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The Guide to Markets in Croatia

Guide To Markets In Croatia
7 Apr

The Guide to Markets in Croatia

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Croatia, soaking in the glorious sunshine as a light ocean breeze blows through the air. As you turn the corner, you come across a vast area filled with bright umbrellas, colorful fruits and vegetables everywhere you look, and you can smell savory fresh-baked bread and fragrant hand-picked flowers. You see locals and visitors alike, all enjoying the inviting market in front of you.

Markets are a staple in Croatia, providing both food and a sense of community for many. We have put together a list of some of the best markets in Croatia, all of which have something to offer for everybody!

Dolac Market in Zagreb

Dolac Market is located in the center of Zagreb, a few steps from the central square of the city. The large market is extremely popular amongst locals and visitors, recognizable by the large, bright red umbrellas. As you explore the outdoor section of the market, you will see vibrant colors extending through rows of stands with freshly picked fruits and vegetables. The indoor hall is another part of the market, where you can find many other items such as cheese, eggs, honey, meat, and bread.

Upon exiting the north end of the market, you will find a selection of flower stalls on an adjacent side street. While strolling past the booths, you will be surrounded by the floral aroma of wildflowers native to Croatia. After visiting Dolac Market, you can easily continue exploring the city, visiting museums or take in the views of the striking Zagreb Cathedral.

Pazar Market in Split

Pazar is an outdoor market in the city of Split, lining a street along the east wall of the city’s historic Diocletian Palace. It is recommended that you visit the market in the morning in order to score the first pick of freshly harvested produce, brought to town by local farmers. If you are searching for seafood, you can take a short walk towards the west wall of the palace where you will find a fresh seafood market full of fish and oysters that is conveniently located near a fishing port.

Market stalls selling souvenirs and beach gear are located nearby as well, for anybody wishing to head to the sunny seaside for a picnic of delicious food gathered from the market. There are many beaches dotted along the coast of Split, making for endless opportunities of relaxing next to the calming waves.

Pijaca in Zadar

Pijaca is the main market in Zadar and can be described as the pulse of the city. Located on a peninsula extending into the Adriatic, it has been a huge part of Zadar’s identity for thousands of years, providing food as well as a place to meet up with friends.

You can find all of the essentials at the market year-round as the dedicated vendors provide food at Pijaca rain or shine. Following a morning spent chatting and bargaining with the market vendors, be sure to take a short walk to visit the captivating architectural art exhibit, Morske Orgulje or Sea Organ.

Zelena Tržnica in Pula

Zelena Tržnica is an indoor market, located near the famous amphitheater in Pula. The market was originally built in 1903, but was reconstructed in 1997 to meet modern trade requirements. The top floor has small grocery stores and a few restaurants where you can find many flavorful traditional Croatian dishes.

The ground floor is where you can find booths selling meat, fish, cheese, and pasta. Outside of the market are over 100 stone tables offering fruits and vegetables, surrounded by the chestnut trees that were planted when the market was originally built in 1903. After a day spent exploring the city, be sure to head back to Pula Colosseum for the unique experience of an evening concert in the amphitheater.

Ribarnica in Rijeka

Ribarnica is a popular fish market located in Rijeka. Perfect for enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine, the market is spread out between two pavilions, offering a vast array of seafood. In addition to a variety of fish, this market also sells crabs, mussels, and squid. The only way to find seafood fresher than this is to catch it with your bare hands!

Outside of the fish market, you can still find a typical farmers market full of produce from local gardens, providing all the ingredients in one place to cook your favorite seafood dish.

Gundulićeva Poljana in Dubrovnik

Last but not least, is the open air market called Gundulićeva Poljana. Located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, this market contributes to the city’s vibrant charisma. The market is a city staple, as it is open six days a week, from the early morning until the afternoon. This is one of the more varied markets you will find, offering things like fine oils, fragrant lavender, and sweet jams. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find the homemade fruit spirit, rakija.

Most of the produce sold here is freshly grown in the Konavle region, just outside of Dubrovnik. What a better way to start your day than heading to a local market for a bite to eat before exploring the city!

If you are eager to experience the charisma of the lively markets in Croatia first-hand, contact us today to start planning your dream vacation!

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