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Get a Glimpse of Authentic Croatia

25 Feb

Get a Glimpse of Authentic Croatia

Traveling has a unique way of changing the way we see the world. By connecting with people from different cultures and lives, it can give us a new perspective of our own lives back at home.

There’s no greater luxury than feeling personally fulfilled after a travel experience, and Adventure’s Croatia specializes in making these occasions come true for our clients. Through local engagement, memories can reach far beyond a simple history lesson.

One way to connect is to see a city through the eyes of a local living in it. Our Croatian guides and drivers go above and beyond to make sure your questions are answered. Through personal stories, our clients leave each stop feeling more aware and connected to their surroundings, with a deeper understanding of the people of this lovely country. 

Our custom itineraries immerse you into the local culture based on your interests. Dive right into the Croatian and European lifestyle with our world-class, exclusive experiences rife with adventure, history, and authenticity.

An extremely popular cultural visit of ours takes place in a small fishing village – Mali Ston. Adventure’s Croatia works alongside local oyster farmers who will take you to sea to see how they grow and harvest their oysters. This, of course, turns into a delicious fresh “sea to plate” dining experience. Instead of the meaty and chewy characteristics of oysters from other locales, the harvest from Mali Ston is a tender and slippery treat that is best slurped along with your favorite condiments, typically, a sprinkle of lemon or olive oil, and a dash of freshly cracked black pepper.

This is a standout favorite from many of our returning clients! When asked about her favorite excursion on her trip in September 2018, Kathy responded “The Oyster Tasting in Ston. I do not even eat oysters/mussels and I loved every bite. It was truly special.”

Discovering another culture while abroad is the magic that travel brings. Adventures Croatia wants to ensure you have the opportunities while you travel Croatia so that you can best connect with locals on your visit. Whether that be a trip oriented to discover food and wine of the region or delve deep into agritourism. Adventures Croatia is here to take your dreams and make them a reality.

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