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Best Places to Snorkel in Croatia

12 Apr

Best Places to Snorkel in Croatia

We at Adventures Croatia have a confession to make: We’ve been remiss in pointing out the beauty of our country. We’ve pointed out the many places there are to go and many things there are to do in Croatia but all of these places have been above ground. With this post, we would like to point out that Croatia is also a country which hosts a great deal of spectacular underwater scenery.

In fact, Croatia is known as the “Land of Thousand Islands.” So, while you are Croatia Island hopping, consider the life that is teaming just below the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. If you like snorkeling, and desire to find the best sites for snorkeling in Croatia, then you should consider the following destinations:


  • Vis Island: Vis Island is surrounded by deep turquoise waters that are so clear you can easily witness underwater life as you snorkel in a serene environment. Moreover, travel to Vis Island is as easy as catching a ferry or renting a boat.
  • Pakleni Islands: Travel to Pakleni islands is as easy as chartering a boat from Hvar. The Pakleni Islands are part of an archipelago of islands so travel from one island to the next is pretty easy. Snorkeling or even scuba diving here allows you to explore the beautiful – and vital – reefs surrounding the islands.
  • National Park Brijuni: Brijuni National Park lies off the coast of Istria and is one of Croatia’s eight national parks. The waters around the island are great for both snorkeling and sailing. So, you can witness sea life from above the ocean or from underneath the surface. Another feature of these waters is that there are also many ancient Roman ruins around and underneath the waters making the views very unique. Finally, the island itself hosts snorkeling tours so that you will not miss a single sight be it the undersea life or the artifacts that surround the island/park.
  • Island Lošinj: Snorkeling here affords visitors plenty of opportunities to see and interact with dolphins. (Unfortunately, they can no longer be found in the North Adriatic Sea.) Around the Island Lošinj bottlenose dolphins – which were popularized by the 60s TV show Flipper – are common.vis
  • Makarska Riviera: The Riviera spans 60 kilometers and contains beaches, bays, villages, etc. The benefits of snorkeling here is that you can easily move along the coast in a single trip.

It’s true, the waters surrounding Croatia are not just for yachting or for dolphin watching. And the islands here are not just for sitting and relaxing or for visiting local bars and conversing with native Croatians. (Of course, there is nothing wrong with any of those activities.) Croatia is also a land that affords snorkelers and scuba divers a chance to submerge themselves in rich, colorful underwater scenes that are full of strange, undersea life. When you travel Croatia, be prepared for above ground and underwater adventure. 

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