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Croatia To Bosnia and Herzegovina, Make Your Vacation Go Further!

Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 Feb

Croatia To Bosnia and Herzegovina, Make Your Vacation Go Further!

Croatia shares a border with five countries and the Adriatic Sea, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to make your vacation go further than Croatia. One of the most interesting of these bordering countries is Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the most compelling parts of this country (which you have to see in person) as well as how to easily get from Croatia to Bosnia in a round trip. 

Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina? 

Located on the southeastern side of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a more and more popular European destination. There are many countries tourists can visit on day trips from Croatia, but what makes Bosnia and Herzegovina so special is its diverse culture, rich history and the way it can spark an interest for a wide variety of travelers. From the nature seekers to the city trippers, Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all.

We recommend driving from Croatia to Bosnia or booking a private tour that includes transport rather than using public transport. Driving is a lot simpler than using public transport and can save travelers a chunk of time that is better spent exploring!

For help on how to rent a car whilst traveling around Croatia, or for more information on our private tours which include Bosnia and Herzegovina in their itineraries, contact us today.

Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina

What to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina thrives in terms of entertainment, culture and scenic views. The geography and the long history which has resulted in the country’s independence have made for some unique geographic wonders, architecture, and places to visit

Here are some of our highlights to add to your travel plans:


When traveling from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, no trip is complete without a stop-off at the famous town of Mostar. Approximately 2 hours by car, Mostar is incredibly easy to get to from both Dubrovnik and Split. 

The city itself is known for its spectacularly unique architecture, the most famous of which is the Stari Most Bridge which many tourists travel far and wide to see. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to witness the brave Mostar Diving Club as they jump 24 meters into the Neretva River.

No trip to Mostar is complete without a wander around its historic town. Bask in the panoramic views of the old city from the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque or spend hours browsing the many stalls and bustling shops at the Old Bazaar. The perfect end to a trip in Mostar is taking a sunset stroll along the cobblestone streets of the Old Town as the bustling evening energy comes to life around you.

Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina - mostar

Una National Park

Just on the edge of Croatia’s border is Una National Park. The park is fairly new in terms of its establishment, having only received its title back in 2008 to protect the rivers and wildlife in the area. There is plenty to see in the diverse landscape from crystal clear waters to historic buildings that include an old mosque and monastery. 

For most, the main highlight of Una National Park is Štrbački buk, a terraced waterfall that is 25 meters high. Although, there are many waterfalls littered throughout the park for tourists to see, most of which line the hiking trails and offer viewing platforms for traveler’s to soak up the calming sight. 

If you enjoy getting lost in nature, make sure you include some of Croatia’s national parks in your travel plans also. For guidance on how to curate the perfect nature-themed tour around Croatia, get in touch with our specialists who can create a custom tour tailored completely to your needs. 

Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina - Una national park

Food in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Much like its neighboring country of Croatia, traditional Bosnian food is a mix-match of dishes which are often boiled and flavored using sauces made naturally from vegetables and fruits. Often you find that recipes have been passed down through generations and have remained relatively unchanged. 

Bosnian cuisine has a range of influences from the west and east and is closely related to Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. You will often find a lot of vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, onion and mushroom within Bosnian dishes as well as a range of meats, the most common of which are beef, lamb, and poultry. 

If you’re looking to try some authentic Bosnian cuisine on your travels, then you can’t go wrong with the national dish of the country: Bosanski Lonac. Also known as Bosnian pot, this popular dish is a vegetable stew beloved by the nation. 

True to its Bosnian roots, the dish is made up of a variety of vegetables and chunks of meat. The most common ingredients found in this dish are: potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, and parsley with beef, lamb, and veal being the most common choice of meats used. 

How long should you spend in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Considering a small part of Bosnia divides Croatia in half (which has only recently been joined once again through the opening of Pelješac Bridge) many tourists travel from Croatia to Bosnia on a day trip. If you are staying in the Southern part of Croatia, it is fairly easy to travel from Split to Bosnia, as well as Dubrovnik to Bosnia on a day trip. 

We would recommend visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina for a day at the very least whilst visiting Croatia, but 2-3 days is the perfect amount of time to truly immerse yourself in this wonderful country. If you need help planning a day trip or are considering a longer stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, speak to our Croatia travel experts.

Before traveling from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Something to remember before traveling from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina is that these two countries do not share the same currency. 2023 saw Croatia move from the Croatian Kuna over to the Euro whilst Bosnia uses the Bosnian Mark. Some Euro notes may be accepted within Bosnia and Herzegovina, but most Euro coins aren’t. 

To ensure you are fully prepared for your trip and always up-to-date with the latest travel news, we would recommend speaking to one of our travel experts

Book your travel today

Some of our bespoke tours already visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, if you would like to include a personalized day trip or a longer stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina speak to our Croatia travel specialists who are here to help.

Our travel experts can help curate the perfect itinerary for your Croatia vacation. Including customizing a tour that includes all your must-see destinations. Get in touch today to start planning your dream vacation. 

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