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Farewell Kuna, Say Hello To The Euro!

croatian kuna to euro
2 Jan

Farewell Kuna, Say Hello To The Euro!

Happy new year! 2022 was another year of fun-filled travel all across Croatia and we’re expecting 2023 to be just as amazing, if not more. We have lots of exciting tours planned for the new year, but before we embark on them – it’s important to know one of the biggest changes in Croatia that will impact your traveling. As you’ve probably already guessed from the title – Croatia has changed its currency this year moving over from the Croatian Kuna to Euro. 

So what does this mean for American travelers visiting Croatia? And what can you do to prepare for your Croatian vacation? Keep reading as we give you an in-depth look at the changing of Croatia’s currency and how it may actually benefit you!

Out with the old currency, in with the new

The Croatian Kuna has been around since 1994. It was declared the official currency at this time to transition away from the Croatian Dinar after Croatia declared itself independent from the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia back in 1991. Although the Croatian Kuna has not been around for long, it is time to say goodbye as 2023 marks the movement from Croatian Kuna to Euro. 

Read more information on the history of the Kuna.

croatian kuna to euro

What is the currency of Croatia as of 2023? 

As we enter the new year you’re probably asking, ‘what is the currency of Croatia?’ and ‘when will this take effect?’ As of Jan 1st, 2023 the Croatian Kuna is no longer the official currency of Croatia, instead, the country has adopted the Euro in line with it officially joining the European Union. 

So as of writing this, the Euro is now officially the currency of Croatia. It is estimated that more than one billion kuna and lipa coins are currently in circulation and need to be withdrawn from public use. So what does this big change mean for the remaining Kunas and for traveler’s wanting to use up their remaining Kunas?

Well, luckily for you, the next 3 weeks in January will see a full transition period begin where people can pay for products using Kuna banknotes and coins, but all change received will be given in Euros. This will be done to try and remove most of the Croatian Kuna from circulation in the initial month following the official currency change. Any form of digital money such as cash in Croatian bank accounts and credit cards will be automatically exchanged from the Croatian Kuna to the Euro. So this will cause no problems for travelers wanting to use credit cards and online banking whilst visiting Croatia. 

croatian kuna to euro

What will this mean for US travelers?

If you’re planning to take a trip to Croatia in 2023, it’s useful to know that the changing of Croatia’s currency will impact you (mostly for the positive), so it’s important you prepare yourself accordingly.

One of the biggest changes will be exchanging travel money. If you’re thinking of taking physical money to spend on your vacation, it’s important you exchange your cash from US dollars to Euros from now on. Kuna banknotes can be exchanged indefinitely, whilst Kuna coins and lipa will have a 3-year window until the coins are unusable. 

What does this mean? If you have some spare Kuna coins laying around in the US, you’re going to want to book a vacation to Croatia before 2026 when the coins become obsolete! 

The benefits for US citizens from Croatia’s changing currency

US travelers will be excited to know that Croatia’s currency change has actually made traveling to Croatia that much easier. One of the major benefits being how easy it is to now exchange US dollars into Euros. Most travel agencies across the US will hold exchange rates for the Euro due to its popularity and widespread use across Europe. Around 19 countries use the Euro as their official currency with many neighboring countries also accepting the Euro as a form of payment. 

This will also improve traveling between countries in Europe. In previous years, US citizens would have to exchange their money into both Kuna and Euros if they would like to visit bordering countries on their Croatian tours. Now, travelers will only need to exchange their money for Euros making inter-country traveling much more simple and far less of a hassle. 

croatian kuna to euro

What to do with existing Croatian Kuna travel money?

In the case that you exchanged your money early in preparation for your 2023 Croatian vacation – don’t worry! You will still be able to use your Croatian Kuna during your holiday, but it is advised you take a few extra Euros in case of emergencies. Most establishments will accept the Croatian Kuna for a long period of time following the official currency change, but in rare cases, there could be occasions when the Euro will only be accepted for purchases. 

If you have further questions about Croatia’s new currency change and how this may impact your future travels, get in touch with our travel experts today. They are always on hand to assist with any queries you may have. With expert knowledge of all things Croatia, they can be a great assistance in helping you plan the ultimate trip.

Escape to Croatia in 2023

Considering a trip to Croatia this new year? Take advantage of the newfound benefits for US citizens and book a holiday whilst US dollar exchange rates are high. Currency markets are always subject to rapid change, we would urge anyone considering travel for 2023 to try and lock in and secure a booking as soon as possible. Contact us today to book a trip to Croatia that is tailored completely to you.

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