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A Taste Of Split Foodie Tour – Review

28 Sep

A Taste Of Split Foodie Tour – Review

As travel has returned to normality in 2021, we want to continue our focus on sharing real-life travelers and their experiences during their adventures abroad this year. 

In a previous edition of our travel stories Nathan, a member of our team, shared his experience of travel in Croatia this summer, outlining everything from the airport experience to island hopping around the Dalmatian Coast. 

In this feature, we’re exploring his experience on our exclusive ‘Taste Of Split’ tour. The tour is carefully curated for foodies and provides a perfect opportunity to blend the vibrant history of Split with fresh, locally prepared gourmet food and wine.  Read on to learn about Nathan’s experience on our ‘Taste of Split’ tour!

The Tour Begins

Before booking ‘A Taste Of Split’ I was keen to find a tour that allowed my family to learn about the rich history of the city, but that also broke up the tour with something enjoyable and a bit different. I wouldn’t describe our group as ‘foodies’ as such, but we’re always open to trying new cuisines and exploring new dishes, as well as having a real appreciation for fresh, locally prepared food.

The tour started mid-morning. We were picked up from our hotel by a driver and our tour guide Ana at around 10 am. After a short 5-10 minute drive into the city, we were dropped off by the ancient city walls and were ready to begin our adventure. 

Understanding The History of Split

Ana started off the tour by showing us an ancient map of the city that outlined how it was built during Roman times versus how the city evolved to the modern-day. Her English was faultless and it was a fascinating insight into the vibrant history of Split and how a Roman Emperor, Diocletian ordered a residence (palace) to be constructed within the city for his retirement. 

The palace took 10 years to construct and it was the next stop of our tour. Standing tall and proud and known today as ‘Diocletian’s Palace’, Diocletian lived at the palace until he died in 313AD. It was incredible to be shown various areas of the Palace and we toured the Emperor’s apartment, the Vestibule, and then walked between all of the city gates on the North, East, South, and West sides of the palace.

We even got to see and touch the 3,500-year-old granite sphinx that originated from the site of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III after Diocletian caused a rebellion in Egypt somewhere around the year 297!

After all of this historical knowledge, we had absorbed and having walked the beautiful marble streets of Split, we were ready for lunch. And boy, it didn’t disappoint!

Sampling Local Olive Oil & Wine

Our first stop was at Uje Oil Bar in the center of the city. There we were taught how to best sample their delicious local olive oil from the island of Brač, along with some home-baked bread, salt, and balsamic vinegar. After we worked up an appetite, we then sampled two small glasses of Croatian red and white wine with a local sommelier guiding us through the production of the wine and some of the key tasting notes associated with each bottle. 

Uje ended up being a real favorite of our trip and we went back twice more after this visit for dinner and a late lunch. Not only were the food and drinks absolutely fabulous, but the service was very personal and attentive for even the most demanding of tourists!

Enjoying the Catch of the Day

Next, we headed off for more appetizers and sampled some of the local seafood that Croatia is famous for. We were treated to an enormous plate of mussels alongside a freshly made squid salad, a plate of oysters, and even a selection of local prosciutto and cheese that my father-in-law was particularly fond of! Not only was the cuisine extremely fresh and beautifully presented, but it allowed us a chance to ask questions to our guide about the city, learn about the Croatian culture, and hear her recommendations of what to do during the rest of our trip.

A Final Course to Remember

The final stop of our tour was to one of Split’s most famous restaurants, Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar.  There we enjoyed our main courses which included a Croatian favorite, the Squid Ink Risotto, known for its dark color as well as a filet mignon steak that was perfectly cooked and one of the best steaks I can remember from anywhere in the world. 

After another glass of wine and a simply mouthwatering dessert, we were ready to lie down and headed back to our hotel! All in all, I couldn’t recommend the tour enough. It was an excellent mix of history and adventure blended with simply delicious food, rich history, and brilliant company at the hands of Ana, our wonderful and extremely friendly tour guide.

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