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Events in Croatia

4 Mar

Events in Croatia

Croatia is a getaway for many travelers from around the world. What the country offers in sunlight and beaches, it equally offers in culture and entertainment.

Famous for summer music festivals, young travelers revel in the ability to party beside the beach. But do not be weary, there is much more to Croatian festivals than pop music. Experience Croatia’s cultural dance and traditions at the Strollers’ Festival in Varaždin or step back in time at The Fjera of Rab, a medieval festival. Once you begin your research, your options may feel endless

Below we’ve shared an array of some of our favorite Croatian festivals for you to peruse. If you are interested in checking one out, Adventures Croatia can always help you plan to visit at the perfect time, or to avoid the crowds all-together – it’s up to you with our customary itineraries!


Carnival in Rijeka, Kvarner Riviera (17 January – 6 March 2019)

Held before Lent like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – Rijeka Carnival is held in every February with the pinnacle being the parade – this year on March 3rd. Masquerade celebrations, concerts, and parades with floats adorn the city and bring locals from all around to celebrate together in the streets. Rijeka is filled with so many historical and cultural customs that it’s difficult to describe if you haven’t visited in person! For those looking for an authentic off-season experience in Croatia, Carnival may be your perfect opportunity to delve in the elements of Croatian folklore and mythology. 

INMusic Festival, Zagreb (June 24-26 2019)

Croatia’s largest open-air festival brings a variety of well-known artists to Croatia’s capital city Zagreb. Located near Lake Jarun, INMusic Festival draws a very diverse set of music goers. 

Hideout Music Festival, Pag (July 1-5 2019)

Croatia is well known for its many beach festivals and Pag Island’s Hideout Festival on the beaches of Zrce may be one of the most infamous. A combination of Vegas and Ibiza will delight any party enthusiast looking to get their groove on to electronic music. 

The Fjera of Rab, medieval festivities (July 25-27 2019)

Based on 14th-century tradition, Croatia’s largest medieval festival gives you the feeling of an authentic step back in time. Small artisan stores showcase traditional manufacturing techniques and the island’s air is filled with the smells of wine, cheese, and delicious grilled meats and fresh fish. The Islanders do their best to represent their ancestors through a full weekend of costumed performances and cultural demonstrations.

Seasplash Music Festival, Sibenik (July 18-21 2019)

Now in its 17th year, the well-known Seasplash Music Festival will be moving to Sibenik for its weekend on the 18-21 of July.

International Folklore Festival, Zagreb (July 17-21 2019)

This 6-day festival celebrates folklore from around the world. The festival hosts folklore bands from across Croatia to showcase various regional cultures and allows one to see and explore a diverse range of traditions in just a few steps.

Night of the Full Moon, Zadar (August 15, 2019)

Lit by torches and candlelight, the city of Zadar lights up to celebrate the evening of the high summer full moon. Boats are transformed into floating markets selling fish, cheese, and fruit from all around the Dalmatian region. Restaurants bring out their best tuna, sardines, and other local seafood. Locals spend the evening on Zadar’s seaside promenade to enjoy a night of Croatian music, food, and folklore.

Spancirfest Festival (Strollers’ Festival), Varazdin (August 23 to September 1, 2019)

During the ten days of Špancirfest, the streets, squares, palaces, and parks of historic Varaždin become stages, theatres, restaurants, bars, clubs, classrooms, and shops at the largest, most popular Croatian festival. Špancirfest is both a street and a music festival, and truly has something for everyone. This unique accumulation of creative diversity includes various genres of street theatre and multimedia performances which foster a unique sense of creative thinking and freedom. Visitors have opportunities to experience a variety of artistic expressions and actively participate in some of them with professionals from cultural and creative industries.

Varazdin Baroque Music Festival (September 20 – October 1, 2019)

Varaždin Baroque Evenings showcase the cities Baroque splendor through music. The sounds of baroque music masters spread across Varaždin’s churches and concert halls for 2 weeks each September. Partnering with a different country each year, this festival focuses on celebrating the diverse Baroque music scene in addition to its most popular artists.

Ready to experience lively Croatia? If you are looking to arrange a trip to Croatia and want to make sure you experience something special, look no further than Adventures Croatia. Get in touch with our Regional Specialists today to hand-craft your time in paradise.

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