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Croatia Travel Update

22 Jan

Croatia Travel Update

09/22/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

After a rise of cases in the US, the European Union has recommended that member nations refuse entry to any unvaccinated US travelers. However, Croatia is one of a selection of countries that has opted against these suggestions. This means that unvaccinated travelers from the US can still enter Croatia with a negative PCR test dated no more than 72 hours before entry.

09/10/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

Those who are traveling to Croatia with the correct documentation will be able to get through customs quicker if they complete the entry form before arriving. The form can be found online (follow this link) and requires that you attach the correct documents. Once filled out you can enter Croatia without the stress of having to fill the form upon arrival

Croatia’s safe travel measures have seen the Balkan country almost equal the record number of travellers in a year set in 2019. The almost 50% rise in tourist traffic compared to last year is a sign of just how well managed the tourism sector has been and shows that travel in Croatia is almost back to the way that it should be.


08/25/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

While we may not be completely back to normal, there is no doubting that the travel world has come a long way in the last 12 months. One remaining COVID-related factor when traveling to Croatia is the need for a test when on vacation to get back into the US.

Luckily, getting tested when on vacation in Croatia is extremely easy. Firstly, you can opt to bring an antigen test with you from home and self-administer through a video call. The second option is to ask one of our guides to inform you on the best place to purchase one when you are out in Croatia. Thanks to their excellent local knowledge, they will be able to point you in the direction of the nearest reliable test vendor.

08/18/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

As of August 23rd 2021, travelers looking to cross the border from Croatia into Slovenia will need to provide proof that they meet the RVT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) rule requirements. This means that travelers looking to take the popular route into Slovenia will have to provide a medical certificate proving recovery from COVID-19 in the past 6 months; proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19; or a negative PCR test dated no later than 72 hours before entry.

07/27/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

As of this July, United Airlines has started running direct flights from the US to Croatia. Traveling between New York and Dubrovnik, the trip takes under 10 hours in total.

With no need for changes, this exciting piece of news means that you can be in the streets of New York City in the morning and on the beaches of Dubrovnik in the afternoon. It is also a reminder of the fact that travel is once again becoming part of our lives having been missing for far too long.

07/21/2021 – Croatia Travel Update 

As travel restrictions continue to ease, Croatia was handed another boost on Wednesday 14th July as it was added to the United Kingdom’s ‘Green’ list of destinations. With the country fully open for travel, we are receiving increasing numbers of requests from clients seeking last-minute bespoke tours, while others are keen to plan for 2022 and get ahead of the crowd. 

Another positive concerning travel between the United States and Croatia is the recent introduction of a DIRECT United Airlines flight to Croatia. The new service departs three times per week from Newark and touches down in Dubrovnik on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. With demand for travel continuing to rise, we are encouraging travelers who are considering itineraries for 2021 to get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Our team are available in both the US and Croatia to help shape your dream vacation.

07/13/2021 – Croatia Travel Update 

With travel restrictions easing across the globe, your luxury vacation to Croatia may be closer than you think. Recent reports indicate that a coalition of travel industry bodies have combined to help plan out a blueprint for reopening international travel. 24 travel industry associations have combined to create the “Framework to Safely Lift Entry Restrictions and Restart International Travel”, which will help as a roadmap for finally opening up international travel to and from the US.

06/30/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

United Airlines Opens New Direct Flight One Week Earlier Than Planned

This week marks the start of United Airlines‘ first direct flight between the US and Croatia. The flight, which travels between New York and Dubrovnik, made its first journey between the two on July 1. The new route marks an exciting new era of travel to the European nation, as it opens up a convenient new travel link between the two nations.

Originally scheduled to begin on July 8, the foreseeable demand for travel opportunities this summer saw the launch moved forward. Thanks to the nine hour flight time, travelers can be walking the bust streets of New York in the morning and dipping their toes in the warm azure waters of the Aegean Sea in the evening without having to switch planes.

The flight’s inaugural departure also signifies the way in which travel is coming back into our lives. Whilst COVID-friendly rules are still in place in the Balkan state, the vast majority of its greatest draws are still open to the traveling public as per usual. That means that you can wander the streets of Dubrovnik, sample locally made wines on Korčula, or sail the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean without a worry on your mind.

If you are dreaming of a vacation to Croatia, contact us and let us help you make your dreams a reality. Start planning your journey here.

06/21/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

The Croatian Tourism Minister, Nikolina Brnjac, has announced that the country’s vaccination program is seeing extremely positive results, with over 60% of the tourism industry now vaccinated. This comes after the Balkan nation made a conscious effort to prioritize tourism workers at the start of their national vaccination program.

The news is a signifier of Croatia’s determination to welcome travelers back to its culturally rich and naturally idyllic lands. With almost two-thirds of the country have now received their vaccinations, we can expect safe travel to be a realistic ambition in the near future.

In an announcement that accurately reflected Croatia’s welcoming character, Brnjac said of the vaccination effort’s success:

“All directors of tourist boards should be engaged to make tourists feel as safe as possible in their destinations, especially in terms of encouraging tourist workers to vaccinate and adhere to measures and establish additional testing points.”

On top of this, this Friday the European Union is expected to recommend that member states start lifting travel restrictions and allow US travelers to visit them once more. EU ambassadors agreed to add the US to the list of countries from which non-essential travel will be allowed. If approved, the exciting new recommendation would also include travelers who have not yet been vaccinated. This means that travel to Croatia from the US could soon be more than possible, it will be welcomed.

If you have dreams of traveling to Croatia this summer or beyond, let us help make them a reality. Our team of experts has an extensive knowledge of everything there is to know about the country’s most alluring features and is experienced in creating bespoke trips that will leave you both relaxed and inspired. To start planning your dream trip to Croatia, contact us here.

06/09/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

Croatia’s Minister of Health Confirms the Country is on Track to Vaccinate Half of the Population

Vili Beroš, Croatia’s Minister of Health, announced last week on Twitter that 40% of the country’s adult population has already been vaccinated. This brilliant news signifies how close the Balkan country is to reach its goal of vaccinating as many citizens as possible. The minister went on to voice his confidence in the idea that over half the population would be vaccinated in the near future.

Beroš’ Tweet read: “We have made a new step forward – 40 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated. Thank you to the vaccinators for each dose administered and to the vaccinated citizens for their trust in science and the profession. We are on the right track to vaccinating more than half of the adult population”.

In terms of what this means for travelers, there has been a conscious effort to focus a number of vaccinations on tourism workers. Therefore, those coming into contact with tourist communities are more likely to have been protected against COVID-19. It is a symbol of how the country is taking great strides towards welcoming travelers back to enjoying its golden shores, crystal clear waters, and bountiful natural splendor.

If you are dreaming of a trip to Croatia in the near future, but don’t know where to start, contact us here. We specialize in bespoke journeys that go beyond conventional travel and help you experience the very heart of the country in a way that no other vacation can. 

10/13/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

Easier Travel Through The UK Offers A Better Route To Croatia For Many American Travelers

Travelers from the US no longer have to isolate following a visit to the UK. While this may not directly affect travel in Croatia, many flights to the Balkan nation stop off in Great Britain. This therefore opens up a new avenue of travel for many looking to make a trip to Croatian soil.

10/28/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

Almost half of Croatia’s entire population has now been vaccinated against COVID-19. This news comes as the country continues to push vaccination efforts in an attempt to see as many local residents as possible protected against the virus.

11/03/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

As we head towards winter, there is sure to be a dip in travelers arriving in Croatia. While the weather will of course be colder, this brings with it the allure of quiet city streets free for you to wander at your will. Fall and winter in Croatia is a magical time that reveals a side to the country undiscovered by many

11/24/2021 – Croatia Travel Update

As we approach December, we can expect tourist numbers in Croatia to diminish, leaving those that do visit with the luxury of exploring some of the country’s major attractions without the crowds. On top of that, the Christmas Markets in Zagreb open this week, giving you the perfect excuse to be filled with festive cheer.

01/07/2022 – Croatia Travel Update

Thanks to the country’s incredible vaccination effort, 55.6% of the Croatian population has received at least one vaccination and 52.8% have been fully vaccinated. The initial surge of the country’s vaccination effort was focused on those working in the tourism industry, to help dramatically reduce the chance of travelers catching COVID when visiting.

01/16/2022 – Croatia Travel Update

Following the brilliant success of traveler numbers during 2021, United Airlines will continue to operate their direct flights from New York to Dubrovnik in summer 2022. This service allows travelers to leave the US and arrive in Croatia on the same day.

01/22/2022 – Croatia Travel Update

Croatia is due to accept the Euro as a national currency later this year. As of September, prices across the country will be displayed in both kuna and Euro iterations. The Euro is set to become the official currency of Croatia at the start of 2023.

02/28/2022 – Croatia Travel Update

We are closely watching the devastating situation unfolding in Eastern Europe. As passionate travelers of the world, and Europe in particular, we embrace other cultures and worldwide collaboration whilst strongly condemning war of any kind. At this time our thoughts and best wishes are with the people of Ukraine who are currently experiencing such devastation.

We have been asked by some travelers if there is likely to be any impact from this situation to their plans to travel to Croatia this spring/summer. The short answer is, no. 

The Croatian coast is over 1,200 miles from Kyiv and is separated by multiple countries. No direct or connecting flight to Croatia from the United States passes close to Russian or Ukrainian airspace, and at present, all air traffic in Western and Central Europe is operating as normal.  As a nation Croatia has strongly condemned Russian aggression and as both a NATO and European Union member is working to support Ukraine in whatever way it can. As spring approaches, life on the Croatian coast is continuing as normal as the locals prepare for a busy spring/summer season welcoming travelers from around the world. 

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