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5 Reasons to Visit Zagreb

2 May

5 Reasons to Visit Zagreb

The city of Zagreb – Croatia’s capital – is something of a paradox. On one hand, it is visited by travelers for many good reasons yet it doesn’t feel like a touristy place. For instance, compared to traveling around Paris or other European capitals, Zagreb is much easier to navigate and truly appreciate. So, apart from being able to easily navigate its streets, here are some other reasons you should put Zagreb on your itinerary.

  • Window shopping: Zagreb has many quirky shops where you find all kinds of interesting items from toys to antique lamps. Moreover, you also have access to many farmers markets and even art galleries in the area. All this is available to you without doing a lot of walking around.
  • Its historic Upper Town: There is much history in Croatia in general and in Zagreb in particular. For example, the Croatian capital boasts some impressive Neo-Renaissance and modern architecture. Visitors who enjoy art or who are history buffs will especially appreciate the city.
  • Croatian beer and wine: Zagreb has a rather unique and bustling nightlife which you can find centered around the bustling Tkalčićeva Street. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants and bars that serve locally brewed craft beers. Wine lovers will also appreciate Croatia’s oldest winery – Bornstein.
  • It’s fascinating cityscape: Zagreb’s cityscape contains many classic examples of Austro-Hungarian architecture. You will also find many iconic structures like the colorful roof at St. Mark’s Church. Climbing atop some of Zagreb’s larger buildings one can even get a perfect view of many other parts of the country and the coast.zagreb
  • The Nikola Tesla Technical Museum: This museum is dedicated to the memory and accomplishments of Edison protégé Nikola Tesla. It houses a planetarium, a mock-up of a coal mine and many of Tesla’s unusual creations which still fascinate scientists and the public today.

These are just a few of the things to discover in Zagreb. Of course, you can explore many other fascinating cities as you travel Croatia. You can also pair your city visit with a relaxing private luxury yacht charter in Croatia and explore the coast of the Adriatic. The choice is yours, as there is no lack of options when it comes to enjoying yourself in Croatia.

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