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Travel Croatia: Why Now is a Great Time for Americans to Travel to Croatia

22 Apr

Travel Croatia: Why Now is a Great Time for Americans to Travel to Croatia

Croatia is open to Americans!

The majority of the world cannot wait to get out of their houses again. Various people, specifically in the United States, are looking forward to planning post-vaccination vacations. Although it is understandable that many individuals want to visit Europe, there is no reason to assume that the most common tourist attractions in Europe, such as Italy, France, Spain, and Germany are going to be open.

However, there is an underrated European Union country that is already welcoming tourists and is worthwhile to consider.

The central European country took a different direction from other countries in Europe by reopening the borders to tourism and inviting visitors from all over the world to see the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the red-roofed city of Dubrovnik. What is the best way to go about planning your vacation? Any person traveling to Croatia who has waited the necessary two weeks after receiving the vaccine is not required to show a negative test or undergo quarantine when they arrive in Croatia. In addition, travelers must show evidence of pre-paid lodging in a hotel, camp, private rental, or leased vessel. A reservation by itself does not suffice.

Unvaccinated travelers may find accommodation in Croatia if they are able to adhere to stricter laws. Visitors must either show evidence (a certificate of Covid-19 recovery provided by a doctor) that they have previously contracted Covid-19 and healed over the past six months and at least 11 days prior to arrival in Croatia, or get checked upon arrival and quarantined prior to the test results coming in.

Additionally, if you go to Croatia this summer, keep in mind that you are not going to be able to cross the border into several of the surrounding countries due to the fact that Americans are still prohibited from entering.

Croatia is Open to Travelers

The global pandemic prevented the entire world’s population from traveling and exploring new destinations in 2020. We are now into 2021 and this is unfortunately still the case for the majority of the world. Croatia is now welcoming travelers from all over the globe, subject to a few conditions. If you are visiting from the United States, you are going to be able to enter without having to go through quarantine if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are completely vaccinated, which means you have had the last prescribed dose for at least two weeks.
  • You submit a negative PCR test result obtained 48 hours or less prior to arriving in Croatia; if the test result is longer than 48 hours, you can be screened during arrival and quarantined before you receive a negative result; if you remain in Croatia for over than 10 days, you must be tested again on the 10th day.
  • You have confirmation of Covid-19 recovery in the presence of a positive PCR or rapid antigen test conducted between 11 and 180 days.

Every single traveler must also present a “certificate of paid accommodation.” To summarize, all you need to do is show evidence that you have a resort, hotel, or alternate kind of lodging booked.

Previous Travel Relations Between the U.S. and Croatia

Croatia, the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” had always waited for a direct line to the U.S. This arrived after 28 years and was a remarkable event. In 2019, American Airlines would conduct trips between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik more than once a week. The number of travelers would continue to increase and the islands and cities in Croatia would fill up with U.S travelers. Luckily, the people of Croatia feel the same way about Americans, as they are one of Croatia’s favorite guests. Both parties express an interest in getting to know the other’s cultures and experiences.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic changed the demographics of this and resulted in disappointment as travel was banned across the world in 2020. This crisis was especially challenging for Croatia, as they are a region that thrives on their travel attractions and people booking accommodation at the various hotels in the towns and cities.

Croatia, which shut its’ borders during the early signs of spring in 2020, to prevent Covid-19 infections, reached zero confirmed cases in May and opened to travelers in July, with testing conditions in place. Croatia became the first region in the European Union to welcome travelers from the United States as a result of the change. This factor changed slightly throughout the remainder of 2020 as the Coronavirus cases present in Croatia started rising and they had to implement a national lockdown once again, closing hotels and restaurants.

Fortunately, the government of Croatia was able to get the situation under control once again and was able to open its’ borders for travel to Americans once again. Research shows that a great deal of the people who travel post-lockdown are Americans who previously had the virus but recovered or people who simply have a passion for traveling to various towns and cities abroad. In fact, during the pandemic, this beautiful region in the Adriatic has become an extremely popular travel region for American digital nomads. Split and Dubrovnik are amongst the most common destinations.

Croatia has been able to benefit from increased tourism and visitors, especially Americans, as the remainder of the European Union has still not unbanned travel. The announcement of the vaccine in the U.S changed the game for Croatia as they are now able to benefit from doing what they do best once again, which is providing a fantastic holiday for people at affordable prices.

What are the Positive Factors when Travelling to Croatia?

Croatia is a wealthy region that guarantees travelers an unforgettable vacation. Forests, fields, valleys, beaches, national parks, islands, public transportation, and rare mountain ranges can all be found in one area, including some of the most diverse ecosystems on the European continent. Tourists and travelers from across the world are drawn to this country because of its culture, natural beauty, and unique charm. Dive into Croatia’s crystal clear sea, explore the numerous islands, and take in the stunning scenery. If you want a more inland vacation, you can also venture out and explore spectacular mountains, hills, and woods all within driving distance.

You are not going to find yourself bored as a tourist if you travel to Croatia.  The country of Croatia is the perfect tourist spot for a city trip to Zagreb, exploring an island, or taking a trip to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is perfect for green vacations, despite its’ reputation for calm waters and beautiful beaches depending on the season. Explore a side of Croatia that few travelers see and take leisurely strolls through Croatia’s beautiful parks, such as Plitvice Lakes National Park. Do not forget to sample the region’s delectable food and wine and experience the local favorites!

With the various cities in Croatia, you are bound to find the ideal hotel close to the bus stop or any alternative public transportation. Whether you are mid-city, close to the border, or on an island, you can find a hotel at prices within your budget, whether you plan to travel for a week or a month! Additionally, travelers can expect to experience Croatia’s mouthwatering local food no matter the towns or hotels you are staying in. Feel free to travel through Croatia via car or bus; either way, you are not going to miss out on any of Croatia’s beautiful scenery. As a traveler, if you want more of an engaging and tourist trip, one of the most common trips is to make use of a bus or other public transport so that you can engage with the local people and get a taste of their lifestyle.

A few of the best places for U.S. citizens to visit in Croatia include:

  • Istria
  • Hvar
  • Zagreb
  • Croatia Krka National Park
  • Dubrovnik
  • Split
  • Rovinj

Why Should Croatia be on the Top of Your Travel List?

Are you looking for a reason to visit Croatia? Apart from the fact that it is one of the few countries open to travelers at the moment, Croatia should be your next travel destination if you are from America because:

  • Croatian people love Americans! (President Clinton’s assistance during Croatia’s homeland war does contribute to this)
  • Croatia is one of the safest European countries to visit. The country has done a fantastic job at managing Covid-19 – In 2020, Croatia was one of the lowest ranking countries globally regarding Covid-19 and they have continued to operate in this way.

Croatian People Love Americans

To summarize,  the vast majority of Croatian people have an extremely optimistic view of the United States and Americans. Croatian people have regarded the United States as real friends since Bill Clinton traveled to Croatia in 1996. The local Croatian people believe Americans helped them during the War of Independence and continue to do so in a variety of ways. Croatian locals view Americans as laid-back, open-minded, easygoing, often wealthy, exotic, polite, truthful, and fascinating.

However, Croatian citizens are generally extremely friendly and welcoming to all travelers and visitors. They have an extremely pleasant and caring nature and atmosphere.

Croatia is One of the Safest European Countries to Visit Regarding Covid-19

Croatia was recently ranked fifth among Europe’s Top 10 Countries, the Best Countries to Visit in Europe in 2021. Croatia was named one of the best all-around countries in Europe by the European Best Destinations, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views, gorgeous beaches, and hikes through national parks. A few other countries that made the list include Austria, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Germany, and Greece.

The country of Croatia has been regarded as one of the safest tourist destinations in Europe since the outbreak began, owing to the preventative measures and lower numbers of Covid-19 outbreaks. Croatia was ranked fifth in European Best Destination’s Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021, owing to the country’s ability to introduce ambitious health initiatives while also encouraging and attracting visitors.

Are You Planning on Traveling to Croatia in 2021?

Are you considering traveling to Croatia this summer? What do you think of the country and it being open to travelers once again? If you are looking for a few travel tips, three of the most common places to visit include Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik.

Are you looking for some travel tips for your trip to Croatia this season? Include the following on your travel itinerary:


This place is a beautiful old town to walk through that is often not overcrowded, especially at this time of the year.  Dubrovnik has it all if you want to experience what Croatia has to offer: naturally beautiful, the coast,  beaches, ancient architecture, and festivals that have the calm Adriatic Sea in the background. The city of  Dubrovnik has been a favorite tourist attraction for Europeans throughout the year. Whether you are walking on the sand by the beach, jumping off cliffs, or eating delicious food and drinking fancy wine at one of the beautiful restaurants, you are sure to have an incredible experience. 


This inland Croatian town does not seem to have much appeal to it; however, it has a few beautiful places to visit. When travelers visit Croatia, a wide range of them make a pit stop in Zagreb while traveling somewhere else. Make a point of visiting this traditional area, even if it is for a quick stop. Start your journey at Jelai Square and make your way to Kaptol to view the town’s neo-Gothic Assumption Church and fashionable retail district.

Other places to see in the town of Zagreb include the Dolac market, the Museum of Nave Art, the Stone Gate shrine, the Croatian History Museum, St. Mark’s Church, and Mestrovic Atelier.


Hvar is a Croatian island that any traveler would not regret visiting. It has been a well-known attraction due to the botanical and geographical significance. This island is also culturally rich and diverse. 

Like many other coastal towns, people are attracted to Hvar because of the island climate and diverse scenery that nature has to offer. however, is that all this region on the coast can offer you? Certainly not!

Despite the fact that being far away from the city has its individual drawbacks, it does provide some defense against harsh factory chemicals and other civilization-related events. Instead, vast flower ranges, magnificent olive trees, and vineyards dot the landscape, all in complete balance with the natural surroundings.

Guests who want to experience the nightlife on an island can also expect to have some fun in this coastal region while tasting world-class food and drinking delicious wine.


When you visit Croatia, make sure to include Rovinj on your list of places to travel to. You can find this location on the Istria peninsula. This is a must-see region with its’ gorgeous beach, port, and elegant restaurants. Additionally, this old town in Istria receives few tourists, making it ideal for those who want to escape big crowds.

Simple activities can keep you occupied in the location. You can go walking by the sea, view the natural beauty, visit the various hotels, or visit the church’s bell tower. 


Pag is a tiny Croatian area connected to the peninsula by a bridge but maintaining its own unique setting in the Adriatic Sea.

What is the most enjoyable aspect? They make wonderful cheese, even though that it is not a factor many people would pay much attention to. There are also herds of sheep which graze on salty grass and herbs, imparting a delicious and distinct flavor to the milk and thus the various cheeses. If you can find some Paki sir cheese, you are not going to be disappointed. What can be served with the cheese? Pag’s white wines are outstanding.

It is not just about the sheep and the cheese. Pag is now an upcoming clubbing mecca, as shocking as it may appear, thanks to Zre Beach, an exotic nightlife hub.


Split, the Dalmatian capital, may be one of the people’s favorite holiday destinations in Croatia. Why would it not be? Beaches, fresh seafood, heritage, culture, and preserved architecture can all be found around every corner of Split. One of the best travel tips you can receive is to take a trip to Split. The city has absolutely everything you could hope for. From the beautiful beach to endless views of nature, divine cuisine, comfortable accommodation, and various destinations for those who want to experience the nightlife, Split is the place for you! While you may find prices in this area slightly more expensive, feel free to do your research to find out why a trip to Split is worth it.

You can make your way through the city by car, bus, or foot, depending on the experience you are looking for. A car would be the quickest way to ensure that you get to see everything the city has to offer; however, feel free to take a few walks to witness the beauty of nature up close, but be careful to follow all regulations post-pandemic.


Vis, an island, like various other Croatian sights, has a fascinating history. It is a remote part of the central Dalmatian islands that served as a military base for the Yugoslav army from the 1950s until 1989 when it was closed to foreign visitors. It has stayed sparsely inhabited for plenty of years due to its isolation, but many individuals respect the region for the culture it provides. It is authentic, serene, and peaceful.

Although the fine dining and local wines can offer the impression of a laid-back atmosphere, there is a variety of things to do here. You must visit one of the many nearby wineries or take a trip to the popular ‘Blue Caves’ off the coast of Komia in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Despite the fact that the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is a very famous gathering spot, you should not miss out on this Croatian experience.

The 16 lakes in this region are connected by a series of waterfalls and are set in secluded bushland with deer, bears, wild boars, wolves, and rare birds. There is so much to encounter in this region, which spans a large area of land.

If you are confused about visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, take a look at some of the park’s photos and you are certainly going to be persuaded to travel to this space as soon as possible! There are some spectacular sights that you have to see in your lifetime.

The Final Verdict

Due to a range of environments, climates, history, traditions, and cultures, Europe is the number one tourist destination in the world. With over 40 amazing destinations to choose from on the European continent, deciding on where to travel can be challenging. If you are looking for a beautiful destination in Croatia, an island-hopping adventure in Greece, or a cultural adventure in Turkey, the top European destinations for 2021 have it all.

Croatia along the beaten path is an incredible place to visit if you are looking for a practical summer vacation in a European Union country. The country is now open to tourists from all over the world with evidence of vaccination or testing.

If you are an American who has or has not been to Croatia before, now is the time to book your dream vacation along the coast or in the city for the summer months.

The majority of people who have recently visited Croatia fall in love with the beautiful country and would love to return to it.  With the various recommendations of where to go, restaurants and bars, where to book accommodation, and what to see throughout the country. 

You can find all the relevant information and tips you need regarding your vacation on the website of the company you are using to book your holiday. Feel free to contact the organization or post any questions you may have on the website regarding visiting Croatia during 2021. Are you ready to start traveling again?

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