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Fun Fall Festivals in Croatia

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4 May

Fun Fall Festivals in Croatia

Fall is a fabulous time to visit Croatia! From culinary and historical events to music festivals, there is something for everyone. One reason many travelers gravitate to Croatia in the fall is the freedom to explore without crowds of tourists. Most people get their vacation time in the summer, therefore the fall tends to be less busy and is an off-peak time for people to travel. Croatia celebrates the fall with a variety of festivals that make traveling in fall even more exciting.


The Nights of Diocletian:

Dates: Late August-Early September 

The Nights of Diocletian is like going back in time to when Diocletian, the famous Roman emperor, walked the streets of Split. During these nights you will hear beautiful roman music everywhere, followed by parades, street performers, and delicious gastronomy. It is a unique and special place to discover history.

Vukovar Film Festival

Dates: Late August

The Vukovar Film Festival is an annual festival that started in 2007. Cinema aficionados might find it interesting to learn more about European cinematography as this film festival features films from neighboring countries. This film festival includes different workshops, performances, and competitions in 10 various locations in Vukovar.

Varaždin Festival of Baroque Music

Dates: Sept.21-Oct. 3

Varaždin Baroque Evenings is one of the most prominent events of classical music in Europe. If you enjoy divine sounds of baroque philharmonic orchestras, opera singers and soloists performing in different venues including churches and castles surrounded by the beautiful landscapes, make sure to attend this unique event. 


Truffle Days in Istria:

Dates: Every weekend in October

Truffles are a delicacy enjoyed all over the world and Croatia is known for “earth’s gold” – truffles of the highest quality. Istria is where truffles are gathered and enjoyed by many tourists from all over the world. Every weekend in October there is a truffle event or festival where you can enjoy meals prepared with truffles. On Oct. 22 and 23, you can partake in selecting the largest truffle and different workshops that prepare food containing truffle as its main ingredient. You can even go hunting for truffles and see how they are grown. Going on a truffle tour is highly recommended when you visit Istria in October. 

The Marunada (Chestnut Festival in Lovran)

Date: October 14-29

Marunada is the most famous chestnut festival in Croatia, which takes place in Lovran, near Opatija. The name Marunada comes from Maruni, which is a sweet chestnut local to the area. At this festival, you can expect to taste many different chestnut products such as chestnut cakes, chestnut pancakes, chestnut goulash and other delicious chestnut delicacies.


Let’s include some of these wonderful fall events in your itinerary!


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