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Bring Your Vacation Home With The Ultimate Croatian Souvenirs!

Quaint street in Croatia full of Croatia souvenirs
17 Jul

Bring Your Vacation Home With The Ultimate Croatian Souvenirs!

When exploring a new country, it is normal to be completely immersed in a new culture. From the architectural surroundings of the cities to unique local dishes – as traveling abroad is similar to entering an entirely new world. The best way to bring part of that world back to your home country is to pick up some fun, cultural souvenirs with significant memories of your trip. 

For Croatia, there are plenty of souvenirs which perfectly encapsulate the identity of the country. Each region of the country has its own food, drink or signature item for which it is famous for. We’re talking about local wines, fresh cheeses and even a unique umbrella in a specific part of the country. In this guide, we’ll be taking you through the best Croatian souvenirs to collect on your travels.

Whether it’s to keep as a memento of your vacation or to use as a gift for your loved ones back home – our Croatia souvenirs guide should help you find the best items to look out for!

Interesting, traditional Croatia souvenirs 

If you’re looking to bring home something more unique to Croatia, then some of the following Croatian souvenirs may be of interest to you:

Croatian Pag Lace

One of the most famous souvenirs from Croatia is Pag Lace (or Paški čipka in Croatian). The island of Pag has slowly over time become unanimous with the production of lace which is particularly popular with tourists looking to take some of its delicate handmade lace home. 

Dating as far back as the 15th century, Pag’s needle-point lace is meticulously crafted and often considered a key part of Croatian cultural heritage. When traveling to Pag, keep a look out for tablecloths, clothing and linen which showcase this special lace-making tradition. 

Croatia souvenirs - Croatian Pag Lace on a table

Transport the lavender fields of Croatia home with you! Croatia is famous for its lavender production, particularly on the sunny island of Hvar, Grablje, and Brusje.

You can find many lavender-infused products like oils, soaps, candles, and sachets all across the country. Many of which make lovely and fragrant Croatia souvenirs for anyone looking to give their loved ones a special treat from their vacation or keep memorabilia that will transport them back to the fragrant fields of Hvar.

Add the lavender fields of Hvar to a custom tour around Croatia. Speak to our travel specialist to start planning your vacation to Croatia today. 

Croatia souvenirs - Croatian lavender
Šestine Umbrella

Possibly one of the most recognized Croatian souvenirs for its distinctive red color and striped pattern. The Šestine Umbrella is famous in the city of Zagreb and holds a key cultural connection to Croatian folklore. Many tourists will be familiar with this umbrella from the stalls of Dolac Market where it is often seen shielding the market’s sellers from the bright, afternoon sun. 

The umbrella itself originates from Sestine, one of the oldest Zagreb neighborhoods and even has its own origin story about a couple whose love was so strong, that when they hid from the rain under a dark umbrella, it turned the umbrella into its bright, red color. 

To include Zagreb on your trip to Croatia, speak to our travel specialists to start planning your vacation itinerary. 

Croatia souvenirs - Šestine Umbrellas in Zagreb for the Dolac Market
Stone From the Island of Brač

The island of Brač is known for its stone production, much of which has been used in the building of many famous structures over time, including The Diocletian Palace in Split. You will find many interesting Croatian souvenirs throughout the country made out of this famous stone, not just in Brač. 

Think vases, bowls, magnets, clocks, jewelry, keychains and more. With so much variety, you are sure to find something that will catch your eye on a private tour of Croatia

Croatia souvenirs made from Brač stone

The best Croatian souvenirs – Food and drink

For those who enjoyed Croatia’s local delicacies, why not bring a taste of it home with you to allow you to relive those exciting memories from your vacation to Croatia? 

Share your favorite wines, treats and more with your friends and family back home. Or keep your food-themed Croatia souvenirs safely tucked away to allow yourself to savor the flavors of Croatia. Here are top suggestions for the best Croatian souvenirs, food and drink edition: 

Olive Oil 

Croatian olive oil is renowned for its quality, thanks to favorable climate conditions, a combination of sea and mountain air, and meticulous production techniques. On a tour around Croatia, we would recommend sampling a variety of olive oils as the flavor profile of Croatian oil can change depending on the region and olive variety. 

When you find an olive oil that perfectly suits your flavor preferences, be sure to snap it up to bring it back home as a souvenir from your vacation. 

Croatia souvenirs - olive oil on a market stall
Croatian wine

Due to its ideal climate conditions, Croatia is famous for its wine production and even boasts a wide range of indigenous grape varieties, a few of which are found only in Croatia. Some of its most popular wines include Malvazija Istarska, Pošip, Graševina, Maraština, Plavac Mali, Babić, Teran, and Dingač. 

Locally made Croatian wines are not only delicious but also representative of Croatia’s gastronomic heritage. 

Why not consider a trip around Croatia’s wine regions which offer picturesque landscapes, vineyard tours, and wine tastings? You can even pick up a bottle of wine to take home with you! 

Book a place on our wine and culinary delights tour to see the best of Croatia’s food and wine scene today. 

Croatia souvenirs - Croatian wine in a vineyard
Croatian Truffles 

Croatian truffles are highly regarded for their exceptional flavor. Exploring the world of Croatian truffles and enjoying their unique taste is a must for any food lover visiting Croatia. Besides fresh truffles, tourists can find plenty of truffle-infused products from truffle oil, honey, sauces, salt, and cheeses all of which make for excellent culinary souvenirs. 

If you’re looking to get a little more active, why not have a go at truffle hunting at the exclusive fall-time festival, Truffle Days? Running between October-November, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to fully immerse themselves in one of the most special culinary treasures of the region. 

Speak to our travel specialists to include this fun, festive event on a custom tour around Croatia today.

Croatia souvenirs - a plate of Croatian truffles with a glass of white wine

Book your travel today 

When searching for the best Croatian souvenirs, travelers will want to look for those that capture the essence of the destination you visited – Croatia’s culture, tradition, or the natural beauty of the country. We hope this guide has given you some fantastic inspiration on what Croatia souvenirs to look out for. 

If you’re thinking of booking your next vacation to Croatia, speak to our travel experts today. Our team of specialists are here to help you create the perfect vacation. From bespoke travel planning to pre-planned private tours, immerse yourself in the world of Croatia and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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