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Croatia Travel Update – March 2022

Croatia in Spring
10 Mar

Croatia Travel Update – March 2022

We are excited that travel has been picking up again, especially as we are about to enter the Spring season, which is a beautiful time of the year in Croatia. The country’s most stunning locations spring into life, with national parks returning to a state of verdant lusciousness and coastal areas becoming enveloped in a curtain lavender tones, as the iris come into bloom.

But let’s face it, any time of the year is a wonderful time to visit Croatia!

Our team has been busy creating incredible custom itineraries to offer travel experiences with unique adventures just for you, in addition to closely monitoring everything regarding Covid-19 and the situation in Ukraine.

What is the Covid situation in Croatia?

Travelers are advised to complete the Enter Croatia web form ahead of travel, and visitors are required to show proof of accommodation when entering the country. Additionally, it is important to be aware that Croatia is still implementing a mask mandate. This means wearing masks on public transport, in taxis and in public spaces such as shops and other commercial premises.

According to the U.S. embassy in Croatia, visitors must present one of the following:

  • A negative viral test (PCR no older than 17 hrs or Rapid Antigen test no older than 48 hrs)
  • Proof of vaccination no older than 365 days, with the final dose being at least 14 days prior to entering Croatia
  • A certificate of vaccination for persons who have recovered from Covid and have received one dose of the vaccine within 8 months of contracting the virus, but not older than 365 days
  • A PCR or Rapid Antigen test immediately upon arrival in Croatia, with the obligation to self-isolate until receiving a negative result (test paid for by traveler; if unable to test, travelers must isolate for 10 days)

Is the situation in Ukraine effecting travel to and from Croatia?

We have been asked by some travelers if there is likely to be any impact from this situation to their plans to travel to Croatia this spring/summer.The short answer is no. 

The Croatian coast is over 1,200 miles from Kyiv and is separated by multiple countries. No direct or connecting flight to Croatia from the United States passes close to Russian or Ukrainian airspace, and at present, all air traffic in Western and Central Europe is operating as normal. 

As a nation, Croatia has strongly condemned Russian aggression and, as both a NATO and European Union member, is working to support Ukraine in whatever way it can. As spring approaches, life on the Croatian coast is continuing as normal as the locals prepare for a busy spring/summer season welcoming travelers from around the world. 

How do we support our travelers?

At Adventures Croatia, we pride ourselves in our ability to care for our travelers from the U.S. to Croatia and back, never being out of reach.

We have a dedicated, professional team in the United States to help plan your perfect trip beforehand, and to connect with anytime during your travels. There is also an enthusiastic team on the ground in Croatia, devoted to supporting you during your trip, ensuring that all your needs are taken care of. Our constant support and guidance are implemented to deliver the highest level of service from beginning to end, and to take care of every little detail in between.

If you are ready to start planning your trip to Croatia, contact us today and we will help turn this dream into reality!

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