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A Soaring Dollar Provides An Unmissable Opportunity

Strong Dollar
18 Jul

A Soaring Dollar Provides An Unmissable Opportunity

While curating special itineraries to Croatia and the Balkan region is our speciality , we felt we had to highlight and comment on the unique and potentially once in a lifetime opportunity that has presented itself to US travelers in the form of a strong dollar. At the time of writing (July 11th 2022) the US Dollar has soared to never before seen levels against some of the world’s largest currencies. In short, and what this means for you, is that your money will go further than ever before when traveling. 

USD vs Croatian Kuna

As of this morning, the US Dollar is trading at 1 USD to 7.44 Croatian Kuna. 

This is the highest level recorded in the last 20 years. Going back to 2008, 1 USD would secure you just 4.80 Croatian Kuna. This enormous increase now represents more than a 50% rise in the value of the Dollar vs the Kuna since 2008. 

USD vs Euro

It’s not just the Croatian Kuna that the USD is performing strongly against. For the first time since 2002 the USD is approaching parity against the Euro. Used across most of mainland Europe, this means that at top European destinations such as Italy, Montenegro, Slovenia, Germany, Greece and Spain you can achieve incredible buying power and make your money go further than it has for over 20 years. 

USD vs British Pound

Last but not least, the Dollar is performing at near record levels against the British Pound. Back in 2007 it was more than 2 USD to 1 GBP, making London and the United Kingdom feel extremely expensive for US travelers. At today’s exchange rate that has dropped all the way down to 1.19 USD vs 1 GBP, making the UK feel a whole lot more affordable than it has been for quite some time.

Benefits Of A Strong USD

The benefits of a strong Dollar for those traveling from the United States are numerous. But to summarise a few important ones as below…

  • Improved Hotel Prices – With a strong dollar, the price of luxury hotels and room upgrades have never been more affordable.
  • Dine Out In Style – With the dollar going further than ever before, you can really explore some of Croatia’s most lavish and fine dining experiences. Renowned for their fresh, mouth-watering cuisine, the check at the end might end up as a pleasant surprise compared with previous times of travel.
  • Tipping In Croatia – Unlike North America, tipping in Europe and Croatia in particular is much more modest. 10% is often seen as a generous tip, while tipping in other locations such as bars and taxis is rare and not often required, which can ultimately reduce the cost of a vacation.

Don’t Miss Out!

Finally, and most importantly, a strong USD allows us to secure better rates and ensure you get more for your money when booking with us as a traveler. But this can’t last forever. As we all know, currency markets and global events can change rapidly and we would urge anyone considering travel for 2023 to try and lock in and secure a booking as soon as possible to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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