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5 Small Towns to Visit in Croatia

8 Mar

5 Small Towns to Visit in Croatia

Every year throngs of visitors hit the Adriatic coast to enjoy the food, nightlife and beauty of our bountiful little country. And what many are taken with immediately is how the small, out-of-way towns hold as much character to them as do the larger cities such as Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. After all, the character of any country is comprised of the smaller hamlets that make up that nation and contribute to its identity. Here is our list of the five most charming coastal towns and hilltop villages of Croatia that you must visit in order to maximize your adventures in Croatia.

  • Brela: Brela is a municipality located 15 kilometers (a little over 9 miles) northwest of Makarska. The beach there was listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in a 2004 survey. Additionally, the small town is near Biokovo Mountain which is a nature park with wildlife including wolves and eagles for nature lovers to observe.
  • Groznjan: If you are looking for an authentic Croatian town with old world charm and authentic Italian culture then look to the north of the country where you will find Groznjan. This city has an Italian majority and is the home of many local artists and musicians.
  • Kumrovec: Kumrovec is a town of approximately 300 residents which makes it one of the smallest towns on our list. However, this makes it a perfect respite for people who long to escape from the throngs of tourists which can sometimes make things a bit hectic for vacationers. This inland village is in a sense locked in time and has a 1900s look. This town also has the distinction of being the birthplace of former President of Yugoslavia, Marshal Josip Broz Tito.
  • Motovun: This city has the reputation of being one of the most handsome towns in all of Croatia. It too has an Italian/Slavic charm to it and the aroma of fried truffles and pizza pies fills the air like lush green vegetation covers the hillsides.
  • Omis: Omis is the perfect place for someone who wants to slow down and take in the character of our country while also being able to enjoy activities such as zip lining, rafting, kayaking as it is near the Cetina Canyon. Two of the most distinctive features of this charming little town are Fortica and Mirabella fortresses.

Finally, all we can say is why not enjoy both the larger cities and town and the smaller hamlets and villages when you travel Croatia. This way you will be able to experience the character of the country as a whole.   

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