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What Are Weddings In Croatia Like?

Wedding in Croatia
8 Aug

What Are Weddings In Croatia Like?

If you’re considering having a European wedding ceremony, common places that jump out are Italy or Greece for their hot weather and scenic backdrops. But what if you were to look somewhere a little bit off the beaten path to a country that is equally as beautiful? Weddings in Croatia are truly magical occasions and definitely worth considering when they offer immensely beautiful scenery, 24-hour nightlife and Croatian wedding traditions that stretch back hundreds of years.

Over the last decade, Croatia has started to make a name for itself alongside major European countries as an ideal wedding destination. Weddings in Croatia are unlike any other in the world and sure to be a day to remember for a lifetime. 

Imagine it for yourself – walking down the aisle with the sun shining overhead, the crystal blue backdrop of the Adriatic sea as your loved ones smile around. Take in the stunning historic buildings and breathe in that fresh coastal air. Read on to discover why Croatia should become your dream wedding destination.

What do weddings in Croatia have to offer?

So if you’re considering a wedding abroad and can’t settle on a dream location just yet, here’s a list of all the things that Croatia has to offer:

Beautiful weather – Croatia has warm, sunny weather throughout most of the year. Anytime between May through September is typically the best time to plan a wedding around as these months have the best sunny weather conditions perfect for your special day!

Temperatures typically range from the mid-60s to high 70s in May, June, and September, picking up to 80s / 90s in July and August. Check out our blog on the best times to travel to Croatia to help you organize your trip! 

Beach weddings – If you’re looking for a beach setting for your wedding, Croatia has plenty of beautiful beaches and coastal cities to choose from! With a long coastline of white pebbled beaches bordering the gorgeous Adriatic Sea, nothing can beat this romantic backdrop. The country is also home to over 1000 islands with a wealth of beautiful and pristine beaches, bays and coves on which you could host your big day. You are well and truly spoiled for choice. 

Weddings in Croatia - Croatian beach wedding

Historic cities – Croatia offers the perfect blend of beautiful historic buildings and new world architecture that is sure to please everyone. Dubrovnik is an especially popular wedding destination for its old town architecture and famous historic buildings that make for stunning wedding photo backdrops. Visitors will be left breathless by the old-world charm and historical feel of the Mediterranean.

Weddings in Croatia - couple getting married in the historic city of Dubrovnik

A romantic getaway – When you’re choosing your ideal wedding destination, at the root of all things you want to ensure the setting is romantic and weddings in Croatia are as romantic as they can get! With stunning rental villas to stay in, picturesque backdrops of olive trees and lavender fields you can’t find a better place to declare your love for one another. With so many interesting locations throughout the country with their own unique charm, it’s no wonder Croatia is gaining more interest for weddings

It is also a popular destination for honeymoons. So if you’re looking to cut down some of the cost by combining your honeymoon and wedding in one, Croatia may just be the location for you!

Weddings in Croatia - surrounded by the lavender field in Croatia as a couple poses for their wedding photos

Croatian wedding traditions 

If you’re planning on getting married in Croatia and want to incorporate some Croatian wedding traditions into your ceremony – we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite wedding traditions to consider:

  • Rosemary branch – Most weddings in Croatia will involve rosemary in some way. The most common form is guests receiving a branch of rosemary as they enter the reception hall. This is typically tied with a red, white and blue ribbon to symbolize the Croatian flag. Guests will pin the rosemary to their left side as corsages and in exchange for the rosemary, will often leave money as a donation in a basket. 
  • Fake bride – This is a fairly amusing Croatian wedding tradition. Unlike traditional American weddings, it is not unlucky to see the bride before the ceremony. On the day of the wedding, the groom and his guests will make their way to the bride’s parents’ house to fetch the bride. Often the bride’s family will set up decoy brides to trick the groom in the form of dolls or even as a male family member dressed in a sheet. This is followed by funny games or ‘negotiations’ until the bride’s family is satisfied. Then the bride will come out to meet her groom and the united parties and their guests will make their way to the church together.    
  • Head of the household – Another Croatian wedding tradition is a light-hearted activity, usually played at the reception that determines who will be the head of the household once the couple moves in together. Both the bride and groom participate and it can be played in a variety of ways. For example, the pair might race to the church door to determine who will be the leader of the household. Or the couple may try to step on each other’s feet, with the first to succeed winning the title.
  • Dancing with the bride – This tradition usually starts at midnight and gives the wedding guests a chance to dance with the bride in exchange for money. The maid of honor will hold a basket and if the guests are lucky enough to throw their money inside the basket, they will have the chance to dance with the bride. The more money thrown into the basket, the longer the dance will be. 
Weddings in Croatia - couple on a private charter for their honeymoon trip

Croatia wedding venues and honeymoon spots

Croatia is home to many coastal resorts and luxury villas across the coast, islands and major cities that would be a perfect fit for your wedding. At Adventures Croatia our regional specialists have detailed knowledge of Croatia and all it has to offer. So if you’re looking to have a wedding in Croatia and are struggling to choose a venue, our travel experts will easily be able to assist you in choosing the perfect spot to celebrate your love.

They have a long list of potential Croatia wedding venues to choose from that will take the stress off planning your special day. 

With custom itineraries and trips organized to your preferences, Croatia is ideal for weddings, honeymoons, or a private romantic getaway. So why not contact us today so we can help you plan your next trip to Croatia. Who says planning weddings has to be stressful when we can help you along the way! 

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