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A look back at Croatia’s energy during the 2018 World Cup

Croatia crowd at world cup
10 May

A look back at Croatia’s energy during the 2018 World Cup

It’s the final kick. One incorrect move and Croatia is out of the World Cup. All the fans are burning with anxiety and tensely waiting for a miracle to happen… Mandžukić rounds up for the kick and scores!

Croatia has eliminated England in the semi-finals and earned the country second place, the best they’ve done in 20 years! This made Croatia the first team to earn three come-from-behind victories in the FIFA World Cup, all three matches also going into extra time.

The celebratory energy was pulsing everywhere. Fans were cheering, blowing trumpets as loud as car engines, and people were splattering all sorts of drinks everywhere. Little kids were running around with Croatian flags in their hands shouting, “We won, we won, we won” and everyone was singing with joy. You might not have known the person standing next to you but before you even realized it, you are hugging and slapping each other on the back.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I02EP2XZ_K8″]

Days before 2018 FIFA World Cup even started, Croatians were preparing homemade goods and decorating their houses in red and white. It was common to hear firecrackers going off randomly throughout the day. Stores and bakeries were selling all sorts of Croatian merchandise. Truly anything you could imagine. Cookies frosted with the Croatian flag and stores with Croatian themed soccer balls, jerseys, and collectibles to remember this special time for Croatia.

For weeks before the games began people would be discussing the same topic – soccer. Either where they’re going to watch the world cup or how they planned to party.

croatian flag and crowd in townWhen it did begin, the change of energy around the country was noticeable everywhere. Bars were crowded with fans watching the World Cup on TV and chugging beer, while the town squares were flooded with people of all ages. Finding large crowds was an easy task during the World Cup. Friends, families, and tourists gathered to cheer for the Croatian team in their matches against Spain, Russia, and England.

I’d say that the best part though, was when the world cup ended. The Croatian soccer players came to the capital city Zagreb to party and celebrate their win. Their televised return to Croatia showed the team singing and dancing and some fans were lucky enough to get autographs.

Croatia’s soccer players have even earned a nickname, Vatreni – fiery or made of flame. They will be remembered for years to come after making such a name for Croatia in around the world.

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