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The Most Romantic Places in Croatia

19 Apr

The Most Romantic Places in Croatia

Nearly everyone knows that Paris is often called the “City of Love.” This is because of its beautiful and historic sites, its popularity as a honeymoon destination and its rich history. However, we at Adventures Croatia must protest. If these are the main criteria for Paris to be the “City of Love” then many Croatian cities truly deserve to share this title. There are countless places where honeymooners can go and enjoy the luxurious beauty and culture of our country. This is why our Croatia honeymoon travel packages are so popular. So, be still your beating heart. Here are some of Croatia’s most romantic places for honeymooners and for people who are simply in love with – love.

  • Dubrovnik and its hotels: Old cobblestoned streets, traditional Balkan restaurants, and activities offered in the crystalline Adriatic Sea are all a part of this city that has become famous for being a filming location for the popular HBO series, Games of Thrones. And even though tourism has increased here partly due to that iconic series, lovers can still spend their time on a romantic cable ride up a mountain or in a small café out of the way. Plus, there are several five star hotels in the city where honeymooners can look out upon the Adriatic. Talk about romantic ambiance!
  • Lošinj: Honeymooners may also wish to take in a relaxing spa on this lovely island. You can also choose to take a local ferry and cruise leisurely towards some of the smaller, out of the way islands.
  • Hvar Island: Hvar is known in many quarters as the “crown jewel of Croatia.” Travelers from all over the world travel here to experience its beaches, local wines and fresh cuisine. Those who desire to pamper themselves while taking in the sites of the island will not be disappointed nor will those lovers who wish to enjoy the Mediterranean’s sprawling nightlife.
  • Rovinj: Rovinj is a Croatian fishing port on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Here, honeymooners can stroll hand in hand along its harbors, wander through quaint little hamlets, climb the bell tower at the Church of St. Euphemia and find all kinds of interesting activities to do together.dubrovnik
  • The Pakleni Islands: What can be more romantic that an island getaway? Upon arriving to the Pakleni Islands, you can find islands teaming with life and others that are virtually isolated. (We are guessing that honeymooners will choose the latter – your choice)

Yes, these locations and many others will show you why Croatian cities could and should be called “Cities of Love.” Your honeymoon adventures in Croatia will be full of wonder and romance when you book a tour with Adventures Croatia.    

Adventures Croatia
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