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Croatia Wedding Destination Guide 2019

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12 Jul

Croatia Wedding Destination Guide 2019

While searching for a romantic wedding destination you could choose Paris or Rome, but why not make a wiser and more unique choice such as Croatia. Why Croatia over these better known locations? For one thing the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea provides a backdrop that is lavish, rustic, romantic and elegant all at the same time. To add to the natural beauty, Croatia provides dreamy venues that are ideal for couples who wish to relax and contemplate their new life together. So perfect is Croatia that it is now becoming as highly regarded as a wedding destination as any other major European cities. Read on to find out about some great wedding destinations in Croatia.

  • Dubrovnik: The beauty of Dubrovnik’s old town architecture has made it the single most popular wedding destination for locals and tourist alike. Visitors will be left breathless by the old world charm and historical feel of the Mediterranean. Moreover, this jewel of the Adriatic provides an almost dreamlike backdrop for those wedding photos you will want to post to Pinterest and/or Facebook. Many resorts are located just outside of the Old Town giving stunning views of the famed city.
  • Porec: Porec is a popular summer resort town on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula. And since many couples choose to wed in summer, it makes perfect sense that this location is also chosen so often by brides and grooms. It has many of the same features as the more popular Dubrovnik – such as promenades along the water and stunning architecture.
  • Plitvice Lakes: Have you been toying with the idea of having an outdoor wedding? Some couples choose to be wed on the grounds of Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is the perfect location for couples who wish to commune with nature as they join in holy matrimony.
  • Split: Split is a wonderful wedding destination because it gives couples the opportunity to explore the Adriatic, visit quaint restaurants and view other locations after the ceremony has concluded. In other words, your wedding and honeymoon destination are right here in one spot.
  • Zagreb: Zagreb, of course, is the capital of Croatia. Yet, despite this relatively few tourists come here to make their wedding vows. Nevertheless, we favor it as a wedding destination because of all the things there are to do here. Couples can visit national parks, walk cobblestone streets, view historic architecture, etc. Beach Romance

Many other coastal resorts and villas sprinkled across the coast and various islands may also be the perfect fit for you wedding. Adventures Croatia’s regional specialists have detailed knowledge of the region and would love nothing more than to assist you in choosing the perfect spot to celebrate your love.

So, the question should not be “why choose Croatia for a wedding destination?” It should be why you haven’t thought of doing so before now. If you are planning trip to Croatia a lovely custom excursion in Croatia is ideal for weddings, honeymoons, or a romantic couple’s getaway.

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