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The Island of Losinj

20 Jul

The Island of Losinj

The Adventures Croatia team has traveled extensively through Croatia and the Balkans, collectively over 25 times. What continues to amaze us is that there are still so many wonderful places left for us, and YOU, to visit in this part of the world.

Just last month we were invited to inspect and explore more of the Istrian and Kvarner regions, as well as further exploration around Spilt and the Imotski region. Each of these stops is worthy of their own blog post, but for this month’s newsletter, I’d like to focus on the magnificent Island of Losinj (pronounced “LOW-sheen”).

Let me start by saying, my personal infatuation with the island of Losinj began before visiting the destination, and after attending a special event at the Los Angeles Getty Museum, called “Power and Pathos”.  The best of the world’s remaining “Hellenistic Era” bronze statues, on glorious display including the Croatian “Apoxyomenos”, the star of this exhibition. This rare bronze discovered off the island of Losinj was miraculously restored in Croatia. Seeing it in person at the Getty elevated the Island of Losinj as a “must see destination” for me.  The desire to visit this bronze statue in it’s new and now permanent home developed into a real “island connection” which far surpassed my expectations.

We found Losinj’s scenic splendor, mental and physical rejuvenation, excellent day-trip options and history unspoiled, unique from other parts of Croatia.  Although Losinj is a lesser known tourist destination and not as easy to access as some of the Dalmatian islands, Losinj will not disappoint.  Losinj has everything travelers are looking for in an island destination; Style, beauty, luxury, wellness, exquisite cuisine, interesting history and culture, super friendly and welcoming locals, great cuisine, as well as authentic charm.  Not to mention, fantastic boating, swimming, biking and numerous outdoor activities. It is easy to understand why the Habsburg royalty so often visited the island to take advantage of all it offers.

If you or your group are looking for an incredible place to relax on the beach, wine and dine, stroll Mediterranean gardens, meander through old world towns, discover history, experience world-class spas or indulge in amazing excursions, Losinj is an excellent travel choice for you!

Losinj has now become a FAVE Croatian destination for me personally and we really look forward to sharing this destination with more of our travelers!

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