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Unmissable Island Hopping In Croatia

20 Apr

Unmissable Island Hopping In Croatia

Beautiful coves, stunning natural habitats, stress-free restaurant and bar culture as well as an invitingly translucent ocean never more than a few metres away… it all adds up to something special.

Croatia is the perfect spot for adventure and experiencing the kinds of paradisiacal living Croatia island hopping provides. In fact, the country boasts over 1,000 islands for visitors to explore, relax on and get away from the often-crowded mainland.

The sheer diversity of landscape, culture, history and wine and food make island-hopping around the Croatian side of the Adriatic a real pleasure. And, in these times of social distancing, island hopping provides a real opportunity to experience the beauty of the country, but in far less crowded environments.

If you’re an adventurous traveler, you can hop on ferries from port cities like Split and Dubrovnik, or – if you want the ultimate hassle-free experience – you can take a look at one of our private, chartered yacht tours, where everything is taken care of and you’ll get to experience customizable itineraries and destinations.

The same goes for our fabulous choice of cruises, which take in all of the main islands and provide you with ample time to explore the countless bays, the outdoor markets and, of course, the array of lip-smacking restaurants.

No time table, just pure pleasure and relaxation.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite islands off the coast of Croatia. Picking only five out of thousands was tough, but we’ve got you – our top five demonstrates just how diverse, large and incredible the islands are.


No list of Croatian islands is complete without Hvar. Favored by wealthy Croatians and international celebrities, it’s a hive of opulent yachts, hip bars and restaurants and chic shopping destinations. But behind the undeniable glamor, there’s a quieter side to the 297-square-kilometer island – olive groves, fields of lavender and rosemary, as well as secluded beaches await those who want to get away from it all.


If you want to experience Croatia’s millennia-old history in island form, Korčula is the place to take a trip to. Reportedly the birthplace of Marco Polo (yes, THE Marco Polo), it’s often nicknamed ‘Little Dubrovnik’ because of its Old Town and winding, cobbled streets. The 279-square-kilometer island is also home to Gothic-Renaissance architecture and its own, acclaimed white wine made from the Posip grape.


This 98-square-kilometer island is something a bit different and ably demonstrates the diversity of Croatia’s islands. Perfect for nature lovers, hikers and those who seek some restorative quiet time, Mljet is scarcely populated and is a verdant paradise. Home to a stunning national park, it teems with green trees, wildlife and colorful flowers.


A 50-minute ferry journey from Split, Brač is home to Croatia’s most famous beach – Zlatni Rat (although Lovrečina Bay is a quieter option). There’s so much on Brač to explore, it’s difficult to know where to start. Within its 396 square kilometers, you’ll find pristine beaches framed by fragrant pine trees, a flourishing olive oil industry (which produces its own, unique brand), romantic squares and cobbled streets, as well the Vivoda Gora – the highest peak in the Croatian islands.


Pag has often been described “like something from a 1950s Italian film” thanks to its craggy coastline and vast, epic landscapes. The narrow, 305-square-kilometer island is rated as an up-and-comer within the vast array of Croatia’s collection of outcrops. And it has something for everyone – Medieval streets, 15th-century cathedrals and a prolific wine and cheese-making industry. Pag is also a nightlife hub, with both the town of Novalja and nearby Zrće Beach particular hotspots.

We have to include a couple of honourable mentions here too – sandy Susak or Silba (where cars and bicycles are banned), and Vis and Lastovo, but our top five sums up what’s so amazing about Croatia’s Adriatic islands – they’re large, gorgeous and provide diverse experiences for visitors.

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The good news is that thanks to the successful roll-out of COVID vaccines across the country, and the Croatian authorities’ exemplary approach to cleanliness and sanitization, it has made us excited to once again help you to explore culturally-rich cities, sample mouth-watering European cuisine and sail the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

After a rough year for all of us, it’s time to dream again and time to create life-long memories.

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