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The Most Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Croatia

14 Sep

The Most Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Croatia

As the experienced traveler knows, one of the problems with adventure travel companies is that they often steer you towards the most popular destinations in a given country without taking into account some of the less touristy locations. Well, that isn’t the case with Adventures Croatia. Sure, we believe visitors to this culturally rich country may desire to see the sites that have become world famous as tourist destinations, but we also want our guests to view off-the-beaten-path attractions and local secrets. This way not only can overlooked portions of the country and the people be viewed, but crowds can be avoided as well.

The wonderful thing about going off-the-beaten-path in Croatia is that it still offers you plenty of unique travel experiences and


things to do. And after all isn’t that what a vacation adventure should do – create unique experiences that you can treasure for the rest of your life? This is why we allow visitors to customize their tour of Croatia so that there are still rare and fascinating things to see even in the well-traveled areas of the country. You can choose to visit out of the way hamlets and collect souvenirs in remote marketplaces. Or you can enjoy experience wine tasting in the Zagorje region of the country with its intimate wineries and rolling hills.

During one of our private tours, you can also visit places like Dalmatia, which is along the coast and between the islands of Dubrovnik and Split. The laid-back lifestyle of the inhabitants here is infectious and affords one the opportunity to visit Croatia beaches for more rest and relaxation. Pelješac is another seldom mentioned location for a visitor that has much to offer such as its wineries, a beautiful view of the Adriatic and tree-lined sandy beaches. Next, there is the peaceful town of Varazdin which is small enough for you to take a foot tour by yourself of or with your partner. Here you can relax outside a café as you view the Old Castle (Stari Grad) with its white walls, red roofs, and neatly manicured grounds.

So you see, a customized tour really is the best way to avoid the throngs and to create a unique experience of this picture-book location. A customized, private tour can be designed to accommodate you and your individual taste. After all, you deserve only the best as an experienced traveler who is accustomed to the finer things in life.

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