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Bucket List Excursion: Oyster Harvesting in Croatia

5 Aug

Bucket List Excursion: Oyster Harvesting in Croatia

Conde Nast Traveler is famous for its lists of wonderful places to explore around the world and things you should try. This is comprised of places and adventures that are so unforgettable, everyone should experience them at least once in their lifetime. Sure enough, fresh oyster harvesting in Croatia came in as number 7 last year! Top travel experts agree, and we second their opinion, that experiencing oysters harvested straight from the sea, learning how shuck them, and finally enjoying a mouthful of these delicacies sprinkled with lemon juice is a memorable adventure. A glass of Posip white wine to wash it down is highly recommended. Oysters have long been considered as a natural aphrodisiac but perhaps the most exciting part of this culinary adventure is venturing out on a privately guided boat and pulling up the oysters, harvesting them, and enjoying the freshest oysters possible! If you haven’t tried fresh oysters before, this would be the best place to experience the process and discover one of Croatia’s culinary delights.

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Dalmatia and Mali Ston

Dalmatia is famous for the best views, sunsets and the most delectable seafood dishes. The Dalmatian coast is historically known for its mariculture and oyster harvesting since Roman times! Many of our custom travel itineraries include a boat tour to explore oyster beds in the nearby coves of Mali Ston bay. A lot of the oyster farms in Croatia, specifically in the Dalmatian coast, are family owned where “secrets of the trade” have been passed down from one generation to another over the centuries. Oysters and oyster-based dishes are very important part of the vibrant coastal cuisine that you can enjoy at local restaurants daily. When it comes to oysters, there is no better place to experience it than in Mali Ston.

Some of our trips that include our Oyster Harvesting Experience are:

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Luxury Travelers Experience

Jewels of the Adriatic

The Festival of Oysters

In March, around St. Joseph’s Day, the festival of Oysters is held. This is a gastronomical celebration that highlights oysters and the best oyster dishes such as oyster soup, roasted oysters, and fried or baked oysters. At this event, tourists and locals alike share a culinary experience with the freshest food and the best wine.

Don’t forget to slurp!

Oysters have been lauded around the world for its delicate flavor. Instead of  the meaty and chewy characteristics of oysters from other locales, the harvest from Mali Ston is a tender and slippery treat that is best slurped along with your favorite condiments, typically, a sprinkle of lemon or olive oil, and a dash of freshly cracked black pepper.

On your next visit to Croatia, remember to include Mali Ston and its wonderful “sea to plate” dining options and multiple sea excursions in your tour and we’d be happy to discuss wonderful options and details of that destination.


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