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Croatia’s Most Celebrated Wines and Wineries

enjoying wine
14 Jun

Croatia’s Most Celebrated Wines and Wineries

Most people who have yet to visit Croatia are unfamiliar with Croatian wine.

This strikes us as odd since Croatia is home to many wineries and more than 200 indigenous grape varieties. Some of which are even the same genetic varieties as popular French and American wines like Zinfandel.

Croatia is also, as you might imagine, home to some of the most beautiful wineries. There are numerous grape growing regions around the country, and of course many that are perfect for a visit to take in the stunning views.

In 2016, an Istrian wine won the Decanter World Wine Award for best single red varietal (a wine made from a single specified species of grape). So, you can see why those of us who live in or have traveled to Croatia and sampled its wines and toured its vineyards take it upon ourselves to help Croatian wine and wineries immerge from relative obscurity. Here are some of Croatia’s most celebrated wines and a few of the wineries and vineyards which we think are worth a visit on your tour of Croatia.

Must Taste Wines of Croatia

The choices of Croatian wines can seem endless, so we’re here to help with your decision making by sharing our must-taste Croatan wines with you.

  • Babić – A red wine grown in the Dalmatia region.
  • Malvazija – A dry, white wine grown in Istria.
  • Debit – A citrusy wine that pairs well with fish.
  • Pošip – A popular white wine that also pairs well with seafood.
  • Plavac – A strong red, wine that is in high demand in the area.
  • Bogdanuša – A white wine with a strong floral aroma.
  • Dingač – A robust red wine with a strong after taste.

The Vineyards and Wineries

  • Dingač Vineyards: Perhaps Croatia’s most celebrated vineyard, Dingač is located at the south end of Dalmatia on the Pelješac Peninsula. This wine growing region covers an area of over 60 hectares. These vineyards are known most famously for producing Croatia’s most popular grape variety – Plavac Mali. From it a powerful, red wine with the blue reflexes is produced.
  • Rizman Winery, Komarna: The Rizman Winery has not been open for long but the vineyards that flourish here are already growing a reputation for creating some of the finest wines in the region. Moreover, many people describe the view of the sea that the estate itself offers as breathtaking. This winery and its vineyards not only produce fine wines, but they also produce two highly coveted varieties of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • The Kabola Winery: The Kabola Winery is another one of the most awe-inspiring wineries in the entire region. Situated in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula, the winery makes use of the perfect soil and climate to produce fine wines. It produces sparkling, fresh, macerated, semi-sweet and sweet wines. Its most popular fresh wines include Istrian Malvasia and Secco.

enjoying wineNow you can see why we proudly place the wines of Croatia alongside more famous wines and wineries in the world. As you travel Croatia, you will be astonished by the variety and quality of these wines too. So, take a detour on your custom excursion of Croatia and stop by a winery.


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