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Tipping Etiquette in Croatia

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26 Apr

Tipping Etiquette in Croatia

One of the practical considerations for people who travel to Croatia – or to any other country in Europe – is how, how much, and when to tip. After all, few things are more embarrassing for travelers who utilize the services given to them by locals than undertipping, overtipping, or tipping when no tip is expected. In Croatia, tipping for several professions is customary and always appreciated from foreign travelers. Here is a general guide to tipping in Croatia that may be useful to Westerners.

Tipping in Restaurants

The most common amount to leave to wait staff in Croatian restaurants is about 10-15%. However, this is entirely up to the individual as to whether or not to tip in this circumstance. There are no rules set in stone as to whether or not you should tip in restaurants at all. Generally, you will – just as is the case in any other dining experience – wish to show your appreciation to staff that have been especially helpful, friendly and courteous.

Café bars

The amount to tip in cafes is about 5-10%. As far as actual tipping etiquette goes, you should follow these simple rules: a) tip in cash, b) hand the money directly to the server, c) round up if you don’t have exact change.


Tipping is not required at the classier hotels in Croatia but it is considered a good idea to leave a small tip for a porter or daily service. In this case, the customary tip is about 15 to 20 Kuna. You may especially wish to leave a gratuity of some kind if you have many bags that must be handled by hotel staff or if an employee or employees were particularly courteous and helpful.


The customary amount to tip in these establishments is around 10-20%. You will want to tip your masseur directly or you can give the tip to the receptionist. You should also know that you do have the option to not tip at such places. No one should be offended if you do not want to or forget to tip.croatia money

Taxi Drivers

Croatia cab drivers operate off the meter and generally do not expect tips for short to medium length trips. Should you decide to tip a taxi driver when you have taken a particularly long trip then the customary tip is around 10%.

Overall, tipping in Croatia is easy-going. Generally, you will not be committing a great offense if you do not tip at all in the above circumstances. We hope this knowledge will help you after you craft your custom itinerary in Croatia or are planning for your Croatia island cruises. After all, the goal is to have fun and find adventure as you explore this magnificent country.

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