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Travel with a Partner

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3 Jun

Travel with a Partner

Croatia has it all and really is the most ideal country to travel in with a partner!  

Sensuous sunsets, caressing breezes, lavender citrus scents, natural beauty and cultural depth.

For new relationships it’s a great destination to discover interests in common and open up to new experiences in unison.  Through stunning scenery, you can kick adrenaline into gear kayaking, hiking, cycling and exploring cascading lakes and waterfalls, caves by sea and through enormous underground networks.

Is one of you a history buff?  Ancient Greeks, Romans and many other empires spent time in these lands, leaving their marks over centuries.  You’ll wander within living cities, storied castles, monasteries and fortifications, to see and feel these historical influences.

Are you celebrating an anniversary or other milestone?  My oh my, replete with mouthwatering local meals and delicious libations, you’ll happily clink cheers to one another!  We will teach you some fun Slavic language toasts to raise glasses by.  When it comes to sampling the local food and wine, we can put together very special, off-the-beaten-track places, unique to us.

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Perhaps you’re thinking big, really big . . . your wedding or an engagement.  We love to create truly memorable events; from a secret cove where chilled champagne and a photographer or unexpected best friend await, to a fully planned “you’ve been involved in deciding every detail” extravaganza.  You name it!

Croatians embrace romance and amplify special occasions with flourishes to appreciate forever.  Is it any wonder my husband and I spent our honeymoon there decades ago?  While many more personalized services are available now, the renowned clear sparkling sea, picturesque stone villages, and friendly people remain the same.  Our son and his partner enjoyed fresh oysters, colorful wildflowers, cultural immersion and private nights as they celebrated their unforgettable honeymoon sailing along the Croatian coast last summer.

While love is always in the air in Croatia, additional adventure can be had in neighboring alpine Slovenia, or as they like to emphasize sLOVEnia!  Just a short hop over the border offers something different. If a secret hideaway in the Julien Alps that provide amazing views across the mountain range and surrounding towns and villages – as well as access to your own sauna and personal charcuterie – sounds like something you’d like to experience together, we can help you with that.

Traveling with a partner – a friend, lover, relative or companion – leads to the best shared experiences and memories! 

To learn more about custom private programs, created exclusivly  for you or our tours that give a true and authentic flavor of Croatia, simply speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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