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Croatia – The Rising Culinary Star

Delicious Local Croatian Cuisine
10 Jun

Croatia – The Rising Culinary Star

Known for its coastal beauty, Croatia is able to wow all of your senses beyond belief. While shocking for some, you will taste unexpected flavors utilizing local ingredients and simple Croatian recipes. 

In the 2019 Michelin Guide, 5 Croatian restaurants are listed with a Michelin star. This year’s list has two new additions from previous years – Noel in Zagreb and Draga di Lovrana in the coastal town Lovrana. While these specialty restaurants are an amazing treat, visitors looking to find the best food all along their route can find a total of 63 Croatian restaurants on Michelin’s website, which includes Bib Gourmand restaurants ranging in price and style. 

wine and meat on a table

If looking for Croatian travel tips or planning your trip to Croatia, you can take some suggestions from a culinary favorite, Anthony Bourdain. His adventurous spirit and nuanced approach showed us how to learn from the locals and connect deeper to their culture over food. Adventures Croatia shares many favorite experiences in Croatia with Anthony and would like to share how you can taste Croatia like Anthony Bourdain did. 

Do as Anthony does: 

Famed Anthony Bourdain visited the northern region of the country in 2012 to film an episode for his show No Reservations. 

He didn’t just like Croatia. He loved it. 

And when it came down to it, Anthony shared his feelings over a traditional Dalmatian meal. “This is world class food. This is world class cheese. This is world class wine. The next big thing is Croatia”. 

Want to experience Croatia like the famed Anthony Bourdain? Here’s some suggestions for you foodies: 

Local Mediterranean Mussels

Anthony Bourdain agrees, the mussels and oysters of the Dalmatian Coast are something you must experience.

Many clients have raved about our fresh mussel tasting excursion as being the highlight of their entire trip. They loved seeing the process aboard a fisherman’s boat before enjoying the freshly caught seafood.

Istrian Truffles

truffle in handThe famous white truffle can be found only in nature, and one of the few regions to hunt for this delicacy is Istria. This is the biggest area of white truffles in the world. Which become pretty important as this delicacy can be sold for more than $55 an ounce.

To truly experience this mind-blowing flavor, you must give yourself an opportunity to try local fresh truffles. Adventures Croatia has insider access to the best restaurants and food tasting in the region, and we would be happy to help you arrange a special truffle experience. 

Spicy Croatian Olive Oils

olive treeA recent competitor to famed Greek and Italian Olive Oils, Croatian Olive Oil is deeply flavorful. This may be big reason that much of their cuisine rests on simplicity.

Flavored with delicious oils, the fresh local ingredients don’t need much else to show the off. The flavors are already spectacular. 

Taste Croatian Wines

wine glass sunsetThe country of Croatia is situated just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. It’s no wonder that Croatia has the perfect climate for wine and olive oil. 

Croatian’s are proud of their amazing wines and produce many popular varieties in regions across the country. The indigenous Babic grapes are found mainly in Northern Dalmatia and produce popular red wines.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv4LLsF_228″]

Now more than ever, Croatia is the place to go to experience the finer things in life. Our Croatian culinary & wine tours are more popular than ever. Take it as a sign, that more and more chefs are visiting to taste Croatia’s fresh ingredients paired with local wines.

And if there’s no one else you’ll listen to, remember the late-Anthony’s 2012 remarks: “Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been here, you are… an idiot!

[su_box title=”Our hand-picked favorite Michelin restaurants”]
The Adventures Croatia team travels the region extensively and wants to make sure that you experience the best Croatia has to offer. Below are some our favorite restaurants to dine at! Our team is happy to arrange a detailed dining schedule for anyone looking to prioritize their taste buds.

Pelegrini – Sibenik

Zigante – Livade

Monte – Rovinj

Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery – Bale

Zinfandel – Zagreb

360 Dubrovnik

Zrno Soli – Split [/su_box]

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