multicolored octopuses as they sneak through the floor of a vibrant reef. The shallower waters are also home to species such as scorpionfish, seahorses, stingrays and loggerhead sea turtles.

Croatia Sea Life

But resident species go beyond famous fish and crustaceans. Croatia is well known as an area for spotting wild dolphins. Swimming with these magnificent creatures in the wild is a rare and spectacular experience. However, even more rare is a sighting of the Mediterranean monk seal. An endangered species that is known to roam the waters of the Adriatic, you can count yourself very lucky if you witness one in the wild. Before you dive under the surface and come face to face with these intriguing species, note that many of them are endangered and should therefore be treated accordingly.

If you are interested in centering your Croatian journey around snorkeling or diving in the Adriatic Sea, or would simply like to dive to break up an otherwise relaxed vacation, please contact our friendly and experienced team. With excellent knowledge of the country, they can organize underwater activities that suit your every need.

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