Culinary & Wine Custom Travel Tours in Croatia

Imagine a superb gastronomic journey into the heart and soul of Croatia, a land of pristine islands, ancient history, and breathtaking beauty.

Adventures Croatia offers the gourmand an exclusive tour of the country’s myriad regions with their distinct and delicious specialities. Croatia’s marvelous history as a place renowned for its disparate cultures has produced a cornucopia of sights, scents, and tastes. Delightful flavors erupt with every bite of fresh, local cuisine. Senses are heightened with a perfectly ripe vegetable or fruit and the taste of heady wines lush with their bouquet of the fragrant earth. From the beautiful Adriatic coastline and its fisherman’s nets filled with glistening oysters, to the inland green valleys full of truffles and famous vineyards, a bounty of epicurean pleasure awaits you. The expertise of Adventures Croatia in this part of the world ensures the discerning traveler the utmost in experienced staff and knowledgeable guides at every destination. With stays in beautiful boutique hotels, visits the state-of-the-art kitchens, top-notch chefs, and an invitation-only entry into some of the most authentic restaurants and wine tasting rooms, this is the ultimate culinary adventure!

Wine & Culinary Delights Tour


10 Day Small Group Tour for up to 14 persons
Contact us to customize this for your group!

Create your own Custom FOODIE Itinerary!

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