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Best Multigenerational Travel Destinations In Croatia

Older couple in Croatia
6 Oct

Best Multigenerational Travel Destinations In Croatia

Traveling with your closest family members is an experience that should create cherished memories for all involved. However, when it comes to traveling with different generations of the family, it can be difficult to discover destinations that appeal to everybody. You need somewhere that will keep the kids entertained, provide much needed relaxation for the adults and offer suitable access for older generations. This is why Croatia is the perfect destination for multigenerational travel.

The Balkan nation offers visitors culture, entertainment and relaxation in abundance. Not to mention the delicious food, stunning National Parks and pristine coastline that will appeal to every family member regardless of age.

However, when faced with such incredibly varied options, where should one start their multigenerational vacation? Here are our suggestions for the best travel destinations in Croatia to enjoy with the entire family.

Plitvice National Park

Where better to start than with the country’s most famous National Park. The interlinking waterfall and lake systems at Plitvice are of the purest natural beauty. Watching the waters tumbling among the untouched natural thickets will not only mesmerize parents and grandparents but capture the imagination of the younger generations too.

While many may associate a National Park with steep trails and uneven ground that would not be suitable for an elderly traveler, Plitvice is equipped with well maintained pathways and wooden promenades that offer fantastic views of the falls themselves. It is extremely accessible and with eight different hiking routes to choose from, it offers something for the adventurous of each and every family member.

If you would rather head more off the beaten track, then why not opt for another of Croatia’s fantastic national parks? Read our guide on the best features and standout quirks of Croatia’s National Parks here. Or alternatively contact our team for more details on the National parks and how we can take the stress of vacation planning off your hands.


An island that has so much to offer, Korčula offers ample opportunities for entertainment and relaxation in equal measure. The island’s eponymous Old Town is often dubbed “Mini Dubrovnik” thanks to the similarity between two cities’ ancient walls. Very easy to walk around with youngsters and older relatives, it doesn’t have the same crowds that are attracted by Dubrovnik but does have a lot of the same charm. The town is home to historic structures and fancy restaurants that are impossible not to love.

We can organize a private villa or even rent out an entire small boutique hotel to make sure that all members of the family are enjoying a comfortable, luxurious experience together. This is something that we can offer regardless of where you wish to travel in Croatia, providing the much-needed feeling of paradise for your vacation.

Heading beyond the walls of the Old Town, you will be greeted by green hills and golden coastlines that are perfect for mountain bikers and beach bums alike. The more active members of the family can hire kayaks and explore the island’s secret coves or alternatively head to its western end to experience some of the best snorkeling and diving in Croatia. Meanwhile, those looking for a more laid back experience can set up on one of its countless beaches, such as Nova or Žitna, and bathe in the turquoise waters under the sun’s golden rays.

For a truly different experience, try to coincide your trip with the Korčula Sword Festival, which sees locals perform traditional dances using swords. An experience that kids and adults are sure to remember.


Brač is a popular spot for tourists of every description. To begin with, it is home to Croatia’s most famous beach in the form of Zlatni Rat (aka Golden Horn) whose sands point out to sea in a unique spearhead shape. The beach is perfect for sunbathing but also known for being one of the best water sports locations in the country. Keeping the younger travelers entertained with kite surfing, waterskiing and kayaking while enjoying a cocktail at one of the beachside bars is the ideal way to keep everyone happy.

Those in need of some Croatian culture can explore Pučišća, one of the island’s beautiful historic ports that slips under the radar of most other travelers. Life moves at an easy pace here, which makes it ideal for more senior family members, whilst the abundance of seafood restaurant options will keep everyone’s stomachs happy.

Brač is also home to a selection of vineyards that offer premium tours and an opportunity to sample local produce. An excellent way to spend a warm summer evening for parents and grandparents alike. By booking through us, we help you enjoy such moments without having to stress about potential logistical problems that may arise.

Your Own Private Yacht

Perhaps the best way to optimize multigenerational travel in Croatia, chartering a private yacht in Croatia is the perfect means of catering to every family member’s needs. The experience provides luxury aplenty, as well as unbound excitement for kids of all ages. It means that you can move at a pace that suits all members of the vacation and even select destinations based on what is most likely to appeal to the crowd. Plus, many yachts are designed to allow for travelers of all physical abilities to join.

While older family members may go exploring historic ruins, the children can use the onboard equipment to explore nearby waters. Likewise, when the children are exploring one of Dalmatia’s islands, the older generations can recline on deck for the ultimate relaxing luxury experience. On board chefs also offer a hassle-free alternative to trying to organize a trip to local restaurants.

To learn more about hiring a yacht in Croatia, read our guide here.

Juggling the needs of everyone on a family vacation can become burdensome, but these locations are sure to offer something to everyone. If you are organizing a family trip to Croatia, contact our helpful travel team, suggest where you would like to go and have all the stress of vacation coordination taken off your hands. 

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