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Lighthouses in Southern Croatia

21 Sep

Lighthouses in Southern Croatia

It’s a sad fact that most people, regardless of their nationality, have probably never seen a lighthouse in person. They may have seen one in a old movie. However, those were more likely to have been props of some kind. Visitors to Adventures Croatia can see and experience the real thing. They can visit any number of these stoic guardians of the sea. Our custom tours can make any number of these serene protectors of Croatia’s coastline and serene islands the focal point of your visit with us. Here are some of the most famous ones you may wish to experience in person.

  • Cavtat (Pličina Seka Velika): This lighthouse is located on a reef in the entrance to the harbor of Cavtat. The lighthouse is distinguished by the red and black horizontal bands around it. Cavtat itself is a popular resort town where you can sample the exotic local cuisine, meet the local people and do some souvenir collecting.
  • Glavat (Isolotti Lagostini): The light in this tower shines five white flashes every 30 seconds. Built around 1874, this lighthouse has a simple beauty all its own as it is fashioned out of unpainted and unpolished white store.
  • Prišnjak – Murter: The Islet of Prišnjak is only 300 meters away from the cost of Muter which is surrounded with water that is shallow enough to swim in but also optimal for sports fishing. In addition to the beauty of the lighthouse which slopes downwards towards the waters, Prišnjak has one studio apartment within it that is available for rent. This is an ideal place to view the sea.
  • Sucuraj: While not as statuesque as some of its peers, Sucuraj is not merely ornamental. It still functions today and guides sailors as they approach the coastal town of Makarska. The town of Sucuraj itself is the very essence of a tiny hamlet with only about 400 residents living there. The main industry is tourism and fishing so the natives there make it their business to see that you enjoy your time in Croatia.lighthouse

Lighthouses have been around since at least 280 BC. They are simple yet fascinating structures that symbolize the quiet calm that we all seek on some level especially given the hectic pace of the modern world. When you book luxury travel in Croatia with us we guarantee to slow things down at just the right pace to enjoy your surroundings, the food and the people. Travel in Croatia and treat yourself to this piece of history.

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